The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, November 24, 2005

News for 11-23-05

11-23-05 - Bush informed in 2001 of lack of Iraq-Qaeda ties Bush was also informed that there was some credible information about contacts between Saddam Hussein and Al-Qaeda that showed that the Iraqi dictator had tried to establish surveillance over the group

11-23-05 - Talabani says Iran promises support against insurgents

11-23-05 - China Closer to Supporting U.S. on Iran

11-23-05 - Israeli parachutist falls inside Lebanon There was also dispute over the parachutist's identity, with the Lebanese Shiite militant group Hezbollah telling AFP he was a soldier and Israeli military sources insisting that he was a civilian.

11-23-05 - Syria wants Israel expelled from UN over its "terrorist" policy "The international community, with the United States at its leader, should apply Chapter Seven of the UN Charter to Israel and if necessary expel it to force it to renounce its terrorist policy and preserve global security."

11-23-05 - Abramoff and the Israel Connection That an Israeli firm should be given such a contract through a selection process that was described as "deeply flawed and unfair" is inexplicable, particularly as there were American suppliers of the same equipment, and it suggests that the private conversations of some of our congressmen might not be so private after all

11-23-05 - Russian Lawmakers May Restrict Groups Foreign-funded groups say the bill, approved by a 370-18 margin, could effectively terminate their Russian operations if it is eventually enacted.

11-23-05 - Jordan's pro-Western stance fuels attacks: report

11-23-05 - Israel drops anti-Hizbollah leaflets over Beirut Reda Nemeh, a 41-year-old security guard who saw the leaflets on his way to work in downtown Beirut, slammed them as an Israeli attempt to terrorize Lebanese citizens

11-23-05 - UN set to back new EU drive on Iran atomic plans

11-23-05 - Israel's message to Lebanon from above only adds insult to injury Imagine if the Lebanese flew combat aircraft deep into Israeli airspace and littered messages for the people of Tel Aviv, Haifa and northern Israel. How would the citizens of Israel and the international community react to such a blatant intrusion?

11-23-05 - Rice talks of Iraq troop reductions

11-23-05 - A plague on both their houses by Patrick J. Buchanan

11-23-05 - Syria sanctions extended President Bush signed a bill that extends sanctions already in place against Iran to Syria as well

11-23-05 - U.S. favors Europe-Russia plan on Iran The United States favors a plan that would allow Iran to use uranium enriched in a third country

11-23-05 - Israeli-Hezbollah Clashes Erupt Again Israeli soldiers clashed with Hezbollah guerrillas Wednesday to cover the escape of an Israeli hang glider who had inadvertently floated into Lebanon and landed across the border

11-23-05 - AIPAC seeks Iran sanctions ?It will be very disappointing if the IAEA fails this week to refer Iran to the U.N. Security Council,? the American Israel Public Affairs Committee said in a statement Wednesday.

11-23-05 - Campuses team up against terror Israeli and American universities plan to cooperate on national-security issues.


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