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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Reform criticize Iraq war

Reform criticize Iraq war

The Reform movement passed a resolution criticizing the handling of the Iraq war and seeking a partial troop withdrawal.

The Union for Reform Judaism on Friday became the first Jewish denomination to speak out against the war at its biennial in Houston. The resolution, launched at the behest of several congregations, called for more transparency and a clear exit strategy, including a partial troop withdrawal after Iraq’s parliamentary elections next month.

“This is not a just war,” Vietnam veteran Michael Rankin of Arlington, Va. said in calling for the resolution’s passage. “Was it worth the billions of dollars it cost, when the world so desperately needs food and health care for the poorest of the poor?”

Delegates had been expecting a heated, prolonged discussion prior to the vote , but less than a dozen people lined up to address the issue, and URJ officials cut off debate quickly. The measure passed overwhelmingly by a voice vote.


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