The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, November 17, 2005

News for 11-16-05

11-16-05 - Australian women detained in Syria: media "The authorities in Syria now, according to our sources, are concerned that they may have foiled a hijacking and they are looking into it to try and see what was behind it,"

11-16-05 - The Weekly Standard?s War With the fledgling Fox News network, the Standard soon emerged as the key leg in a synergistic triangle of neoconservative argumentation: you could write a piece for the magazine, talk about your ideas on Fox, pick up a paycheck from Kristol or from AEI

11-16-05 - Discovery of abused Iraqi prisoners sparks outrage Sources say Iraqi PM and US forces had been told about 'torture cells' months ago.

11-16-05 - Iran starts new round of uranium conversion: diplomats

11-16-05 - Iraq probes US phosphorus weapons

11-16-05 - Woodward Says His Plame Source Not Libby Woodward and editors at the Post refused to identify the official to reporters other than to say it was not Libby.

11-16-05 - Bill Clinton Calls Iraq 'Big Mistake'

11-16-05 - Senate GOP Blocks Dems on Iraq Timetable

11-16-05 - Iran Now Says Satellite Can Spy on Israel

11-16-05 - Syria proposes Hariri interviews on Golan Heights

11-16-05 - Saudi Arabia Silent on Trade With Israel

11-16-05 - Syria Opposes U.N. Bid for Beirut Queries "All files of internal security, communications and intelligence have been opened under the pretext of investigation," Raad said in an interview with the TV channel New Television. He said the files "have now come into the hands of the Mossad."

11-16-05 - Saudi Arabia annuls embargo on Israel

11-16-05 - Nevzlin: Putin won't free tycoon Russia has asked Israel to extradite Nevzlin to face charges that include contract murder, charges he called "bogus."

11-16-05 - US advocates for jailed Syrian

11-16-05 - Did Israel have Prior Knowledge of the Amman 11/9 Terror Attacks?

11-16-05 - Israel officials at two-day U.S. security session Americans have not experienced terrorism to such a degree that they are willing to have shopping malls and other public areas protected by metal detectors and armed security patrols, an Israeli security expert said Tuesday. "You're not ready yet," The continuation of the Israelization of the United States.

11-16-05 - Bomb trigger Besides killing the Palestinians, the bomb was intended to send a message to the Chinese that they shouldn't be dealing with the Palestinians (I'll leave it up to you to guess the identity of the only country in the world that might want to send that kind of message).


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