The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Saturday, November 19, 2005

News for 11-18-05

11-18-05 - UN accuses Iran of extensive rights abuses

11-18-05 - Syrian aide meets U.N. investigator in Spain

11-18-05 - US more cautious than wary as China's reach grows As China's submarines and destroyers begin to navigate the Pacific Ocean currents, US forces in Asia are becoming more robust and watchful - even as the Pentagon seeks better ties with the PLA

11-18-05 - UN nuclear agency finalizing Iran report UN atomic inspectors were putting the final touches on a report on Iran's nuclear program as EU negotiators rejected an offer by Russia to host a meeting aimed at resolving the standoff, diplomats said

11-18-05 - Iran still blocking access to crucial military sites: IAEA

11-18-05 - Diplomats: Iran Got Info From Black Market The diplomats requested anonymity in exchange for discussing the confidential report seen by The Associated Press Mm k.

11-18-05 - CIA leak prosecutor raises prospect of new testimony

11-18-05 - Index ranks Middle East freedom Lebanon is free in a very particular sense: it is no longer under military occupation. Most Palestinians do not enjoy that freedom, and yet they have just had local elections and are preparing for parliamentary ones in January, our correspondent says

11-18-05 - Al-Zarqawi Tape Threatens Jordan's King He said he was targeting Jordan because it is serving as a "protector" for Israel, helps the U.S. military in Iraq and has become a "swamp of obscenity," with alcohol and prostitution in its tourist sites

11-18-05 - Friendly fire and the US in Iran

11-18-05 - Zarqawi: Jordan bombings targeted Israelis The terrorists who struck Amman?s Radisson Hotel last week were targeting Israeli intelligence officials, terrorist mastermind Abu Musab Zarqawi said. Which is why those bombs killed many Palestinians including a PALESTINIAN intelligence official, as well as three other Palestinian Authority officials?

11-18-05 - Syria sees Peretz selection as positive: Arab Israeli MP

11-18-05 - Russia's Putin sees second Black Sea gas pipeline "Blue Stream gives us an opportunity for shipping gas to other third countries... There is the opportunity for building new oil and gas transport systems delivering to southern Italy, to the south of Europe as a whole and to Israel," Putin said.

11-18-05 - China to invest in Israel complex

11-18-05 - Perle says out with the Saudis Former Department of Defense adviser Richard Perle, the immensely influential godfather of the neo-conservative movement, launched a public broadside against the alleged corruption of the Saudi Arabian government

11-18-05 - U.S.: Iran threat a disqualifier Iran?s threat to destroy Israel disqualifies it from achieving nuclear-weapons capability, a senior U.S. official said.

11-18-05 - Committee: Treat Israel fairly A powerful congressional committee passed a resolution calling on the United Nations to treat Israel more fairly. More legislation for Israel.


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