The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Saturday, November 12, 2005

News for 11-11-05

11-11-05 - Bush says critics 'rewriting history' over Iraq war US President George W Bush has accused critics of the Iraq war of trying to rewrite history over the faulty intelligence that preceded the March 2003 invasion.

11-11-05 - First results from Iran site show no nuclear activity: diplomats

11-11-05 - Iraqi PM Urges Syria to Tighten Border

11-11-05 - Group: Four Iraqis Carried Out Bombings

11-11-05 - Iran wants to enrich uranium on own soil

11-11-05 - 'Halloween' film producer killed in Amman bombings

11-11-05 - Married couple, 2 others behind Jordan attacks: Qaeda The claims' authenticity could not be verified.

11-11-05 - Bush warns Syria to work with UN

11-11-05 - Foreign Influence Libby was also part of the trio of neoconservatives who pushed the phony intelligence in order to get the U.S. to go to war. Another member of that trio, John Hannah, has now replaced Libby as Vice President Dick Cheney's national-security adviser.....Clearly, their passionate support of Israel influenced their policy positions vis-a-vis Iraq, Syria and Iran. According to Cole's article ? which is excellent, as is his blog ? Chalabi won over the neocons by promising that if he came to power in Iraq, he would recognize Israel.

11-11-05 - US vows not to impose reforms on Middle East No, the neocon-driven administration just wants to invade and replace non-Israel friendly regimes.

11-11-05 - Lahoud meets Hariri murder team

11-11-05 - Controversial WMD Reporter and NY Times Divorce her "entanglement" with Libby, as Keller once put it, suggested that she was particularly close to the hawks and seen by them as a reliable conduit to the media.

11-11-05 - Look Who's Joined the Antiwar Chorus

11-11-05 - Who died, and who didn't, in Jordan

11-11-05 - Dozens held over Jordan bombings The BBC's Jon Leyne in Amman says it is unusual for the group to put out additional statements justifying its actions.

11-11-05 - President: Syria Will Cooperate With U.N. "The Israeli factor was suspiciously present in all the events witnessed by the region, and the developments proved that Israel was the most prominent and the major benefactor from these events,"

11-11-05 - Halliburton violated pension law: NYT

11-11-05 - Al-Libi's Tall Tales

11-11-05 - Jordan terrorists: Israel next "Al Qaida in Iraq" claimed responsibility in a statement on a Web site. The group said the attack proved that Israel "was within range" and that "it would not be long" before Israel was targeted. Strange, because the victims of the attacks in Amman were Palestinians.

11-11-05 - 30 years since 'Zionism=Racism' Bolton, who was instrumental in pushing for the measure's repeal. John Bolton - ISRAEL'S new ambassador to the UN.

11-11-05 - Experts debate Mideast policy Daniel Pipes, director of the conservative Middle East Forum, agreed with Gerecht that Islamist groups were gaining popularity in the Middle East, but argued the United States should slow down the democratic process so as to not allow Islamist governments to come to power. Oops, 'democracy' won't make the Middle East any more friendly to Israel, which was the goal of that neocon policy now being reconsidered by neoocon 'experts'.


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