The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, November 18, 2005

News for 11-17-05

11-17-05 - Bring troops home from Iraq, demands US congressman US congressman John Murtha, a decorated Vietnam War veteran, argues the presence of US soldiers in Iraq can no longer be justified.

11-17-05 - Pentagon agrees to probe Feith's role in Iraq intel

11-17-05 - Bolton: Mehlis probe running out of time Bolton, who hoped the investigation "doesn't take too long to resolve," said he was concerned the probe's mandate might expire before it arrives at a conclusion. Why is America suddenly ever so concerned with the internal affairs of Lebanon? Because the road to Damascus runs through Baghdad.

11-17-05 - Tortured men look like 'Holocaust victims'

11-17-05 - Assad Takes New, Harsher Tone With U.N

11-17-05 - The next CIA leak case The story caused a commotion, not so much about the secret prisons as about how the story got out. The leak even became an issue in the US Senate. The CIA has asked the Justice Department to open a criminal investigation into the leak

11-17-05 - Israel wants US to pull out from Iraq Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak today called upon the United States to reduce its forces in Iraq, saying Washington had ''made mistakes'' and its continued presence in that country would complicate the problem with fallout in the entire West Asia

11-17-05 - Evidence Mounts That Bush Wants New Wars The prudent assumption is that not much of it is bluff, and that Bush, the radical Christians, the Christian Zionists, the nation's military-industrial conglomerates, and their Israeli allies -- all of whom today call the tune in U.S. foreign policy -- are willing and in some cases actually wish to involve the United States in further wars.

11-17-05 - Bush, Putin to Try for Unity on Terror War Putin has refused to support Bush in his eagerness to go to the U.N. Security Council with suspicions Iran is trying to build a nuclear arsenal. Over U.S. objections, Russia is building a nuclear reactor for a power plant in Iran, an $800 million project the United States fears could be used to help develop nuclear arms.

11-17-05 - Israeli Says Rockets Shipped to Hezbollah Iran has supplied Hezbollah with more than 10,000 short-range rockets, most of which are deployed in southern Lebanon within reach of Israel, an Israeli diplomat said Thursday. Syria also provided some of the weapons, which have a range of up to 68 miles, said Jeremy Issacharoff, the new deputy Israeli ambassador to Washington. Israel - still trying to build the case for (US) war on its enemies.

11-17-05 - Basketball in the 'axis of evil' Iran has always said it has a problem with the American government, not with its people, and this is an example of that.

11-17-05 - Bush backs Cheney: says Democratic questioning not patriotic but "irresponsible"

11-17-05 - Russia to donate military equipment to Palestinians A senior Palestinian official said on Thursday that Russia will donate military equipment including two helicopters to the Palestinian National Authority ( PNA).

11-17-05 - Al-Qaida, Hamas hurting for funds ?Anecdotally, what we?re seeing is that we are having a real impact on Al-Qaida and Hamas, both in terms of putting pressure on them financially but also in terms of creating deterrents both for donors to give money to them and how they?re able to move money,? Stuart Levey, Treasury undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, said in a speech Wednesday in Washington.

11-17-05 - Israelis smear Condi for brokering border deal It is widely assumed that President George Bush appointed Rice as US Secretary of State because of her longtime association with the oil industry

11-17-05 - Arab opinions of US: good news and bad news The poll also produced another finding that may have long term implications for US policy in the region: China, India, and Russia scored higher positive ratings than the US


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