The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, November 13, 2005

News for 11-12-05

11-12-05 - A 'Legal' US Nuclear Attack Against Iran The IAEA resolution of September 24 2005 allows the United States to carry out a nuclear attack against Iran "legally." Remember this report from the August 2005 edition of the American Conservative?

11-12-05 - US says new evidence of Iran nuclear arms ambition The data, which in recent months was shared with the International Atomic Energy Agency and key countries, is "not definitive (but) it is strongly suggestive that Iran has made significant advancement toward weaponization," one U.S. official told Reuters. Thus does another case of cherrypicking-for-neocons begin.

11-12-05 - Official: Bombers Were 'Non-Jordanians' Marwan Muasher said the three were males and that no females were among them

11-12-05 - The Niger Uranium Deception and the "Plame Affair" The inescapable conclusion we must draw is that the Bush administration policy leading into the Iraq War was dominated by officials, grouped under Cheney and Rumsfeld in particular, principally neocons and including Wolfowitz, Libby, Feith, Perle, Abrams, Shulsky, Luti, Bolton, Joseph, Hadley, Wurmser, Franklin, Cambone, Ledeen, Card, Hughes, Rhode, Rove and others who as a matter of policy, and without any moral qualms, deliberately practiced deception to build their case for war.

11-12-05 - 27 Palestinians Killed in Amman Bombings

11-12-05 - UN can quiz Hariri suspects 'anywhere' in Syria: FM "We told Mehlis that he can come with his team to any place in Syria," Foreign Minister Faruq al-Shara told reporters on the sidelines of a democracy conference in Bahrain

11-12-05 - Rice takes new swipe at Syria

11-12-05 - Assad speech reignites Syria-Lebanon tensions Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's vitriolic speech against Lebanon's leadership has renewed tensions between Beirut and Damascus and will further isolate Damascus internationally, commentators said.

11-12-05 - Status of Reported Iran Deal Still Unclear

11-12-05 - Report: Jordanian spy agency replaces Mossad as key CIA ally

11-12-05 - Russia denies Iran nuclear deal

11-12-05 - Mideast Democracy Summit Ends in Rancor


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