The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

News for 08-28-07

08-28-07 - Iran dismisses threat of US attack **

08-28-07 - Iran says to respond if U.S. labels Guards "terrorist" Iran would respond if the United States were to label the Islamic state's Revolutionary Guards a "terrorist" force, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Tuesday.

08-28-07 - Iran has not slowed atomic work, president says President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Tuesday denied reports that Iran had slowed down its atomic work, which the West fears is aimed at making nuclear bombs.

08-28-07 - Iran's transparency deal with IAEA seen as flawed

08-28-07 - Iranians arrested by US forces in Iraq The Iranian Embassy in Baghdad says seven Iranians working in Iraq have been arrested by United States forces.

08-28-07 - Bush Warns of Iran's Influence Over Iraq ** President Bush warned on Tuesday that Iran is plotting to extend its "murderous" influence over Iraq and is threatening to destabilize the Middle East under a "shadow of a nuclear holocaust." We are getting closer...

08-28-07 - US, Russia ?Must Unite to Fight Weapons of Mass Destruction?

08-28-07 - Bush warns Iran over insurgents Earlier, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned that US authority in the region was rapidly collapsing, and Iran would help fill the void.

08-28-07 - US gives UN project 30 million dollars for Iraqi children Not a whole lot compared to what we just gave Israel.

08-28-07 - Durbin: Fitzgerald a long shot for Gonzales job Durbin called Fitzgerald a ''long shot'' for the job, but said ''if the choice is made to bring in somebody truly independent who will be quickly confirmed, Patrick Fitzgerald's one.''

08-28-07 - Antiwar backlash building ? in the US military The neocons were openly disdainful of the military's institutional interests and didn't care about the effectiveness of our forces: their obsession with the Middle East overrode everything else. Their ideological bias in favor of war ? as well as their tendency to put Israeli interests on a par with those of the U.S. ? militated against any such considerations.

08-28-07 - Lieberman to Iran: Change regime Israel's strategic affairs minister urged Iranians to choose a more moderate government.

08-28-07 - Expansion of surveillance powers has groups fearing U.S. scrutiny The recent congressional expansion of surveillance powers, aimed ostensibly at terrorists abroad, has Jewish groups at home worried that their dealings with Israel could invite U.S. government scrutiny......The expansion of government powers comes as some Jewish groups already are upset at the FBI's surveillance of AIPAC and the ongoing prosecution of two former employees of the pro-Israel lobby......While ostensibly supporting the legislation, it is significant that the ADL, in the first sentence of the release, called for the legislation to be "carefully crafted." Really now.

08-28-07 - Angelina Jolie visits refugees in Iraq, Syria

08-28-07 - Syria jails four Islamists A Syrian emergency court has handed down heavy jail terms against four members of the outlawed Islamist opposition, a human rights watchdog said on Tuesday.

08-28-07 - Bush lists 'vital' peace priorities 'Reforming' the entire Middle East (to suit Israel's interests) seems to be our interests.

08-28-07 - Why the US and Israel Should Lose Middle East Wars ** Let's say it bluntly. War with Iran is inevitable before January 2009 unless Bush and Cheney are both impeached first. New Israeli-U.S. hostilities in Lebanon are also likely. Either warfare or covert actions conducted by the U.S. and/or Israel to bring about regime change in Syria are also probable. Former CIA.

08-28-07 - Lebanese gunships raid Islamists in siege camp Lebanese army helicopters on Tuesday attacked positions held by Islamist militants entrenched in a refugee camp in northern Lebanon, an AFP correspondent said.


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