The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, August 27, 2007

News for 08-26-07

08-26-07 - US photographer shows grim face of troops wounded in Iraq "I started working on it out of exasperation at not seeing any visual representation of the human cost of war. In the press you kept hearing reports or reading reports about wounded but never seeing any images," ....."Nobody really knows what the soldiers are going through. They see on TV, oh yeah, two soldiers got wounded today and they think yeah he'll be all right. But that soldier is scarred for life both physically and mentally."

08-26-07 - Iran slow to markedly expand atom work: diplomats "But they are apparently still far away from (producing nuclear fuel in usable quantities),"

08-26-07 - Terror label 'paves way for air strikes' ** While Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is set on diplomacy, Vice-President Dick Cheney is understood to favour air strikes.

08-26-07 - Iran warns students against 'US contacts' Iran warned on Sunday that the authorities would clamp down on university students who it said were in contact with the US administration and seeking to topple the country's rulers.

08-26-07 - Maliki accuses US politicians of meddling in Iraq "There are American officials who consider Iraq as if it were one of their villages, for example Hillary Clinton and Carl Levin," Mr Maliki said. "They should come to their senses." His highly personal attack on Ms Clinton, who joined the anti-war camp only recently, has cut to the quick because of her party's distaste for the conflict and its overwhelming desire to withdraw US combat troops from Iraq.

08-26-07 - Iran to settle IAEA issues in phases

08-26-07 - France ready to open up to Syria if it stays out of Lebanon France is ready to open up in a "spectacular way" to Syria if it stops meddling in Lebanon, Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said in a newspaper interview Sunday.

08-26-07 - Soldiers killed in Lebanon camp battle Three Lebanese soldiers have been killed fighting Islamist militants who have been battling the army for more than three months in north Lebanon, security sources said on Sunday.

08-26-07 - Lebanon militants request evacuation of wounded

08-26-07 - Lebanese army readies final assault on Islamists

08-26-07 - Bogus War Party Propaganda This weekend on, Justin Raimondo?s Behind the Headlines column ?Home Front ?Surge?: War Party?s Ad Campaign Will Boomerang,? concerns the Israel Lobby?s pushing of $15 million worth of propaganda ads to run on TV, shaming the Democrats for their supposedly weak Stay in Iraq Forever policy.

08-26-07 - Video: Portion from CNN"s "God's Jewish Warriors" This is a perfect example of the power of the Israeli Lobby in America - and this happened 15 years ago or so. This is the kind of 'conspiracy theory' that the AIPAC/ADLers want you to believe doesn't exist. Good info about Baker and Bush (the first) and their efforts to stop the settlements. Features Mearsheimer and Carter. Note the utter bs that America and Israel have the same interests in the ME. America is against illegal settlements, Israel is for. Includes info on Christian Zionists and their role in this. One obvious point in all this: If Israel's and America's interests were the same, then THERE WOULDN'T BE A NEED FOR AN ISRAELI LOBBY IN AMERICA. Our interests are NOT the same. Not by a longshot.

08-26-07 - New Pro-Iraq-War Organization Hides Its Pro-Israel Agenda It's clear to me that several members of the new group care about Israel's security as a reason for American military engagement in the Middle East. They should say so upfront. As it is, the Freedom's Watch website has imagery of the eagle wrapped in a flag; its big new ad shows an Iraq War veteran who continues to support the disastrous war because of 9/11, and no one on the site is talking about Israel.


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