The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, August 24, 2007

News for 08-23-07

08-23-07 - Manufacturing Consent For War With Iran **

08-23-07 - Bush's War Drums ** Our VIPS colleague Phil Geraldi, writing in The American Conservative, earlier noted that in the past Karl Rove has served as a counterweight to Vice President Dick Cheney, and may have tried to put the brakes on Cheney's death wish to expand the Middle East quagmire to Iran.

08-23-07 - Bolton: I 'Absolutely' Hope The U.S. Will Attack Iran In The Next 'Six Months' ** Bolton?s calls for strikes against Iran mirror those of other neocons, such as Bill Kristol and Michael Rubin, who also pushed for the Iraq invasion. Bolton?s claim that ?Iran is interfering in Iraq and is posing a direct threat to our troops? is not a reason to strike the country. In reality, both Gen. Peter Pace and the National Intelligence Estimate have confirmed that Iran is ?not likely? to be a major driver of violence in Iraq.

08-23-07 - Drumbeat Of War: Unsavory logic ** In yet another transparent step in building the case for taking military action against Iran, the Bush administration has said that it intends to place Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps on its list of terror groups. The cool heads at the European Union disagree, but never mind them. Bush knows better, right?

08-23-07 - Feds: Charity Groups to Be Probed for Terror Ties

08-23-07 - Israel to buy advanced Patriot missiles

08-23-07 - Cluster bomb kills Lebanese A cluster bomb left over from last year's Hezbollah-Israel war exploded in southern Lebanon on Thursday, killing a Lebanese mine-clearing expert and wounding three others who were trying to dismantle it, security officials said.

08-23-07 - Two Lebanese soldiers die in battle with Islamists

08-23-07 - Lebanon holds two for attack on UN Two suspected Palestinian extremists have been arrested over a roadside bombing against UN peacekeepers in Lebanon, a security official said on Thursday.

08-23-07 - Rudy saber rattling is music to some - Giuliani brings presidential hopes to Sephardic enclave

08-23-07 - Oily legacy of war mars Lebanon coast


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