The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

News for 08-21-07

08-21-07 - Iran, IAEA agree ways to defuse atom suspicions Iran and the U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency said Tuesday they had agreed on a plan on how to help defuse Western suspicions about Tehran's atom work, a move hailed as a "milestone" by a senior IAEA official.

08-21-07 - UN-Iran nuclear talks 'positive' Iran and the UN's nuclear agency say they have made progress in talks on Tehran's nuclear programme.

08-21-07 - Turkey to build 3 power plants in Iran

08-21-07 - Iranians order Kurdish border villages to evacuate

08-21-07 - Why is Iran Shelling Iraq? the Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan (PEJAK) ? is waging a guerilla insurgency against the Iranian government

08-21-07 - Iraqi PM hails Syria co-operation Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki has hailed Baghdad's co-operation with Damascus during his first visit to Syria since taking office last year

08-21-07 - Russia, U.S. to consult on missile offer in Sept: Baku Officials from Russia and the United States will meet for talks in early September on Moscow's offer of the joint use of a radar station it leases in Azerbaijan, the Azeri foreign minister said on Tuesday.

08-21-07 - Pentagon to suspend anti-terror database

08-21-07 - US-Iranian academic freed after making TV 'confession' An American-Iranian academic, whose imprisonment in Tehran's notorious Evin jail along with a colleague raised tensions with the Bush administration, has been abruptly freed.

08-21-07 - Iran's Ahmadinejad urges closer ties with US ally Azerbaijan

08-21-07 - The War Party's wackos are indicative of a trend The Family Security Foundation's board of directors is a veritable who's who of third-and-fourth level neocon shills, with a few first-tier types, such as Frank Gaffney, standing out. Indeed, the whole Family Security Matters operation is described by the liberal watchdog group Media Matters as a "front group" for Gaffney's Center for Security Policy (CSP), the hardest of the hard-line neocon propaganda outfits.

08-21-07 - Asking the Wrong Questions on Iran we must begin our discussion on Iran, and the media?s role in preparing the American public for another disastrous war of choice.

08-21-07 - Oil prices calm despite hurricane

08-21-07 - Britons wary of Muslims more than Americans The French were the most enthusiastic when asked whether they saw Muslims as suitable marriage partners for their children, and a large majority also do not see Muslims as a threat.

08-21-07 - War Has Made Baghdad Pre-Industrial Just like Palestine.

08-21-07 - Hezbollah aids baby sea turtles Hezbollah has put half of a beach in southern Lebanon under its protection to safeguard endangered nesting turtles, it was reported Sunday.

08-21-07 - Militants said seeking truce in Lebanon camp war Islamists who have fought the Lebanese army at a Palestinian refugee camp for the past three months are seeking a truce to let their families and other civilians flee, an intermediary said on Tuesday.

08-21-07 - Israeli army mulls how to spend its billions The moves have provided the Israeli military with an unprecedented opportunity for long-term planning and all services in the armed forces -- air, army and navy -- are anxious to get a piece of the financial pie. Question: Are AMERICAN troops serving in Iraq being given anything close to billion$ to secure themselves from roadside bombs and such?

08-21-07 - Syrian newspaper: US pushing Israel to war The newspaper slammed Washington's decision to boost military aid to Israel whom it promised $30 billion over the next 10 years

08-21-07 - Saudi-Syria tensions seethe over Lebanon

08-21-07 - Militants in Lebanese refugee camp seek truce for families Islamists who have fought the Lebanese Army at a Palestinian refugee camp for the past three months are seeking a truce to let their families and other civilians flee.

08-21-07 - Giuliani's doubts on Palestinian talks part of 'systematic' policy, adviser says "The main thing I would emphasize is that Mayor Giuliani believes that the Palestinians should have a state only if they earn it by fulfilling much the same set of conditions that are specified in the road map," Norman Podhoretz, the former Commentary editor and another adviser to the candidate, told JTA in an e-mail.

08-21-07 - NGO to Send Aid to Iraqis and Palestinians The NGO, which works on behalf of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Finland, granted 100,000 euros to help Iraqis and 70,000 euros to help Palestinians.

08-21-07 - Cluster bomb kills Hezbollah member in southern Lebanon A cluster bomb left over from the 2006 conflict between Israel and Hezbollah on Monday killed a member of the Shiite militant group in southern Lebanon, the country's National News Agency said.


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