The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

News for 08-27-07

08-27-07 - Sarkozy cautions against attack on Iran

08-27-07 - Bush to say Iraq is front line against Iran, Al-Qaeda "Al Qaeda in Iraq and Iranian armed and supported Shia militias continue to undermine the Iraqi struggle for security and stability and continue to kill Americans forces," the official said.

08-27-07 - Pat Buchanan: Democrats will fall in line with 'popular' war on Iran ** Buchanan pointed to recent claims by the US military that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (al-Quds) is the source of explosive devices that are killing American soldiers in Iraq, saying, "They're laying down a predicate for military strikes on the al-Quds camps inside Iran. ... And I think then they'd go for the nuclear sites. "

08-27-07 - Middle East turmoil could cause world war: U.S. envoy Upheaval in the Middle East and Islamic civilization could cause another world war, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations was quoted as saying in an Austrian newspaper interview published on Monday.

08-27-07 - Iran 'resolves' plutonium issue Iran has resolved questions posed by the UN's nuclear watchdog about its plutonium experiments, Tehran says.

08-27-07 - Saudis set up force to guard oil plants ** In anticipation to a response to their backing another US strike on another Muslim country, methinks.

08-27-07 - Teamsters' boss urges divesting from Iran

08-27-07 - What happens if Iran blocks the Strait of Hormuz? U.A.E. is weighing some projects ** Not a matter of if but when we attack Iran. The case is already being put forth to the American sheeple by the neocons and their many friends in the media.

08-27-07 - The Next War Draws Nearer ** Hardly a week passes in which I don?t get a message from someone within the great bureaucratic wasteland on the Potomac about the Bush Administration?s latest schemes relating to war against Iran. Now we?re going through another one of those periods in which the pace is quickening and the pitch is becoming more intense.

08-27-07 - Mediators try to evacuate wounded from Lebanon siege camp

08-27-07 - Meet Giuliani?s Advisors: AIPAC?s Dream Team

08-27-07 - Zealous for Zion The image of thousands of conservative Christians from the heartland waving the flags of a foreign nation would have astounded anyone 50 years ago?except maybe George Orwell Just a note, looks like the American Conservative made it into the Google News index (finally). Or perhaps it's always been there and I never noticed...

08-27-07 - Israeli law experts challenge U.S. law "For more than fifty years, Israel has faced mortal threats to its national survival and countless acts of terrorism against its civilian population, with devastating losses of life," the brief argues. "Yet even as terrorist attacks have intensified, Israel has strengthened its commitment to unimpeded judicial review of detention." Horseshit. Ask the thousands of Palestinians who have been or are now in administrative detention (no due process involved whatsoever).

08-27-07 - Barak: Hezbollah arsenal bigger than ever Hezbollah's arsenal is bigger than it was before the Lebanon war, Israel's defense minister said.


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