The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, August 12, 2007

News for 08-11-07

08-11-07 - Iran, Iraq sign oil pipeline deal Under the deal, Iran would buy 100,000 barrels of Iraqi crude to be refined in the southern port of Bandar Abbas, then sell the product back to Iraq. The accord would have no upper limit on quantities.

08-11-07 - Iran shrugs off Bush remarks on Iraq ties with Tehran "Iran's support of the formation of the Iraqi government, (its) comprehensive support of the popularly elected government of Mr Nuri al-Maliki and Iraqi officials' emphasis of Iran's constructive role are evidence of the Islamic Republic of Iran's policies towards Iraq."

08-11-07 - Sources: U.S. assessing Pakistan nukes if Musharraf falls

08-11-07 - Russia announces defence system upgrade Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced a vast program to upgrade Russia's missile defence system.

08-11-07 - Iranian and Syrian officials deny fueling violence in Iraq Iran and Syria defended themselves against accusations by the United States and its allies that they have been fueling violence in Iraq.

08-11-07 - Web report sparks NY alert Citing an "unverified" terrorist threat, the NYPD on Friday set up checkpoints in lower Manhattan and stepped up the deployment of radiological sensors on cars, boats and helicopters.

08-11-07 - Bush pushes Musharraf on democracy, Al Qaeda

08-11-07 - Israeli Web site causes N.Y. to up counterterrorism precautions

08-11-07 - Deported Canadian Was No Threat, Report Shows Mr. Arar was sent by American intelligence officials in October 2002 to Syria, where he was tortured and jailed for a almost a year. Last September, an extensive Canadian inquiry concluded that the terrorism accusations against him were groundless.

08-11-07 - Pakistan If You Can by Philip Giraldi The leading Republican candidates had already established an incredibly low benchmark in the foreign policy sweepstakes by their stated willingness to use nuclear weapons against Iran. They have buttressed their resolve to kill still more young Americans in a new effort to remake the Middle East through the appointment of a number of neoconservatives as their foreign policy advisers, including Norman Podhoretz, who has called for World War IV against all "Islamofascists" everywhere. Other leading neocons advising Republicans include Elizabeth Cheney, Robert Kagan, Dan Senor, and Jim Woolsey......Being tough to the point of weakening allies and unnecessarily making new enemies might please the Armageddonists who are eager to end the world so they can be raptured up to heaven or the neoconservatives who want to fight all Muslims all the time, but it is hardly serves the interests of most Americans.

08-11-07 - Syria says it supports French bid to end Lebanon crisis "We support France's efforts in Lebanon," he told the Al-Manar channel. "We believe the French attitude to be impartial, in contrast with that of the United States.

08-11-07 - Stench of corpses hampers Lebanon soldiers in grisly camp battle Lebanese soldiers are being hampered in their fight against holed-up Islamist militants by the stench of putrefying corpses, army and medical sources said on Saturday.

08-11-07 - Ron Paul SIgns Removed by Police at the Ames Straw Poll

08-11-07 - Beirut discovers depression

08-11-07 - U.S. promotes free elections, only to see allies lose The paradox of American policy in the Middle East - promoting democracy on the assumption it will bring countries closer to the West - is that almost everywhere there are free elections, the American-backed side tends to lose.....But more important, U.S. support is often applied to one faction instead of institutions, causing further division rather than bringing about stability. Divide and conquer. How are they going to attack poor little Israel (because they certainly can't attack the US, those countries do not threaten American national security) if they are too busy attacking each other?


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