The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, August 17, 2007

News for 08-16-07

08-16-07 - Russia, China, Iran warn U.S. at summit The leaders of Russia, China and Iran said Thursday that Central Asia should be left alone to manage its stability and security - an apparent warning to the United States to avoid interfering in the strategic, resource-rich region.

08-16-07 - Iran?s Revolutionary Guards Scoff At US Blacklist Plan

08-16-07 - Iran denounces US missile defense plans

08-16-07 - Former Marine appears in court for shooting Iraqi prisoners A former US Marine sergeant appeared in a California court on Thursday to face manslaughter charges in connection with the deaths of two unarmed Iraqi prisoners, justice officials said.

08-16-07 - Outside View: Nuclear terror's false logic

08-16-07 - US to use spy satellites for domestic surveillance

08-16-07 - Syria denies setting conditions for Iraqi PM's visit

08-16-07 - US finalizes deal on unprecedented military aid to Israel

08-16-07 - U.S. comptroller general: America is Rome

08-16-07 - "An Attempt to Deceive Americans Into Yet Another War" ** the unprecedented attempt to label Iran?s 125,000-strong Republican Guard as a ?specially designated global terrorist? group ? is, as the congressman says ?nothing more than an attempt to deceive Americans into yet another war ? this time with Iran.?

08-16-07 - Backlash Over Book on Policy for Israel "On July 24, Council President Marshall Bouton phoned one of us (Mearsheimer) and informed him that he was canceling the event," and that his decision "was based on the need 'to protect the institution.' He said that he had a serious 'political problem,' because there were individuals who would be angry if he gave us a venue to speak, and that this would have serious negative consequences for the council. 'This one is so hot,' Marshall maintained." All a big conspiracy theory, right Abe? The proof is right there.

08-16-07 - A year after the Second Lebanon War Recent reports have revealed that one of the main justifications for Hizbullah's continuing resistance -- that Israel failed to withdraw fully from Lebanese territory in 2000 -- is now supported by the UN. Last month its cartographers quietly admitted that Lebanon is right in claiming sovereignty over a small fertile area known as the Shebaa Farms, still occupied by Israel. Israel argues that the territory is Syrian and will be returned in future peace talks with Damascus, even though Syria backs Lebanon's position. The UN's admission has been mostly ignored by the international media.

08-16-07 - Which U.S. Political Party Is Better For Israel? For the past several years, whenever anyone asked me which American political party was best for Israel, my answer was: both. Even AIPAC, in the weeks before the 2006 Congressional election, stated that both parties are equally good for Israel. This of course has been and will continue to be ignored by the Republican Party, which attempts to use Israel as a wedge issue in the Jewish community. Note the source.

08-16-07 - Will the Israel Lobby Issue Go Mainstream? The Lobby has already sprung into action in order to quash this book.

08-16-07 - Islamic advocacy group asks for removal from terror-finance co-conspirator list in U.S.

08-16-07 - The Hague plans to host Hariri tribunal

08-16-07 - Mortgages and the Jewish Question Not coincidentally, the big news in Israel last week was the announcement that the Jewish state?s defense budget had to be slashed by a shocking 10%, suddenly and unexpectedly. The reason: Washington told Jerusalem it was not going to deliver an expected infusion of military aid, because Uncle Sam doesn?t have the money. The world economy may not be troubled by the weakness in America, but there?s one little corner of the world that?s terrified.


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