The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, August 13, 2007

News for 08-12-07

08-12-07 - Russia flexes military muscle, evoking cold war posturing The Russia of President Vladimir Putin has taken a number of provocative military steps in recent days, creating concern about how the US and Europe should engage with a country that also has a vital role to play in Middle East peacemaking and the nuclear standoff with Iran.

08-12-07 - Iran concludes inquiry into detained U.S.-Iranians

08-12-07 - US 'surge' in Iraq 'likely to fail': British lawmakers

08-12-07 - Marine freed in Iraq killing case Of the eight members of the squad involved only one remains in prison.....Investigators said the soldiers dragged disabled Mr Awad from his home and killed him in Hamdaniya in April 2006.

08-12-07 - Report: Iran Less Than 10 Years Away From 2016 According to an alarming new Department of Defense report combining civilian, military, and calendric evidence, Iran may be as few as nine years away from the year 2016. HOLY CRAP!Nooooooo... We're all gonna die!!

08-12-07 - Challenging Bush?s Reality

08-12-07 - Russia, China and allies play war game

08-12-07 - Bush, Congress Could Collide On Iran ** Taking military action against Iran could put President Bush on a collision course with Congress, leading Democrats and a Republican lawmaker cautioned Friday following Bush?s threat of unspecified consequences for alleged Iranian meddling in Iraq.

08-12-07 - Credit crisis has Main Street watching Wall Street Behind all this lies a big question: If the turmoil on Wall Street gets worse, how large an effect will it have on Main Street ? in communities where consumers are already burdened by high gas prices and falling home values?

08-12-07 - Fox News pines for another 9/11 John Gibson endorsed Bykofsky's thesis on the air: "I think it's going to take a lot of dead people to wake America up."

08-12-07 - U.S. Pressure on Israel for a Palestinian State Foreseen ** Yogev explains that the Bush Administration is working under the pressure of the 2008 elections. "By then," Yogev posits, "Bush plans to hit the Iranian nuclear infrastructures. This is why he is in such a rush to give the Palestinians and the moderate Moslem states fat weapons deals and a Palestinian state - in order to silence them in anticipation of the planned attack on Iran.".....MK Yuval Shteinitz (Likud) told Arutz-7 this morning that the summit is something that must be strongly opposed: "This summit could well lead to a Palestinian state, with clear Hamas and Iranian influence, right on the doorstep of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Ben Gurion International Airport. Even if it just serves as a small support for this idea, the summit is something that we must not allow."

08-12-07 - U.S.-Israel aid deal near The $30 billion package would come in parallel to stepped-up arms donations and sales by Washington to Egypt and Saudi Arabia, but Rep. Tom Lantos (D-Calif.) said Israel would still have the mightiest military in the region.

08-12-07 - U.S. and Israel close gap on defense aid payouts Israel wins, as expected. See "Holdup in U.S. aid deal".

08-12-07 - Lantos not hopeful on Mideast conference Lantos said the arms sale "needs to be of such a nature that it does not represent a threat to the State of Israel."

08-12-07 - Speechless in Chicago John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt were scheduled to use the Sept. 27 address to outline their upcoming book, ?The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy,? which is expected to be released by Farrar, Straus & Giroux early next month. But the president of the Chicago Council, Marshall Bouton, canceled the event under pressure from critics who were uncomfortable with the academics? arguments, according to a letter drafted by Mearsheimer and Walt to the Council?s board. The Israeli Lobby strikes again. Islamofascism is the problem in America? The greatest threat to American freedoms and security is the Israeli Lobby, and that includes the efforts and policies of the neocons.

08-12-07 - Break with Bush over middle East, MPs warn Brown The Labour-led Foreign Affairs Committee urged Gordon Brown's ministers to talk to Syria and Iran - part of President George Bush's 'axis of evil'.

08-12-07 - UK 'damaged' by Lebanon war delay The UK's reputation was damaged when the government hesitated in calling for an immediate end to the Lebanon war last year, MPs have said......It called some of Israel's military actions in Lebanon during the war "indiscriminate and disproportionate".

08-12-07 - Peace in Iraq is inextricably linked to a Palestinian settlement For four decades, successive American administrations have failed to halt Israel's colonisation of the occupied territories. With Washington's redoubtable Israel lobby openly calling for an attack on Iran, the besieged President probably feels it would be safer to follow its lead than confront Israel over its refusal to enter into final status talks on a settlement to the Israel-Palestine conflict.....Should Israel's colonisation of the West Bank continue, the US will find itself defending what former US president Jimmy Carter has described as a regime of apartheid in which Jews and Palestinians living in the same area are subject to different laws and differential access to resources. Should America succumb to Israeli pressure to isolate Iran, it will lose the war in Iraq.

08-12-07 - After the visit, family waits The deputy searched the car with the occupants' permission and found what he believed was a pipe bomb in the trunk, according to an arrest affidavit. Bomb technicians confirmed his suspicions, jail records show. But test results on the material in the trunk have not been released.

08-12-07 - US moves to hobble Lebanon's president The Bush administration has quietly opened a new diplomatic front in its efforts to free Lebanon from Syrian influence, with a move to undermine the authority of the country's pro-Syria president.

08-12-07 - UN's website breached by hackers Slogans accusing the US and Israel of killing children appeared on the pages reserved for statements from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.

08-12-07 - Lebanese army turns down siege surrender offer The Lebanese army on Sunday rejected a conditional offer of surrender by Islamist extremists in a besieged Palestinian refugee camp in the north of the country, a mediator told AFP.

08-12-07 - Walt-Mearsheimer Cancelled by Chicago Council on Global Affairs The Foxman ploy sounds suspiciously like the one they tried against Jimmy Carter when he was to speak at Brandeis. The University asked if instead of speaking alone he'd debate Alan Dershowitz, to which the former president said something like: "What? You must be kidding." Brandeis caved and Carter spoke alone as was befitting a former president.

08-12-07 - Kill Or Convert, Brought To You By the Pentagon With the endorsement of the Defense Department, OSU is mailing "Freedom Packages" to soldiers serving in Iraq. These are not your grandfather's care packages, however. Besides pairs of white socks and boxes of baby wipes (included at the apparent suggestion of Iran-Contra felon Oliver North, according to OSU) OSU's care packages contain the controversial Left Behind: Eternal Forces video game. End Times Christianity is Christian Zionism.


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