The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, August 16, 2007

News for 08-15-07

08-15-07 - U.S. army suicides at highest level in 26 years

08-15-07 - US: Military action on Iran 'not being contemplated' ** Mm k.

08-15-07 - US hits Iran over journos' death sentences The United States says that Iran's sentencing of two journalists to death demonstrates its willingness to "trample on the rights of its citizens".

08-15-07 - Russian bombers getting closer to US: American commander Long-range Russian bombers are flying more often and closer to US territory, a top US commander said Tuesday, as Moscow made its latest show of military might with exercises over the North Pole.

08-15-07 - Marine accused of stabbing Iraqi soldier: report A US Marine reservist faces a court martial after allegedly stabbing to death an Iraqi soldier in an argument, it was reported Wednesday.

08-15-07 - US turns heat up on Iran ** If the United States designates the Iranian Revolutionary Guards a "terrorist" organisation, the question will be whether it is an extension of its current efforts to isolate Iran economically or a step towards military action.

08-15-07 - Syria says Iraqi PM to visit for refugee talks An estimated 30,000 new refugees arrive every month in Syria, which already hosts 1.5 million Iraqis, and Shareh said the influx constitutes an "economic, social and political burden."

08-15-07 - Internet is "the new Afghanistan": NY police commissioner The Internet is the new battleground against Islamist extremism because it provides ideology that could radicalize Westerners who might then initiate home-grown attacks, New York police commissioner Raymond Kelly said on Wednesday.

08-15-07 - US threatens to scrap India nuclear deal

08-15-07 - Chinese pair face Iran spy claims Iran has arrested two Chinese nationals for allegedly spying on military and nuclear facilities.

08-15-07 - US Blames Iran for Casualties from Its Own Attacks

08-15-07 - ?No American President can stand up to Israel.? These words came from feisty Admiral Thomas Moorer, Chief of Naval Operations (1967-1970) and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1970-1974). Moorer was, perhaps, the last independent-minded American military leader. Admiral Moorer knew what he was talking about. On June 8, 1967, Israel attacked the American intelligence ship, USS Liberty, killing 34 American sailors and wounding 173. The Israelis even strafed the life rafts, machine-gunning the American sailors leaving the stricken ship I don't agree with paragraph 7-8. There are some Americans like that, but they are thankfully a minority.

08-15-07 - Hizbullah marks Lebanon war anniversary with pomp and piety

08-15-07 - Left and Right Make Same Argument Re Israel Lobby

08-15-07 - More anonymity in terror-linked Holy Land case The Holy Land Foundation was part of a global network of organizations that raised money from Muslims throughout the world and funneled it to Hamas, according to a second Israeli secret agent who testified under a pseudonym Wednesday.

08-15-07 - Va. man indicted for threatening Arabs A Virginia man was indicted Wednesday on charges that he left threatening messages at an Arab political organization in the U.S. during fighting between Israel and Hezbollah in the Middle East last year.

08-15-07 - U.N. Special Envoy Will Join Mideast Forum at Rushmore The two-day forum at Mount Rushmore National Memorial Oct. 16-17, is open to the public and is designed to promote dialogue and expand America's knowledge of the complex issues surrounding tensions in the Middle East, said James Nelson, president of the Mount Rushmore Institute.

08-15-07 - Olmert meets senior US diplomat on eve of arms deal The aid to Israel reflects an increase in value of more than 25 percent, Olmert has said, describing it as a considerable improvement and very important element for national security.

08-15-07 - Olmert grateful for U.S. aid boost Ehud Olmert thanked the Bush administration for boosting U.S. military aid to Israel. Yeh, ~swell~.


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