The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, August 09, 2007

News for 08-08-07

08-08-07 - President Bush promises 'justice' for Iranians interfering in Iraq in Fox interview ** When Neil Cavuto, host of Fox News' Your World asked if the President included a military attack on Iran among the 'consequences,' Bush gave a cryptic answer. "They will be brought to justice," he said.

08-08-07 - Bush levels dubious Iran nuclear arms charge US President George W. Bush charged Monday that Iran has openly declared that it seeks nuclear weapons -- an inaccurate accusation at a time of sharp tensions between Washington and Tehran.

08-08-07 - Iran tells PM Maliki it is helping secure Iraq

08-08-07 - Iran sees US plot to topple its leadership An Iranian minister said he believed the United States had dropped the idea of attacking Iran but wanted to topple its leadership through what he called a ?soft revolution?.

08-08-07 - US raid kills 30 Iraq 'militants' The US military said the dead were part of a network that was smuggling weapons from Iran, but witnesses said women and children were among those killed.....On Wednesday, Lt Gen Raymond Odierno said "explosively formed penetrators" increasingly supplied by Iran were responsible for a third of US combat deaths in July. Making the case for war.

08-08-07 - Iran rejects face-to-face talks with U.S. over nuclear issue Iran on Tuesday rejected UN nuclear chief's proposal for direct talks with the United States over Tehran's nuclear issue, the official IRNA news agency reported

08-08-07 - Iran, North Korea eye energy cooperation Iran and North Korea on Wednesday agreed to step up cooperation in the energy sector as the reclusive Asian state's trade minister paid a visit to the fellow arch foe of the United States.

08-08-07 - Neocons aiding '08 Republicans "Because Republicans are supportive of the president and the war, that doesn't necessarily mean they are supportive of a policy that embraces continuing the war and continuing nation-building," said Philip Giraldi, the former CIA counterintelligence official who is the Francis Walsingham Fellow for the American Conservative Defense Alliance. "It's a misreading of the Republican electorate." They were responsible for dragging us into Iraq. It's unfathomable that they would still be advising anyone, least of all presidential candidates. It's baffling when folks suggest that neoconservatism is on the decline or that the neocons have fallen. They are still here, and still influential. IMO, they are the gravest threat to the American national interest - moreso than Al Qaeda ever could be.

08-08-07 - Studies: Suicide bombers in Iraq are mostly foreigners Hafez, whose new book is "Suicide Bombers in Iraq ," has identified the nationalities of 124 bombers who attacked in Iraq . Of those, the largest number- 53- were Saudis. Eight apiece came from Italy and Syria , seven from Kuwait , four from Jordan and two each from Belgium , France and Spain . Others came from North and East Africa , South Asia and various Middle Eastern and European countries. Only 18- 15 percent- were Iraqis........There's widespread agreement that Saudis are represented more heavily than any other nationality among the bombers, said Assaf Moghadem, a research fellow at Harvard University who studies suicide bombers' motivations Sweet Jesus, no Iranians among them? Cheney's going to be pissed!

08-08-07 - Prospects of Armageddon ** The same camp whose vocal endorsement led to the present catastrophe in Iraq are now hawkishly gazing at Iran. The same absurd and dangerous logic that defends the nuclear atrocities of 1945 can now be used to support the pre-emptive use of nuclear weapons against Iran - the threat of which in turn makes the idea of a conventional attack appear more palatable.

08-08-07 - Anti-Saudi tide rises in Iraq The Saudi backlash is being fueled by Iraqi media reports and Shiite leaders' condemnations of apparent fatwas, religious rulings by Saudi muftis calling for the destruction of Shiite shrines in Iraq.

08-08-07 - India feels heat over Iran The comments were aimed at the strategically significant Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline deal that is being negotiated by the three powers despite opposition from the Bush administration.

08-08-07 - Cheney says 'main battle in Iraq' against al Qaeda Nitwit.

08-08-07 - Poll: Iraqis Oppose Oil Privatization

08-08-07 - 1.4 Million Iraqis Push Syria to Edge

08-08-07 - Book Reveals Details of Iran?s Diplomatic Outreach to Israel Both Flynt Leverett, who was the senior Middle East official in Bush?s National Security Council until 2003, and Lawrence Wilkerson, who was chief of staff to then-secretary of state Colin Powell, have stated publicly that it was neoconservatives in the administration who nixed the proposal. Parsi echoed those assertions, claiming that Powell and National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice favored a positive response but were thwarted by Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, leading the State Department to rebuke the Swiss ambassador for overreaching his mandate. Cheney and the neocons.

08-08-07 - Sub-prime superpower by Patrick J. Buchanan We are committed to police the world ? yet we have an Army that is "breaking," as presidential candidates bray about attacking Iran, a nation three times as large and populous as Iraq, and invading Pakistan, a Muslim nation of 170 million, with atom bombs. Whom are we kidding? U.S. foreign policy is bankrupt. We can't cover our commitments with the ground forces we have. And a world watching America thrash about in Mesopotamia is beginning to recognize it and act upon it.

08-08-07 - Siren Song of Elliott Abrams The Israeli-U.S. strategy for Palestine is now crystal clear: overturn the will of the people (in this case as expressed through democratic elections), kill off any resistance (Hamas in this case, along with any civilians who might get in the way), co-opt a quisling leadership (Fatah and Mahmoud Abbas), push out and kill if necessary as many people as international opinion will allow, ultimately rid Palestine of most Palestinians. The cast of characters and organizations has changed from earlier times, but this has essentially been Israel's strategy from the beginning....

08-08-07 - Syrian Amb.: Russia Won't Build Ports Here Ja'afari also explained that Damascus was ready "to resume" a dialog with Israel, but under a multi-national format as outlined in the historic Madrid Agreement.

08-08-07 - Holy Land defense attorney questions FBI agent On Thursday, an Israeli government agent is expected to testify about his government?s seizure of evidence from Hamas offices implicating Holy Land. The agent will testify under a pseudonym amid heightened security at the downtown Dallas federal courthouse. During his testimony, the courtroom will be cleared of spectators, who must go to an overflow courtroom with a video monitor that will not show the agent?s face in order to protect his identity.

08-08-07 - Administration's Prosecution of Muslim Group Brings Charges of Bias Thus far, the courthouse has drawn a steady stream of protesters who have said that prosecutors and Jewish organizations are singling out Muslim charitable organizations It would be interesting to know exactly how many of these 'terror' trials have to do with ISRAEL'S enemies, and how many have to do with Al Qaeda. My bet is that there are infinitely more of the former than of the latter. Cui bono? Who benefits? is a question that must ever be asked about Middle Eastern terror - Patrick J. Buchanan. Note the fourth and fifth paragraph up from the bottom. If we're basing our prosecutions on Israeli testimony - by agents in disguise and using pseudonyms - and LOSING those cases, that ought to tell you something right there.

08-08-07 - Frank Talk About Iran Reut?s conclusion is that Jerusalem must begin speaking to Washington frankly about the areas where the two nation?s interests converge and where they do not. Israel must focus its efforts on ensuring that America does not take Israel for granted, or ignore it altogether, as contacts with Iran proceed.......... Here, too, Israel must assess its strategic needs in light of the chaos in Iraq, and sit down for some straight talk with its American ally, as opinion columnist Yossi Alpher argues on the opposite page. This will require nimble, open-minded tactics on the part of Israel?s friends in America. It is in Israel?s interests to ensure that Washington is under pressure to lean on Iran with every available tool, in order to rein in its mischief-making, its nuclear ambitions and its continued backing of terrorism. They want to make Israel's problems OUR problems.

08-08-07 - UN soldier's widow still seeks 'the truth' More than a year after Maj. Paeta Hess-von Kruedener was killed when Israeli forces struck a UN observation post in Lebanon, his widow says too many unanswered questions surround his death. Hey, if it was 'pro-Syrians', well sheeit, you'd be getting your very own UN resolution (which the US would NOT veto). But if Israel does it, you're SOL, lady!

08-08-07 - Fatah Islam No. 2 killed in Lebanon

08-08-07 - Four Islamists, 2 troops killed in Lebanon camp

08-08-07 - UN food agency to help farmers in southern Lebanon The munitions dropped by Israel included more than a million cluster bomblets, around 40 percent of which failed to detonate on impact, according to the United Nations. The ordance has wounded more than 200 people since the end of the conflict last August 14, according to the UN Mine Action Coordination Centre (MACC), and at least 27 people have been killed, according to an AFP tally.

08-08-07 - Senior Shiite Cleric says U.S. desperate Lebanon's most senior Shiite Muslim cleric Tuesday called U.S. intervention in Lebanon part of a desperate attempt for victory in the region after its "failures in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine."

08-08-07 - Israel to institute new wartime measures Prime Minister Ehud Olmert convened top Cabinet colleagues and security chiefs Wednesday to decide on a response to the findings of a commission of inquiry into last year's Lebanon war


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