The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, June 18, 2007

News for 06-17-07

06-17-07 - Gulf Arabs won't be base for attack on Iran: Saudi **

06-17-07 - Backlash feared to US funding in Iran The survival of Iran?s fragile pro-democracy movement is being threatened by the US administration?s continuing attempts to fund the country?s civil society, leading activists have warned.

06-17-07 - Lieberman defends comments on Iran **

06-17-07 - Britain feared US would 'nuke' Afghanistan: ex-diplomat Britain joined the United States' invasion to oust the Taliban in 2001 because it feared America would "nuke" Afghanistan, the former British ambassador to Washington reportedly told a television documentary to be screened Saturday.

06-17-07 - Some doubt U.S. claims Iran arming Taliban "True, some intelligence states that (the) Iranians may have supplied (the) Taliban with low-level, (and a) small amount of training. On the other hand, the Taliban openly train, recruit, rest, and raise funds in Pakistan ... and the media seems to be essentially oblivious to that."

06-17-07 - Kirk: Force World Bank to cut off Iran "I will offer legislation requiring the Secretary of Treasury to reduce the U.S. contribution to the bank in any year by the same amount as the Bank's disbursements to Iran in the previous year," Rep. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) said in a June 14 speech to the American Enterprise Institute. Kirk - neocon stoolie.

06-17-07 - What do liberal hawks actually want to do regarding Iran? Baer did not take the opportunity to argue against my position. "Israel is again staring down a possible existential threat," he wrote, "and the United States is once more facing a serious challenge to its interests in the region." So the threat is to Israel, as well as to unspecified American interests in the region that face a "serious challenge."

06-17-07 - Study looks at diplomats' well-being A large percentage of U.S. diplomats who have returned from hazardous overseas postings report experiencing serious mental and emotional problems, according to preliminary results of a survey by the State Department.

06-17-07 - Russia suspects Britain of espionage The Russian intelligence service announced on Friday that it had opened a criminal investigation into British espionage in Russia based on statements and undisclosed evidence provided by a businessman who is accused of poisoning Alexander Litvinenko, the former KGB officer and Kremlin critic.

06-17-07 - CAIR reports bias rise

06-17-07 - Rockets from Lebanon hit Israel The Lebanese group Hezbollah has denied any involvement in the attack. No-one has yet claimed responsibility for it.

06-17-07 - The US role in Mideast travails For a growing number of analysts, if the past year has brought any clarity, it is that US policy has largely backfired and added to the region's downward spiral of violence and economic troubles. Divide and conquer.

06-17-07 - Nancy Pelosi or Why War With Iran May Be Inevitable ** Hagee is probably the least known yet most dangerous man in America. He wields enormous political clout, using his powerful connections to encourage nuclear conflict with Iran, all for the ultimate goal of hastening End Times

06-17-07 - Bush stresses Iran to Jewish leaders ** Bush emphasized the importance of containing Iran's nuclear ambitions through sanctions, participants said. Bush is to meet with Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Tuesday, and Iran will top their agenda. Israel wants to set an end of year deadline for Iran to retreat from its enrichment of uranium. The White House meeting followed discussions with congressional leaders. Conference representatives met with House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and the House Republican leadership.

06-17-07 - Israel shells south Lebanon after rocket attack Israeli troops fired five shells at south Lebanon where the army was searching for the guerrillas who fired rockets earlier Sunday on northern Israel, security forces said

06-17-07 - Israel says Palestinian group fired rockets from Lebanon A Palestinian organisation in Lebanon fired the rockets which slammed into northern Israel on Sunday without causing casualties, Israeli radios quoted defence officials as saying.

06-17-07 - Palestinians long for battered camp "Over there we were living with our dignity intact. But is this a life?"

06-17-07 - MySpace Censoring Ron Paul Supporters *WATCH IN FULL SCREEN*

06-17-07 - Attack was 'intentional' A recent letter defending Israel's deliberate and unprovoked attack on the USS Liberty is full of distortions of recorded events and misrepresentation of facts

06-17-07 - 1967 Attack Still Haunts USS Liberty Survivors NPR gives the Israeli side of the story a little too much airtime.

06-17-07 - Ron Paul On Tucker Carlson (06/06/07)

06-17-07 - Bush Met With Jewish Leaders: Session Was Unannounced The conversation touched largely on foreign policy issues, including the situation with Iran and Syria, the fight against Islamic extremists and -- especially -- the situation in the Gaza Strip, where Hamas's seizure of power this past week has further complicated Bush's faltering efforts to help settle the Israeli-Palestinian dispute.

06-17-07 - AIPAC Buys Fred Thompson


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