The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Saturday, June 16, 2007

News for 06-15-07

06-15-07 - US administration debates new Iran strategy ** Citing unnamed senior administration officials, the newspaper said the debate has pitted Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and her deputies against the few remaining hawks inside the administration, especially those in the office of Vice President Richard Cheney. Cheney's aides are pressing for greater consideration of military strikes against Iranian nuclear facilities, the report said.....Only a few weeks ago, one of CheneyÂ?s top aides, David Wurmser, told conservative research groups and consulting firms in Washington that Cheney believed that RiceÂ?s diplomatic strategy was failing, and that by next spring Bush might have to decide whether to take military action, according to The Times.
Wurmser - another neocon.

06-15-07 - Pace says he refused to quit voluntarily In his first public comments on the Bush administration's surprise decision to replace him as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine Gen. Peter Pace disclosed that he had turned down an offer to voluntarily retire rather than be forced out.

06-15-07 - Joints Chief Choice Worried About Iran ** The Navy must stay in the Persian Gulf to reassure allies and maintain its ability to act quickly in a crisis, he said.

06-15-07 - NGOs unveils scathing report on impact of US-led war in Iraq A coalition of non-governmental groups on Wednesday took the UN Security Council to task for its "shocking silence" on alleged violations of international law by US-led forces in Iraq and urged an early end to their mandate.

06-15-07 - US military prepared for 'worst' with China: official

06-15-07 - America's undisclosed vice president Dick Cheney has been keeping secrets. Among other things, he can now hide the names of his visitors.

06-15-07 - How to Sell a War The Bush claque of neocon hawks viewed the Iraq war as a product and, just like a new pair of Nikes, it required a roll-out campaign to soften up the consumers. Same people behind same BS - this time, Iran.

06-15-07 - Far From War, a Town With a Well-Used Welcome Mat About 9,000 Iraqis made it to Sweden in 2006 ? almost half of the 22,000 who sought asylum in the entire industrialized world. This year, when the United States has promised to take in 7,000 Iraqis, around 20,000 are expected to seek asylum in Sweden.

06-15-07 - On the escalator to war with Iran by Patrick J. Buchanan ** What is going on? The most logical explanation is that the White House is providing advance justification for air strikes on camps of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard that are allegedly providing training for and transferring weapons to Afghan and Iraqi insurgents. And if the United States conducts those strikes, Iranians will unite around Ahmadinejad, and Tehran will order retaliatory strikes against U.S. targets in Iraq and perhaps across the Middle East. President Bush will then have his casus belli to take out Natanz and all the other Iranian nuclear facilities, as the Israelis and the neocons have been demanding that he do.

06-15-07 - Why we must break with the American crazies ** While Mr Brown and the British media are still fretting about who said what to whom about WMD intelligence, the talk in American policy circles is about an article, The Case for Bombing Iran, published two weeks ago in Commentary and The Wall Street Journal and cited approvingly to anyone who cares to listen by officials close to Dick Cheney. Its author, Norman Podhoretz, is an intellectual mentor to the people who took America into Iraq......It is significant that Ehud Olmert, the Israeli Prime Minister, travelled to Washington at about the same time as the article was published to plead with congressmen ?not to tie President Bush?s hands over Iran?. Why do you think Israel just launched that spy satellite (when we already have some that provide adequate intel, I'm guessing)? Paragraphs 2 and 4.

06-15-07 - Israel satellite sends images from space Israel launched the Ofek-7 satellite into orbit Monday, giving it a new tool in its efforts to collect intelligence on Iran and other regional adversaries. Israeli space officials said the information gathered would be shared with the United States. Israel's images will no doubt contribute to the case for war (to be fought by the US - AGAIN).

06-15-07 - Supply fears push up oil prices Instability in Gaza has raised concerns over wider conflict in the Middle East, which supplies a quarter of world oil. The Israel-driven policies in the Middle East are really costing the American people - in more ways than one.

06-15-07 - Israeli, American air forces in joint exercises ** The weeklong exercises began Sunday in the southern Negev desert. Dozens of aircraft simulated bombing targets on the ground and dog fights.

06-15-07 - Israeli company wins Marine contract An Israeli armor protection manufacturing company won an international bid to supply the U.S. Marine Corps.

06-15-07 - GOP maverick pitches candidacy In a meeting with the editorial board of The Kansas City Star, Paul advocated many of the positions that have made him a heretic within the Republican Party. He blasted the war in Iraq, chided the government for its saber-rattling against Iran and criticized entitlement programs that both parties have supported. Paul scolded the government for interfering in Palestinian affairs and in relations between Israel and Syria
That's my guy, right there :)

06-15-07 - Booby trap kills 6 soldiers at Lebanon camp Six Lebanese soldiers were killed on Friday by an explosion in a building booby trapped by Islamist militants at a Palestinian camp in north Lebanon, security sources said.

06-15-07 - Thirty-One Groups Call for Israel to Release Cluster Bomb Data A coalition of 31 groups including the Council for the National Interest presented a letter to Secretary Condoleezza Rice this week calling for U.S. government intercession with Israel to obtain detailed site information on Israel's cluster bomb strikes in Lebanon in the summer 2006 war.

06-15-07 - Presidents conference meets with Bush Representatives from virtually all the umbrella group?s 50 member organizations met with Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley and other top officials Thursday. The hour-long meeting included discussion of immigration, energy policy, the Iranian threat and deterioration in the Palestinian territories, according to participants.


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