The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

News for 06-12-07

06-12-07 - PDF file from the VFW : In Awesome Heroism In Defense of the USS Liberty Suffice it to say
that crewmen have no doubt the attack
was deliberate. Unfortunately, the heroism
of the crew is far too often lost
amidst this controversy. Israel intended to sink that ship. It was due to the sheer heroic efforts of those on board that that ship stayed afloat. The survivors and the families of the victims that did not make it have been denied justice for 40 years now. Why not print out this piece by the VFW and show it to your friends and family (who likely have never heard of this ship and its fate)? It's time that all of America knows of this tragedy and properly honors all those aboard that fateful day.

06-12-07 - Telegrams cast doubt on Liberty report In each of 25 telegrams seen by Navy Times, the Navy was calling the attack an accident well before its court of inquiry ever convened. The telegrams are dated as early as June 9 ­ some four days before the official board heard from a single Liberty witness ­ and June 13, two days before the board finished its report.

06-12-07 - Talk of attacking Iran escalates tensions ** Statements by US and Israeli officials in recent days on the possibility of attacking Iran have been met with increased posturing on both sides, warnings of retaliation from Tehran, and worries by the head of the international nuclear watchdog of a "brewing confrontation." Israel and its minions in the US - the neocons - are behind it.

06-12-07 - Iran warns US on detainees but ready for Iraq talks Iran on Tuesday warned that the United States would be made to "regret" its detention of five Iranian officials in Iraq but said it was still ready to consider continuing talks with its arch foe.

06-12-07 - Iran cranking up uranium enrichment capability: diplomats "The concern is that they will have a sensitive number of centrifuges without having resolved the question marks surrounding the history of Iran's programme," a diplomat close to the watchdog International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said. The operative words being "a diplomat close to the watchdog International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said.".

06-12-07 - Cheney?s Iran-Arms-to-Taliban Gambit Rebuffed ** Steve Clemons reported on his blog The Washington Note May 24 that an aide to Cheney has told gatherings at right-wing think tanks that Cheney is afraid Bush will not make the ?right decision? on Iran and believes he must constrain the president?s choices.

06-12-07 - US diplomat says Iran arms Taliban Making the case for war.

06-12-07 - Brown's bane will be getting dragged into an American attack on Iran ** The military clues are harder to detect. Veteran analyst Dan Plesch of the School of Oriental and African Studies wonders why the US is strengthening airbases in Afghanistan, Kurdistan and Iraq, forming a ring around Iran: "You don't need air power to fight the insurgency, do you?" It has to be preparation for an attack on you-know-who

06-12-07 - US warns firms trading with Iran The US is threatening to get much tougher with international energy companies that do business with Iran.

06-12-07 - Fitzgerald wants Libby jailed now, while Secretary Rice hints at pardon

06-12-07 - FBI Data Mining Program Raises Eyebrows in Congress

06-12-07 - Libby?s Supporters Who Wrote to Judge Learn That Letters Take on New Life on the Web they added there was ?the real possibility that these letters, once released, would be published on the Internet and their authors discussed, even mocked, by bloggers.? LOL. It's a blog eat blog world. Get used to it.

06-12-07 - The Neocon Threat to World Peace and American Freedom ** The neoconservatives have put the elements of their plan in place. They have powerful naval forces on station off Iran's coast. They have convinced President Bush that only by attacking Iran can he prevail in Iraq.

06-12-07 - From milk to meat, US food prices spike upward First gas, now food. How much more can the hardworking American people take?

06-12-07 - UN warning on Lebanon arms flows The UN Security Council has expressed "deep concern" at new evidence that illegal arms are being smuggled into Lebanon from neighbouring Syria. Well whaddya know. I wonder who was just recently prodding the US to do something about these 'arms'.

06-12-07 - Syria ready to renew peace talks with Israel without "conditions"

06-12-07 - Syria denies UN claims of arms flow into Lebanon the Syrian foreign ministry spokesman, whose name was not given, said "Roed Larsen is making as his own information that Israel is spreading about arms trafficking", adding that "his claims made to the UN Security council (on Monday) are aimed at damaging Syrian-Lebanese relations."

06-12-07 - Lebanese commandos blow up Islamist chief's house Lebanese commandos have blown up the home of the Islamist militia chief in a besieged refugee camp where fighting flared again on Tuesday in the fourth week of a deadly standoff.

06-12-07 - Olmert will urge Bush to prevent smuggling of weapons to Hizbullah Israel will demand that Bush work toward the deployment of an international peace-keeping force along the Lebanon-Syria border to prevent the smuggling......Lacking the power to amend the decision, Israel will ask the United States to use its influence on Siniora to have him deploy peace-keeping forces along the border as one of the conditions of renewing the UNIFIL forces mandate in August Israel makes their problem our problem - ALL OF THEM.

06-12-07 - US damaging Israel's qualitative edge, warn officials In the unstable political atmosphere that characterizes much of the Arab Middle East, successive American administrations have vowed to help maintain Israel's qualitative military edge over its enemies. The current backtracking on that promise has elicited threats from Jerusalem to call into action the pro-Israel lobby on Capitol Hill in order to scuttle the Saudi arms deal.
Now, note the source. Israel is threatening to call it's pro-Israel lobby in America to change the behavior of our government. For others to suggest that there is a lobby, and that indeed it has the power to do so, is deemed the furtherance of an 'anti-Semitic canard'. Time and again, Israel and its US lobby openly discuss this overwhelming influence on our government.


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