The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

News for 06-11-07

06-11-07 - General: Iran aids Karzai, maybe Taliban There also has been speculation Taliban fighters are adopting tactics used by insurgents in Iraq, and McNeill said he wouldn't rule out that they are coordinating their efforts. But he stressed he didn't have any information to state conclusively that is happening.

06-11-07 - Kuwait says US cannot use bases for any Iran strike **

06-11-07 - UN nuclear chief says Iran crisis 'must be defused'

06-11-07 - U.S. may soon free 5 Iranians

06-11-07 - Indonesia blocks UN statement on Iran A Foreign Affairs Ministry official said the Security Council was silent on what it called Israel's almost daily attacks on unarmed Palestinians, reported English daily The Jakarta Post.

06-11-07 - The High Cost of Subservience to Israel For the first time in history, forces of the U.S. Navy were denied the right to defend a Navy ship under attack. Johnson said, "I don't care if the ship sinks, I am not going to embarrass an ally." Those were his exact words, heard by Navy personnel listening to radio relays. The ally Johnson refused to embarrass was Israel. To him, saving Israel from embarrassment was more important than saving the lives of the Liberty crew.

06-11-07 - AIPAC 'Spy' Trial Delayed Again "Anyone who cares about national security should be concerned about this," said Justin Raimondo, investigative journalist and co-founder of the libertarian, who sees Rosen, Weissman and Franklin, the last now doing a 12-year sentence for disseminating classified information ? as part of a broader effort on behalf of pro-Israel forces in Washington to push the U.S. toward a confrontation with Iran. According to reports, the national defense information pilfered by Franklin and shared by Rosen and Weissman mostly concerned U.S. policy with Iran.

06-11-07 - Israel launches advanced spy satellite ** Israel successfully launched an advanced spy satellite into orbit Monday, giving it a sophisticated new tool in its efforts to collect intelligence on archenemy Iran and other regional adversaries. Israeli space officials said the Ofek-7 satellite can pick up even small objects from space, and that information will be shared with the United States............Though the U.S. has its own spy satellites, Ben-Israel said it was in the interest of both Israel and the U.S. to exchange intelligence. "There is no country in the world, not us and not the Americans, that is able to obtain everything alone," he told Army Radio......"If you have something that they don't have and if they have something that you don't have, you make an exchange."
with the emphasis on : "that information will be shared with the United States.". To build the case for war, no doubt. Something tells me that our intel will be fed (more) BS as a result of this satellite.

06-11-07 - Lebanon camp battles kill relief workers, soldiers Four Lebanese soldiers and two relief workers were killed in fierce fighting on Monday between the Lebanese army and al Qaeda-inspired militants at a Palestinian refugee camp

06-11-07 - UN chief vows to help Lebanon set up Hariri court UN chief Ban Ki-moon will help Lebanon set up "in a timely manner" the international court to try suspects in the murder of Lebanese ex-premier Rafiq Hariri, his press office said Monday.

06-11-07 - Arab American Leaders Meet With Secretary of State Rice, Call for Easing of Plight of Palestinian, Iraqi Refugees

06-11-07 - Liberty incident recalled

06-11-07 - Lial: Bush to blame if there's war with Syria US President George W. Bush is to blame if Israel goes to war with Syria, former Foreign Ministry director-general Dr. Alon Lial charged on Sunday.


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