The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, June 10, 2007

News for 06-09-07

06-09-07 - Was it fog of war, or an act of war, in '67 attack? Crew members said they later counted 821 large holes in the Liberty. "Their whole intent was to sink that ship because we were a perceived threat to their war plans," Gallo said.

06-09-07 - 40 Years Later...Still No Justice For The USS Liberty Member of that independent committee and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Thomas Moorer made the following statement: "Congress has never investigate the recall by the White House of U.S. Navy aircraft sent to rescue the Liberty while the ship was still under attack. The White House cancellation of the Navy's attempt to rescue the Liberty is the most disgraceful thing I have witnessed in my entire military career."

06-09-07 - No proof yet Iran?s nuclear program has military dimension-Lavrov Nobody has been able to prove to this day Iran?s nuclear program has a military dimension, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Saturday.

06-09-07 - Influential ex-Iran president shrugs off G8 threat Iran's influential former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani on Saturday shrugged off the Group of Eight powers threat to take new measures against Tehran if it continues to ignore UN demands to halt uranium enrichment, the official IRNA news agency reported.

06-09-07 - US missile shield threatens resolution of Iran stand-off: Russia Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Saturday that US missile defence shield could worsen the Iranian nuclear stand-off and urged Washington to freeze work on the plans with the Czech Republic and Poland.

06-09-07 - Was General Pace Fired Because He Balked at Iran ** I?ve been writing for over a year now that the Joint Chiefs have been blocking the White House?s efforts to expand the war to Iran. No matter what you might think of Gen. Pete Pace, this really is TERRIFYING news, unless you crave a wider war in the Persian Gulf and South Asia.

06-09-07 - Military option on table concerning Iran ** Military action is one of the options in dealing with Iran's nuclear program, Israel's deputy prime minister said Saturday, after discussing the issue with senior U.S. officials.

06-09-07 - Former GOP official admits Abramoff link

06-09-07 - Judge smacks ?luminaries? defending Libby. A dozen mostly libertarian and conservative legal scholars, including rejected Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork, submitted an amicus brief to Scooter Libby trial Judge Reggie Walton ?arguing that that there are serious constitutional questions about the legal authority? of Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald.

06-09-07 - Four decades later, an Israeli attack on a U.S. ship in the heat of battle won't go away Bias toward Israel is made quite evident in this piece by the Associated Press.

06-09-07 - Report: Syria doubts Israel wants peace

06-09-07 - Israel will pay the price for war in Iraq, former CIA official says ** ?It will be much more difficult to convince the American people of the wisdom of another military adventure in the Middle East after Iraq. Yes, a lot of American politicians are now saying ?we will not let Iran have nuclear weapons?, but it is very hard for me to believe that this Congress would authorize a military operation against Iran in the near future barring a clear provocation by the Iranians.? It's not hard for me to believe, given the power Israel and its lobby have over our Congress.

06-09-07 - Pope tells Bush he backs regional Mideast solution Pope Benedict told U.S. President George W. Bush on Saturday the Vatican would like a "regional and negotiated" solution conflicts in the Middle East, including the war in Iraq.

06-09-07 - Prosecutors: Salah is a terrorist Following a six-month trial in Chicago, Salah was cleared Feb. 1 of federal racketeering charges alleging that he served as a high-ranking operative of the militant Palestinian group Hamas. He was convicted of a lesser charge of obstruction of justice for allegedly lying about his Hamas ties in a 2000 lawsuit. He's scheduled to be sentenced on that count next week.
Let's see how much time he gets in relation to what Libby got for the same crime.

06-09-07 - Five Lebanese soldiers killed in refugee camps Five Lebanese soldiers were killed on Saturday in the latest bout of heavy fighting against al Qaeda-inspired militants entrenched in a Palestinian refugee camp, a military source said

06-09-07 - Red Crescent team to tour Palestinian refugees camps A Red Crescent Authority (RCA) delegation from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will fly Sunday to Jordan as part of a whirlwind tour which also takes them to Syria and Lebanon to inspect humanitarian conditions at Palestinian refugees camps there.

06-09-07 - Israeli-Syrian ?war? may be cover for peace


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