The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

News for 06-04-07

06-04-07 - Iran ready to resist on nuclear standoff, Khamenei warns West Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned Monday that Iran is prepared "to pay a price" and "resist" to realise the aims of its contested nuclear programme amid an intensifying standoff with the West.

06-04-07 - U.S. says can't link Tehran to Afghan arms flow On his second visit to Afghanistan since taking over the Pentagon in December, Gates met Afghan President Hamid Karzai, who also said there was no evidence Iran supplied the Taliban.

06-04-07 - Neocon drum beat ** "The Case for Bombing Iran," was the headline over Podhoretz's long piece in the June issue of Commentary, the magazine he edited for 35 years (until 1995) and where he serves as editor at large. "I hope and pray that President Bush will do it," Podhoretz wrote. His son-in-law Elliott Abrams is deputy national security adviser to President George W. Bush. His son John is editorial page editor of the New York Post. ......The neocon concludes by reminding Bush of his pledge not to leave office before making sure Iran does not become a nuclear weapons power. Saving Israel from nuclear destruction would then become the president's historical legacy -- writ large. "As an American and as a Jew," concludes Podhoretz, "I pray with all my heart that he will (bomb)."

06-04-07 - The nuclear stand-off in Europe between US and Russia

06-04-07 - CIA running black propaganda operation against Iran, Syria and Lebanon, officials say

06-04-07 - European Voters Say No Thanks to US Missile Plan

06-04-07 - 1967 Middle East War

06-04-07 - Palestinians want hardliners out of Lebanon camp

06-04-07 - Israeli officials to US for talks on Iran, Syria ** An Israeli delegation will hold discussions in Washington this week focusing on Iran and Syria, including talks with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, an official said on Monday.

06-04-07 - '50% chance Iran sanctions will succeed' Mofaz's comments came a day before he was to leave for Washington to head up Israel's delegation at crucial US-Israeli strategic talks on Thursday that will center on the Iranian nuclear threat.

06-04-07 - Israel minister to discuss Syria peace ideas in U.S.

06-04-07 - 2 Lebanese soldiers killed in fighting

06-04-07 - Bush discusses Lebanon with Hariri

06-04-07 - Syria says return of Golan 'inalienable right'

06-04-07 - Fighting between Islamists and Lebanese spreads south Terrified residents from the Taamir area - a no man's land between Ain al-Hilweh and the southern city of Sidon where the camp is located - described how they were forced to flee the previous night as machine gun fire and mortar shells tore through the dusty main street leading into the camp.

06-04-07 - Bomb hits east Beirut business center, 10 injured A powerful bomb blast severely destroyed an empty passenger bus in a mainly Christian suburb in east Beirut on Monday evening, wounding 10 passers-by.

06-04-07 - OSCE advisers are mostly Jewish The delegation, which was named last Friday by the State Department, is headed by Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.).

06-04-07 - Olmert hosts Lieberman The two also discussed U.S. policy toward Iraq and the West's capabilities for dealing with the Iranian threat.

06-04-07 - Palestinian youth in northern Lebanon head back to school two weeks into refugee camp crisis As fighting continues in Nahr El Bared Palestinian refugee camp near Tripoli in north Lebanon, eight school buses are bringing some normalcy into the disrupted lives of youth affected by the conflict.

06-04-07 - U.S. considers additional aid to Lebanon

06-04-07 - Germany frees 500,000 euros for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon


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