The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, June 03, 2007

News for 06-02-07

06-02-07 - Stay out of US-Iranians' case, Iran tells US

06-02-07 - Iran nuclear uncertainty proves need for sanctions: Gates

06-02-07 - Iraqi children found dead after US attack The US military says three Iraqi children have died when an American tank opened fire on suspected insurgent bombers in the western city of Fallujah.

06-02-07 - A New Peril from the East? the Center for Security Policy charges that Beijing's goal is "to displace this country as the world's leading economic power and to defeat us militarily, if necessary." Clinton H. Whitehurst, Jr., of the Strom Thurmond Institute, says "conflict is likely."

06-02-07 - Hey Joe: What U.S. Troops Really Told Sen. Lieberman on His Iraq Visit

06-02-07 - The Lady and the Veep ** news-week has learned that the veep's team seems eager to build a case that Iran is targeting Americans not just in Iraq but along the border of its other neighbor, Afghanistan.
In the last few weeks, Cheney's staff have unexpectedly become more active participants in an interagency group that steers policy on Afghanistan, according to an official familiar with the internal deliberations. During weekly meetings of the committee, known as the Afghanistan Interagency Operating Group, Cheney staffers have been intensely interested in a single issue: recent intelligence reports alleging that Iran is supplying weapons to Afghanistan's resurgent Islamist militia, the Taliban, according to two administration officials who asked for anonymity when discussing internal meetings......British officials who asked for anonymity because of the nature of their work emphasize that they lack hard evidence linking the shipments to the Revolutionary Guards, and that the weapons could just as easily have been bought on the black market in Iran. But according to one official familiar with the intelligence on Iranian interference in Iraq, Cheney earlier this year began exhibiting particular interest in any evidence detailing Tehran's aid to anti-American insurgents there
Cheney is looking to build a case for war.

06-02-07 - Military court hears US Marines shot Iraqi civilians as revenge A military court in California has heard that United States Marines in Iraq, seeking revenge for the killing of a colleague, shot dead a number of unarmed Iraqi civilians at close range.

06-02-07 - Missile shield ups chance of atomic conflict: Putin Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday U.S. plans to install a missile defense system in Europe increased the chances of a nuclear conflict.

06-02-07 - Iran publicly hangs child rapists We need to start doing that HERE.

06-02-07 - Rep. Paul and the Founders versus Our Interventionist Elite by Michael Scheuer Quite correctly, Rep. Paul deep-sixed ? hopefully forever ? the idea that our Islamist enemies are attacking us because of our freedoms, liberties, elections, freedom of speech, and gender equality

06-02-07 - Making Iran our friend abandoning regime change in Iran is the surest way to ensure the regime's collapse. This is because, contrary to widespread perception, Iran is already a democracy. It's just not a very successful one.

06-02-07 - Libby learns sentencing outcome Tuesday "In short, Mr. Libby lied about nearly everything that mattered," Fitzgerald said in court documents. Neocon, lie? That's like saying bears sh@t in the woods. Unheard of!

06-02-07 - Ex-spy Plame vows to battle CIA over free speech

06-02-07 - Israel 3rd from bottom on Global Peace Index They're dragging us down with them (via wars in the region prompted by neocon BS). The US can't prop that nation up forever.

06-02-07 - Lebanese President, Hezbollah slam international tribunal as illegal

06-02-07 - Lebanon PM gives fighters warning Fouad Siniora described Fatah al-Islam as a "terrorist gang" and called on its fighters in the Nahr al-Bared camp near Tripoli to surrender or be crushed.

06-02-07 - 'Israel doesn't want to bail Assad out' According to the officials, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert continues to believe the Syrian regime is not genuinely interested in peace, but rather in a peace process that would improve its international standing.

First they try to say that the US is blocking them from making peace with Syria, now they're saying, 'Well, they don't really want peace anyway'. Excuses, excuses.

06-02-07 - Ministers to be briefed on arming of Syrian forces The security cabinet will hear intelligence updates on the arming of Syrian forces in a briefing this week. Intelligence sources said they did not believe Syria was preparing for war, despite the fact it is rearming.

06-02-07 - 'The Times Are Different' With 19 months left in her term as secretary of State, Rice has no major deal to her credit. What can she accomplish now? Rice could accomplish much if she told Israel and its lobby in the US to go f itself, guaranteed. The whole world would stand up and applaud - to boot. America's image would be restored almost to what it once was.

06-02-07 - From Jan 2003: Israel unleashes its death squads Israel has in the past sent hit squads to kill opponents in hostile countries such as Lebanon, and snatch squads have been used extensively throughout the world. Lebanon?

06-02-07 - 'Hamas visit undercut Turkish efforts to delegitimize PKK' Michael Rubin, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and a former Pentagon official, claimed on Friday that Turkey caused radical Islamic organization Hamas to gain international legitimacy by inviting its leaders to Ankara in February 2006.

06-02-07 - Deadly battle rages around Lebanon siege camp Troops were heavily pounding the Nahr al-Bared Palestinian refugee camp, where the army has been besieging fringe militant group Fatah al-Islam for a fortnight, an AFP correspondent said.

06-02-07 - Obama: Bush neglected Israeli-Palestinian conflict In an attempt to attract Jewish voters, the senator from Illinois continues to use every opportunity to pledge allegiance to the State of Israel. Note the source.

06-02-07 - Bush to revive democracy agenda at Sharansky event National Security Adviser Steve Hadley said Friday that Bush remained committed to the freedom agenda and wanted to use the Prague event to renew his call for others to join him. Bush's (got it from neocons/Israelis such as Sharansky)'democracy' defined: bomb the hell out of a country, and install America/Israel-friendly regime. All of this talk about bringing 'freedom' to Middle Eastern peoples is utter hypocrisy when we continue to allow Israel to deprive Palestinians thereof.


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