The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, May 17, 2007

News for 05-16-07

05-16-07 - DeFazio Amendment Against Attacking Iran on House Floor Today ** An amendment blocking military action against Iran without Congressional authorization is expected to be voted on in the House today (Wednesday) as part of the debate on the defense authorization bill. The amendment is being introduced by Reps. DeFazio, Paul, Hinchey, and Lee.

05-16-07 - US continues to press for sanctions over Iran nuclear program** Officially, France, Great Britain and Germany are on record as rejecting military action against Tehran, and Russia and China are even more emphatic in opposing force -- an option which Washington does not rule out.

05-16-07 - Ron Paul gets turn in spotlight at U.S. Republican debate Paul initiated the exchange with Giuliani, the mayor of New York on Sept. 11, by implying U.S. policies in the Middle East had contributed to the attacks in New York and Washington. That's my guy right there :)

05-16-07 - No Congress, No Peace ** There's already been some congressional push-back on the administration's murky claims that Iran is behind attacks on American troops in Iraq. That is a start, but ongoing, aggressive oversight of how the White House is using intelligence about Iran is critical.

05-16-07 - Wolfowitz refuses to quit Bank, wants name cleared World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz refused on Wednesday to bow to heavy European pressure to resign as he sought to clear his name in negotiations with the bank's board over a possible exit strategy.

05-16-07 - All signs point to Cheney trip failing its objectives** US Vice President Dick Cheney ended a Middle East tour on Monday amid signs that he had failed in forging an Arab alliance in supptort of a possible US strike against Iran over its controversial nuclear programme, according to Jordanian politicians and academics.

05-16-07 - Jordan's territory won't be used to launch attacks against Iran: Abdullah ** During an interview with daily newspaper Alarab Alyawm, Abdullah said that the whole region will "be placed at risk" in case of war.

05-16-07 - Iran plays down importance of US talks

05-16-07 - 'Appropriate' force used in civilian death incident: US "The enemy is operating in high concentrations of civilians. They're doing it premeditatively. They are putting civilians as human shields," Same BS the Israelis propound. Probably not a coincidence.

05-16-07 - War-torn Iraq 'facing collapse' Iraq faces the distinct possibility of collapse and fragmentation, British foreign policy think tank Chatham House has warned.

05-16-07 - World Bank set to finalise departure of defiant Wolfowitz . The turning point came on Tuesday, when the board's opposition hardened with publication of a damning internal report. This found him in breach of Bank ethics when he arranged a promotion and handsome pay-rise for his girlfriend Shaha Riza, and accused Mr Wolfowitz of "disregarding" and "denigrating" the institution he was supposed to lead.
Oh good gawd. Where will Bush put him next is the question of the day.

05-16-07 - Panel Told of a Sickbed Face-Off

05-16-07 - BEFORE TANCREDO OR RON PAUL CAN GET ELECTED They have to get nominated by delegates at the Republican National Convention which will take place in St. Paul, Minnesota. September 1-4, 2008.

05-16-07 - 'Iran could be year from nuke' ** Ambassador Dore Gold: Tehran not far from obtaining enough fissionable material to produce nuclear bomb BS alert.

05-16-07 - Let World Bank deal with Wolfowitz, Canada says

05-16-07 - Pastor John Hagee's D.C. Meeting Worries Jews ** Pastor John Hagee says Armageddon will soon strike the nation of Israel, so he's enlisting Christians to help protect Israel against an attack from Iran.

05-16-07 - Rudy Giuliani v. Ron Paul, and Reality The 9-11 Commission based its assessments on testimony from experts on terrorism and the Middle East. Asked about the motivations of the terrorists, FBI Special Agent James Fitzgerald told the commission: "I believe they feel a sense of outrage against the United States. They identify with the Palestinian problem, they identify with people who oppose repressive regimes, and I believe they tend to focus their anger on the United States." Anyone that tells you that we were attacked because 'we're free' is either grossly uninformed or a liar. As Buchanan often says: "They're over here, because we're over there" - and that can be taken both literally (Iraq, Saudi) and figuratively (I$rael). Exhibit A. PDF format: Exhibit B.

05-16-07 - 'Bush may strike Iran near end of term' ** The neocons, AIPAC and rest of their delightful friends in the pro-Israel community are doing their best to make sure that Bush does just that.

05-16-07 - US urges Lebanon to choose independent president The title is contradictory. It exemplifies the very definition of democracy according to the book of neocons: elect an Israel-friendly regime, or else.


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