The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, April 30, 2007

News for 04-29-07

04-29-07 - Iran to attend key meeting on stabilizing Iraq Iran will attend a conference of key powers including the United States this week that will focus on stabilizing Iraq, a meeting Baghdad said might be a turning point for regional cooperation in easing the violence.

04-29-07 - US-Iran relations warm as Rice says talks 'not ruled out'

04-29-07 - Perle?s Swine Song One of the least gratifying pictures I have had the bad luck to view on television this week for the portly figure of Richard Perle expounding his vile views in The Case for War.? Even worse, it was on public television, which as everyone knows is paid for by our tax dollars.....Their policies have managed to turn Iraq into a Wild West for terrorists, there is a genocide in the making which will dwarf Darfur, there will be massive floods of refugees, and this creep Perle?along with the Kristols, Kagans and Podhoretzes of this world-- are looking for Uncle Sam to invade Iran.

04-29-07 - Iranian tip-off may have led Americans to al-Qaeda leader senior US intelligence officials told The Observer that the Iranian government has 'in some cases' been helpful in tracking and 'disabling' key militants crossing their national territory between Iraq and Afghanistan

04-29-07 - Pulling the Trigger on Iran ** Still, attacking Iran is on Tel Aviv?s wish list, as clearly evidenced by AIPAC?s "Policy Conferences" in Washington from the last 3 or 4 years, so something has to be worked out before Cheney and Bush leave office......It is entirely possible that a nuclear-armed Tel Aviv, acting "on its own" but in coordination with Dick Cheney, Elliot Abrams, David Wurmser and maybe even with George W. Bush, will initiate hostilities with a bombing run and/or cruise missile attack on Iran

04-29-07 - Countdown has begun ** Until recently, American intelligence estimated that this would only happen in 2015. Now US intelligence is falling into line with its colleagues in Israel and is estimating that an Iranian bomb can be expected as early as 2010. Imagine that?

04-29-07 - IRAQ: UNHCR warns of tragedies facing Palestinian refugees Hundreds of Palestinian refugees stranded in makeshift camps in no-man?s land between the desert borders of Iraq and Syria must be moved to a safer place to avoid any human tragedies, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) said last week.

04-29-07 - Iran attack would be terrible mistake: Musharraf

04-29-07 - Washington Reporters In Meltdown, Damage-Control Freak Out Mode

04-29-07 - Poll Shows Security Imbalance In US By a large margin, Americans feel the Bush administration has tipped the balance of security against liberty too far towards security, a new UPI/Zogby polls shows.

04-29-07 - Hezbollah returning to south of Litani River: Israeli army chief The IDF chief dispelled rumors that Syria is planning to attack Israel in the summer and said that according to existing information the Syrian forces are deployed in a defensive formation.

04-29-07 - Student Gave His Life To Save Others

04-29-07 - Magazine pulls Olmert's Iran raid quotes The Jerusalem Post reported that Olmert had been speaking off the record; however the statements caused some consternation among Likud members who feared public-relations damage.


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