The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, December 01, 2006

News for 11-30-06

11-30-06 - Riyadh could arm, fund Iraq's Sunnis if US withdraws: Saudi expert Saudi Arabia will launch a "massive" intervention to help Iraq's minority Sunni Muslims against Iran-backed Shiite attacks if the US pulls its troops out, a senior Saudi government adviser said.

11-30-06 - Iran Resolution, Still Not Final, Drops Mention of Sanctions The six world powers seeking to rein in Iran?s nuclear ambitions are circulating a significantly weakened draft for a United Nations Security Council resolution against Tehran?s nuclear program, in a bid to keep their fragile coalition from falling apart.

11-30-06 - Mystery illness hits former Russian PM

11-30-06 - Iraq, Iran reach agreement on security Iraq's president said Wednesday he had reached a security agreement with Iran, which the United States accuses of fueling the chaos in the war-torn country. Iran's president called on countries to stop backing "terrorists" in Iraq and for the Americans to withdraw.

11-30-06 - FBI joins investigation of poisoned spy The FBI is joining the British probe into the poisoning death of a Kremlin critic, the agency announced Thursday as investigators found traces of radiation at a dozen sites in Britain and a former Russian prime minister reported symptoms consistent with poisoning.

11-30-06 - Iran War Games Aimed at Warning Shot to U.S. Allies ** Kenneth Pollack, a Middle East senior fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington, said Iran and its surrogates could take a toll on U.S. facilities in the Middle East and seriously undermine efforts to secure and stabilize Iraq. ''We don't want to lose Iraq in the course of taking down Iran's nuclear program,'' Pollack said.

11-30-06 - Russia Downplays Iran Nuclear Links Russia -- which along with China has the right of veto as a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council -- has been the main obstacle to efforts by Western nations to punish Iran for its refusal to halt sensitive uranium enrichment activity. Read that excerpt and then think about recent events.

11-30-06 - Moscow points the finger of blame at billionaire exile Boris Berezovsky The Kremlin mounted a concerted campaign yesterday to point the finger of suspicion at the billionaire businessman Boris Berezovsky over the death of his friend, Alexander Litvinenko, after traces of radioactive polonium-210 were found at the London offices of the exiled Russian oligarch.

11-30-06 - Sushi bar identified as key link in poisoning Detailed forensic analysis, including radiation testing, of the places Mr Litvinenko visited in the hours before he went to Itsu in Piccadilly have found no trace of radioactivity. This strongly suggests he was poisoned while in the restaurant, where traces of nuclear material were found.

11-30-06 - Former Russian PM Gaidar poisoned, say his doctors

11-30-06 - Lawyer: Navy submariner to plead guilty in espionage case Navy officials said Weinmann gave a foreign government classified information relating to national defense before he destroyed the computer. The Navy has not disclosed for which government or governments Weinmann is charged with spying, nor what he allegedly sought in exchange.

11-30-06 - Iraq panel to recommend U.S. shift from combat role Israel is expected to be part of the proposed regional dialogue, including the international conference, sources close to the group said. "They live in the neighborhood ... The aim is to engage the neighborhood, including addressing the Israeli-Palestinian issue," one source said.

11-30-06 - U.S. opposes Georgia-Iran deal The United States publicly opposes gas cooperation between Georgia in the Caucasus and Iran, the RIA Novosti news agency reported Monday.

11-30-06 - Jewish Groups To Challenge Ethics Reform Jewish groups, though supportive of most measures, are concerned about two aspects of the reform: the ban on privately funded congressional travel, and the limitations on earmarks. Both measures might - depending on the final language adopted - restrict actions of Jewish and pro-Israel groups on Capitol Hill.

11-30-06 - FBI pays $2 million to US Muslim in terror-suspect case Mayfield is also allowed to continue his lawsuit that challenges the constitutionality of the Patriot Act. He charges that the antiterrorism law violates the Fourth Amendment because is allows for government searches without first establishing "probable cause" of a crime.

11-30-06 - Rice sees hope in Mideast truce but urges patience Rice visited Russia last month and told Moscow firmly that it needed to improve its human rights record, particularly after a prominent investigative reporter was gunned down. As a sign of solidarity, she met the reporter's editor and son at her hotel. "I feel very strongly that the Kremlin is too powerful at the expense of other countervailing institutions," Rice said when asked if she saw any irony in the fact that Russia was co-hosting the Jordan conference.

11-30-06 - Iran envoy in Argentina criticizes bombing case Iran's top diplomat in Argentina appeared before an Argentine judge on Tuesday and criticized an investigation alleging Tehran masterminded the 1994 bombing of a Buenos Aires Jewish center.

11-30-06 - Lebanese PM vows to defy protests Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora has said his government will not be brought down by mass protests planned by pro-Syrian opposition groups.

11-30-06 - With Notable Exceptions, Congress Rushes To Support Israel?s Attack on Lebanon

11-30-06 - Hezbollah calls for huge protests The Lebanese militant group Hezbollah has called for a huge turnout for opposition protests aimed at bringing down the anti-Syrian government.

11-30-06 - German foreign minister may visit Syria during Middle East trip Germany's foreign minister may visit Syria on a visit to the Middle East starting Thursday that also will take him to Jordan, the Palestinian territories, Lebanon and Israel, an official said Thursday.

11-30-06 - Shorbagi testifying in Chicago


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