The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, November 27, 2006

News for 11-26-06

11-26-06 - Iran says it's set to help U.S. on Iraq Iran said Sunday it is willing to help Washington calm Iraq's escalating sectarian violence if the U.S. drops its "bullying" policy toward Tehran, but denied organizing a summit with the leaders of Iraq and Syria to discuss the troubles in its neighbor.

11-26-06 - Anti-war Democrat has ties to U.S.' prewar Iraq claims Carney, 47, is not apologetic about his work for Feith's unit at the Pentagon. "I certainly stand by the fact that I believe there was some sort of relationship," he said in an interview. "On a scale from zero to 10, with zero being no relationship and 10 perfect operational coordination," Carney said, the Iraq-al-Qaida link was "somewhere in the 2.5 range."

11-26-06 - Tehran to protest to UAE over 'anti-Iran activities' "Despite some slogans and stands taken by the Americans for changes in policy, there is no practical change. An example is their operations in UAE," foreign ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini told reporters.

11-26-06 - Iraqi president to hold talks in Tehran Iran had invited Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to the talks, but Syria did not respond.

11-26-06 - "America's moment in the Middle East is about to end" So, who benefits from greater antagonism between Washington and Damascus? Who gains from the continuing bloodshed in Iraq? Prime Minister Olmert helped answer this question just a few days ago when he said: "I know that (Bush's) policies are controversial in America. (but) I stand with the president because I know that Iraq without Saddam Hussein so much better for the safety and security of Israel?Thank God for the determination and leadership of George Bush". (Reuters)

11-26-06 - US man allegedly spied for Israel, China A federal grand jury in Honolulu has indicted a leading former military engineer for allegedly transferring classified information to Israel, China, and other countries.

11-26-06 - Bonkers Diplomacy it now appears that the principal result of Bush-Cheney-Rice-Bolton ramming the US-India nuclear deal through Congress and the NSG will be the establishment of a Russian-Chinese-Indian co-prosperity sphere, encompassing the Caspian Sea nuclear-oil-gas energy resources of Kazakhstan and Iran, as well as the Persian Gulf oil-gas energy resources of Iran and perhaps even Iraq.

11-26-06 - Needed: A Big Stick Iran and Syria are ruthlessly waging war against Western interests in the Middle East. Offering to talk is only a small part of what it will take to stop them. This is an editorial by the Washington Post that falls in lockstep with the neocons' agenda.

11-26-06 - Peacekeepers bring calm to south Lebanon

11-26-06 - Lebanon divide hits dangerous deadlock over UN court plans

11-26-06 - Jordan king warns on Mideast civil wars "We could possibly imagine going into 2007 and having three civil wars on our hands," he said, citing conflicts in Iraq, Lebanon and the decades-long strife between the Palestinians and Israelis.

11-26-06 - Lebanon's grief for lost leader turns to dread of new civil war The funeral took place on the day Hezbollah had been due to call a million supporters on to the streets with the aim of toppling the government in which Gemayel served

11-26-06 - Egypt threatens to quit importing Israeli cotton over price hike Under the agreement, Egypt is obligated to incorporate in the production Israeli output to a minimum of 11.7% in order to receive customs tax exemptions in the United States


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