The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, September 21, 2006

News for 09-21-06

09-21-06 - 9/11 Live: The NORAD Tapes (The fact that there was an exercise planned for the same day as the attack factors into several conspiracy theories, though the 9/11 commission dismisses this as coincidence. After plodding through dozens of hours of recordings, so do I.)
That's one hell of a coincidence. Why isn't that little tidbit common knowledge? In other words, how many Americans know of this hijack exercise that was to take place on September 11, 2001?

09-21-06 - The Surprising End of the New American Century ** US Air Force Colonel Sam Gardiner, who taught strategy and military operations at the National War College and who just finished a paper entitled "Considering the US Military option for Iran," appeared on CNN this week and said: "The order has been given (to strike Iran) In fact, we've probably been executing operations for at least 18 months...I've talked to Iranians (and they tell me) we've captured some people who worked with them (American Special-Ops) We've confirmed they're there." Gardiner added that "US naval forces have been alerted for deployment. That's a major step. ..And the (battle) plan has been sent to the White House."

09-21-06 - U.S. Army defends Raytheon contract amid storm Army officials opted in April to forego a rival Israeli system to boost combat vehicle protection from rocket-propelled grenades and anti-tank missiles, even though it is closer to being ready for use.....NBC, in its report, quoted unnamed Pentagon sources as saying the Army "cooked the books" to justify its choice of Raytheon's "Quick Kill" technology. Well well well. Are some neocons in the Pentagon boohooing over lost Israel deal? The neocons may have had an economic interest in the Israeli company, which is not uncommon when it comes to neocons, Israel and the arms business.

09-21-06 - Ahmadinejad: Iran doesn't need the bomb

09-21-06 - U.S. threatened to bomb Pakistan after 9/11: Musharraf

09-21-06 - Iraq torture 'worse after Saddam' Manfred Nowak said the situation in Iraq was "out of control", with abuses being committed by security forces, militia groups and anti-US insurgents.

09-21-06 - Bush would send troops inside Pakistan to catch bin Laden

09-21-06 - Iran could cut West's oil supplies in event of war, warns American chief in Gulf

09-21-06 - Ahmadinejad Talks to U.S. Think Tank Some Jewish leaders responded to invitations to the event by asking whether the council would have invited Hitler in the 1930s, and considered resigning from the group en masse, the Times reported. They decided not to resign after the event was changed from a dinner to a meeting,

09-21-06 - Iran War, Diplomacy on Parallel Tracks ** "It's very important for the American people to see the president try to solve problems diplomatically before resorting to military force," Bush told the group in what neoconservative Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer characterized as an "unmistakable" signal that "an aerial attack on Iran's nuclear facilities lies just beyond the horizon of diplomacy."

09-21-06 - US cautions Europe on Iran investment Two European banks have limited or ended operations. The US says Iran taps banks for illicit activities.

09-21-06 - U.S. denies Arar was deported under America's 'extraordinary rendition' policy

09-21-06 - Lebanon's president castigates UN Mr Lahoud said Israeli fighter jets and bombs had targeted mostly civilians, "killing and maiming thousands and destroying all that made Lebanon a viable state".

09-21-06 - FBI: LA man allegedly worked for Saddam Hussein's regime William Shaoul Benjamin, 64, of Los Angeles also faces charges of making false statements and conspiracy, according to the FBI. ?

09-21-06 - Iraqi Defense Ministry: Insurgents Kidnapping People for Use in Car Bomb Attacks

09-21-06 - Fitzgerald given way out of Libby CIA leak case In his ruling this morning, the Judge Walton, has given a technical legal victory to Libby's attorneys concerning the admissibility of classified materials they want to present at trial for their defense.

09-21-06 - Karl Rove Promises October Surprise In the past week, Karl Rove has been promising Republican insiders an "October surprise" to help win the November congressional elections.

09-21-06 - World poll favours Iran diplomacy

09-21-06 - American Enterprise Institute: The Pope's Divisions Although many Muslims have apparently found Pope Benedict XVI's recent oration at the University of Regensburg deeply offensive, it is a welcome change from the pabulum that passes for "interfaith" dialogue Neoconservatives love to see the West and the Muslim world further divided. The man behind the Danish cartoon affair was enamored by Daniel Pipes - neocon extraordinaire.

09-21-06 - CIA officers refused to work at secret prisons: report

09-21-06 - Chavez extends anti-Bush tirade on visit to Harlem "Bush is an alcoholic, a sick man with a lot of hang-ups," declared the left-wing Venezuelan leader. "He walks like John Wayne." Mm, he lacks the distinct swagger that Wayne was known for.

09-21-06 - Pro-Israel Rally Virtually Ignored at U.N.

09-21-06 - Ahmadinejad: 'Zionists Are Not Jews' When asked by a reporter from an Irish publication if Iran wants to "wipe" Israel off the map, he replied, "Zionists are not Jews. They are not Muslims. They are not Christians. They are a power hungry, power group."

09-21-06 - Lebanon threatens UN appeal over Israel pullout delay Israel's delayed pullout looked set to cast a shadow over Hezbollah preparations to celebrate a "divine victory" with a massive rally in the Shiite southern suburbs of Beirut Friday It's probably of no coicidence. Watch for any Israeli bombings of this rally.

09-21-06 - Lebanon begins to clean ravaged coast Israel insists the circumstances of the spill are unclear and it has not accepted responsibility. "It's not clear that Israel was directly responsible for the oil slick. We certainly did not intentionally attack the oil containers," said Israeli Foreign Ministry Spokesman Mark Regev Wow.

09-21-06 - Hezbollah gears up for massive 'victory' rally

09-21-06 - Germany: Israel ready for Shebaa Farms talks

09-21-06 - Why Israel will never Truly let go of Gaza Whatever the fate of the captive soldier Gilad Shalit, the Israeli army?s war in Gaza is not about him. As senior security analyst Alex Fishman reported, the army was preparing for an attack months earlier and was constantly pushing for it, with the goal of destroying the Hamas infrastructure and its Government Just like in Lebanon. Read on.

09-21-06 - Refugees protest disparity in UN aid distribution The Palestinian Popular Committees held a sit-in on Wednesday inside the United Nations Relief and Works Agency's main office in Sidon, accusing the body of distributing rotten food to Lebanon's Palestinian refugees

09-21-06 - Lahoud questions UN's credibility on enforcing 1701 "Israel still refuses to submit to the UN the maps indicating the location of thousands of mines it left behind on Lebanese territory, while the fate of the Lebanese detainees in Israel remains unknown,"

09-21-06 - Arab states urge IAEA to slam Israel for atomic arsenal Arab states on Wednesday relaunched a campaign to have the United Nations nuclear watchdog condemn Israel's reputed atomic arsenal.

09-21-06 - Israel troubled that war in Lebanon drove its enemies closer "The connection is all the global jihad," says an Israeli political official who works closely with Israel's intelligence branch and therefore could not be named Really? Then why haven't Hamas or Hezbollah attacked anyone outside of their respective territories? Thus does the PR ministry attempt to conflate its enemy list with that of the United States. And the Christian Science Monitor gives them ample coverage these days.

09-21-06 - Controverisal Israeli security approach takes flight in U.S It is spreading because of its results -- and because it seems to have won over TSA Director Kip Hawley and his boss, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, who have recently begun using the same kind of language that Ron uses to describe the aviation security approach that the United States should have. "People have responded very well to bringing in Israeli methods," Ron said. The Israelization of the United States continues. And oddly, our unconditional support for Israel is why it is necessary in the first place. We've been made a party to Israel's war with the Arabs, whether we like it or not.

09-21-06 - Saudi, Russian see consensus for peace

09-21-06 - O.U. opposes Jesus in military prayers The Orthodox Union strongly opposes legislation that would allow military chaplains to mention Jesus in prayers.

09-21-06 - Democrats: Don't rule out force with Iran The responses offered by U.S. Rep. Sherrod Brown, running for a U.S. Senate seat, and Zack Space, running for an open U.S. House of Representatives seat, to questions in a conference call Thursday with Jewish media suggest that national Democrats will not differ from the Bush administration on this issue in the midterm campaign season

09-21-06 - Assad warns of war The Lebanese newspaper A-Safir on Thursday quoted Bashar Assad as telling a visiting delegation from Beirut that Israel could attack Syria as part of an effort to shore up domestic self-confidence after the war on Hezbollah.

09-21-06 - Bush: Clock ticking on Iran "...I'm not going to discuss with you our intelligence on this subject, but time?s of the essence, in my judgment."

09-21-06 - German warships head for Lebanon for Lebanon peacekeeping mission. What'd you think they were for?

09-21-06 - Iranian leader 'not anti-Semite'

09-21-06 - Viewing Middle East Affairs From Woodbury Home Base "For example, in recent months, the demands that the U.S. government is making on Hamas (are unfair). First of all, they have to recognize Israel, but there's no demand that Israel recognize the Palestinians and their right to a state. We demand that Hamas renounce violence, but we do not demand that Israel renounce violence, and Israel is 100 times more violent than Hamas,"


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