The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, September 14, 2006

News for 09-13-06

09-13-06 - Iraq war 'disaster for Mid-East' The UN secretary general has said that most Middle East leaders regard the US-led invasion of Iraq and its aftermath as a disaster for the region.

09-13-06 - UN 'encouraged' by Iranian talks "I don't think confrontation is in anyone's interest," Mr Annan said on Wednesday.

09-13-06 - Iraq asks Iran for help on militants

09-13-06 - Terror in the Levant : Who attacked the U.S. embassy in Damascus ? and why?

09-13-06 - Iran says U.S. sanctions on Bank Saderat "a mistake"

09-13-06 - 'Fourth US embassy attacker' dies

09-13-06 - Limits to surveillance bill blocked Senate Republicans blocked Democratic attempts to rein in President Bush's domestic wiretapping program Wednesday, endorsing a White House-supported bill that would give the controversial surveillance legal status.

09-13-06 - Guantanamo "a shocking affront": British minister As Washington rushes to clear the way for trials of foreign detainees held at Guantanamo Bay, a senior British minister said on Wednesday that keeping prisoners beyond the reach of law was a shocking affront to democracy.

09-13-06 - Syria sees chance to improve ties with US after attack

09-13-06 - EU, US urge Iran to choose diplomatic solution to nuclear crisis

09-13-06 - Bibi: Iran president more dangerous than Hitler **

09-13-06 - War crimes 'need to be redefined' UK Foreign Office Minister Kim Howells has said the definition of what a war crime is may need to be reviewed after Israel's invasion of Lebanon.

09-13-06 - UN report on Lebanon urges Hezbollah disarming, comprehensive Mideast peace

09-13-06 - Blair hit by Lebanon backlash as minister admits ceasefire 'mistake' A Foreign Office minister has conceded that Tony Blair's refusal to call for a ceasefire during 34 days of slaughter in Lebanon may have been a mistake.

09-13-06 - Back from the brink, Iran and the US must now build comity

09-13-06 - Neo-con favorite declares World War III Gingrich's remarks, which significantly earned a rave review in the neo-conservative Weekly Standard....

09-13-06 - Lebanese fishermen return to the sea The fishermen say they are glad to be back fishing, but still face risks. "The nets are filled with bombs and missile parts,"

09-13-06 - Israel general quits over Lebanon He had faced criticism in the Israeli media and among defence analysts that he was too cautious.

09-13-06 - Israel could be out of Lebanon soon

09-13-06 - Nonaligned want terrorism redefined Converging on Fidel Castro's communist Cuba for a summit this week, members of the Nonaligned Movement complain of a double standard: powerful nations like the United States and Israel decide for the world who the terrorists are, but face no punishment for their own acts of aggression.

09-13-06 - Volunteers battle to save 'white' Beirut beach from oil slick

09-13-06 - Israelis asked to take down barbed wire U.N. peacekeepers asked Israel's army on Wednesday to pull down a new barbed-wire barrier that Lebanon said encroached on its territory, but Israel denied it was on Lebanese soil - a test of the month-old cease-fire.....Blue-helmeted U.N. peacekeepers inspected the disputed barrier - two coils of barbed wire that were unfurled some 15 yards inside Lebanon, just across from the Israeli town of Kiryat Shemona.

09-13-06 - Episcopal senators Hagel, Chafee recognized for leadership in Middle East peace Hagel and Chafee, who both serve on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, have been independent voices and are raising significant points about the search for Middle East peace and the need for greater leadership by the United States

09-13-06 - Why the Israel Lobby Wants to Marginalize Chuck Hagel Note that on the Haaretz panel that is trying to sideline Hagel, one of the "experts" is Dore Gold, a former Israeli ambassador to the U.N. who lives in Jerusalem

09-13-06 - Hezbollah Ahead of Lebanese Govt in Reconstruction

09-13-06 - U.S., Israel say Palestinian coalition must recognize Israel, renounce terrorism The United States and Israel said here Wednesday that the proposed Palestinian unity government will not draw international acceptance unless the coalition renounces terrorism and accepts Israel's right to exist.

09-13-06 - Hezbollah calls on Lebanon government to resign

09-13-06 - Terrorist's release weighed Israel indicated a willingness to consider releasing a jailed Lebanese terrorist as part of efforts to retrieve two soldiers held hostage by Hezbollah.

09-13-06 - ADL rejects MK Eitam?s call to oust Arab legislators ?Calls by public figures to ban minorities and expel them from their homes are abhorrent. These are irresponsible statements advocating collective measures that the ADL totally rejects. Then why does the ADL sit silently while Israel collectively punishes those OTHER Arabs in the Palestinian Territories (and Lebanon), mm?

09-13-06 - Time Running Out on Bolton Nomination

09-13-06 - Assad to Arab MKs: Syria ready for peace, but Israel unwilling

09-13-06 - Germany backs Lebanon naval force

09-13-06 - Bush meets Israeli FM over Middle East issues U.S. President George W. Bush met here with Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni on Wednesday, pledging support for the security of Israel, the White House said....Bush also "discussed the threats posed by the Iran and Syrian regimes,"

09-13-06 - Israeli MKs cause diplomatic incident with China


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