The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, September 21, 2006

News for 09-20-06

09-20-06 - Iranian leader attacks Iraq's 'occupiers'

09-20-06 - Early October New Deadline for Iran

09-20-06 - New weapons from Iran turning up on Mideast battlefields: Abizaid He said only a single RPG-29 has turned up in Iraq so far, and it was unclear how it was smuggled into the country.

09-20-06 - Iran, Venezuela plan Syrian refinery

09-20-06 - UK suspects in new claims of torture at Guantanamo

09-20-06 - Israelis use bulldozers to wreck crops in South Israeli bulldozers started to level the soil and cut down olive trees in Yarin in the Tyre region on Monday, spoiling several cultivated fields and preventing farmers from inspecting their lands. "Israeli bulldozers have spoiled my land, cutting down the fruit trees I've planted," said farmer Shaker Afleh on Tuesday, as he and his daughter watched the bulldozers on his land from a kilometer away. I have to use a proxy server in order to get to that site (Daily Star, Lebanon). I'm not sure how well you will be able to connect to it.

09-20-06 - At U.N., Chavez calls Bush 'the devil'

09-20-06 - Americans Want CIA to Respect Geneva Convention

09-20-06 - Lebanese voices after the war Another woman has two teenage brothers with severe facial injuries. They were trying to rescue objects from their house when a cluster bomb exploded in their faces.

09-20-06 - Bush's backing imperils Israel The main product of the war in Lebanon has been hatred, as noted by Israel?s most prominent gadfly, Uri Avnery. The death and destruction wrought by Israel against civilian targets broadcast for 33 successive days by al-Jazeera and other television networks have reinforced hatred of Israel among Arabs and Muslims, which may take generations to undo Bush being blamed for doing what Israel is telling him to do..

09-20-06 - Israeli War Crimes in Lebanon and Gaza?

09-20-06 - IDF tackling Iran's WMD threat Part of the reason for the shift in the HFC's focus was due to the defense establishment's realization that following the war in Lebanon - during which close to 4,000 missiles were fired at the North - Israel was facing a major threat from ballistic missiles. Iran has developed the Shihab-3 missile that can reportedly carry a 500 kg.-650 kg. warhead and has a range of between 1,550 to 1,620 km.

09-20-06 - Israel delays Lebanon pullout

09-20-06 - Kurdish soldiers trained by Israelis ** One constraint facing the Israelis, should they ever want to hit Iran, is distance. Most Israeli jets are short range and they have few in-flight tankers. Some studies have suggested that Israel could make refuelling stops at a modern airfield in Kurdistan.

This is nothing new. It has been reported years ago by the Guardian and Israel's Ynet News. And again.

09-20-06 - Expert: Tactical nukes needed to blast Iranian defenses ** "American experts have said they are not sure that conventional weapons would be able to infiltrate these sites," he said. "Based on information from public sources, any attack should use tactical nuclear weapons."

09-20-06 - Britons lead clearance of Israeli cluster bombs in Lebanon "We appreciate their humanitarian gesture," he said. "We know the British government supported Israel but these men, we thank them." Contrary to what was reported in this article, Israel did not provide detailed maps of where it fired those bombs.

09-20-06 - Israel calls Iran its greatest threat ** Israel = Israel's greatest threat. In nearly sixty years, it has not learned how to get along with its neighbors Hint - stop stealing their land and killing their children (with American cluster bombs).

09-20-06 - Israel 'trains Iraqi Kurd forces' Iran and Syria, which have long accused the Kurds of allowing the Israelis to operate on Iraqi territory, will demand an explanation from the government in Baghdad.

09-20-06 - The Israeli-Kurdish Alliance ? On Video Seymour Hersh did the initial reporting on this development, and now the BBC has the pictures ? a stunning video showing Israeli ?ex?-military personnel training Kurdish pershmerga and setting up a base in Kurdistan. The idea is to establish an outpost from which Israeli planes can strike at Iran?s alleged nuclear facilities, and also create a presence on the ground that can strike, at will, across the Kurdish-Iranian border.

09-20-06 - Pope says he was 'misunderstood'

09-20-06 - Congressman Nye and Jack Abramoff: Justice versus lobbies Abramoff used the organization for his pet projects. These included over $4 million to a Jewish school allied with the Zionist movement, $248,742 for Abramoff?s house in Silver Spring, Maryland and hundreds of thousands for sniper training of extremist and illegal Israeli colonial settlers living on Palestinian land. Ironically, Native Americans were defrauded into funding oppression and colonization of other native people. Abramoff also used his influence with Congressman Bob Ney to get a government contract worth $3 million for an obscure Israeli security company

09-20-06 - What's Wrong With American Foreign Policy? Finally, if the president is so eager to champion "Lebanese sovereignty over Lebanese soil," then why did he give the green light to Israeli aggression ? and even rush military aid to the aggressors? If Lebanon becomes, once again, a model of democracy and pluralism in the region, it will be no thanks to this president and his foreign policy.
To answer the title of the article - it's crafted in Tel Aviv.

09-20-06 - Envoy upset at Ahmadinejad's U.N. visit Israel's U.N. envoy criticized the United States for allowing Iran's president to attend the U.N. General Assembly summit.
Oh dear.

09-20-06 - Thousands protest U.N., Iran Other speakers included the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, and Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel.

09-20-06 - Fashion makes comeback in post-war Lebanon "Like the Phoenix, Beirut shall never die."

09-20-06 - Lofty talk on Middle East Aspiring democrats in the Middle East are also aware that the Bush administration, unhappy with the election of a Hamas government in Gaza and the West Bank, has been undermining that government with an economic blockade. And throughout the Muslim world, indelible images of humiliated detainees at Abu Ghraib have become emblematic of US hypocrisy, suggesting that American principles such as the rule of law and the presumption of innocence are not for export

09-20-06 - Dispelling Brutality Col. Dan Smith is a military affairs analyst for Foreign Policy In Focus, a retired U.S. Army colonel, and a senior fellow on military affairs at the Friends Committee on National Legislation

09-20-06 - NDP resolution slams Israel The resolutions at the centre of the controversy focus on Lebanon and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. The Lebanon resolution called Israel?s response to Hezbollah?s kidnapping of two of its soldiers and the killing of others ?drastically disproportionate.?

09-20-06 - Bush wasting his time with address to Mideast population: analysts


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