The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Saturday, September 16, 2006

News for 09-15-06

09-15-06 - The Phony War Lawrence Wilkerson, a retired Marine colonel who served as Colin Powell's deputy at the State Department, also ridicules the president's notion that the enemy is a global force made up of "Islamic fascists" who can be defeated as the Nazis were by military force. "I don't think there's a soul in the administration, except for Vice President Dick Cheney, who believes that crap about 'Islamofascism,' " ....The emphasis on the military has come at the expense of intelligence gathering. In fact, the administration's recent steps to reorganize intelligence agencies have weakened the CIA and created an overlapping and contradictory web of bureaucracy that has complicated the ability of U.S. spies and analysts to prevent another attack......the Defense Department has even blocked efforts by the agency to produce a National Intelligence Estimate -- a formal, top-secret analysis of the threat posed by Al Qaeda and other radical Islamist groups.

09-15-06 - Bush to push Iran on nuclear program at UN United States President George W Bush will use a United Nations meeting next week to urge other countries not to allow Iran to "stall" negotiations over its nuclear program.

09-15-06 - Senators defy Bush on tribunals A US Senate committee has defied President George W Bush by rejecting legislation to set up trials for foreign terrorism suspects.

09-15-06 - Cheney, 9/11 and the Truth about Iraq Cheney even justified the invasion of Iraq by citing an allegation that was just debunked in a Senate intelligence committee report released on Friday.

09-15-06 - Ahmadinejad in Havana as NAM backs Iran in nuclear row

09-15-06 - U.S.-Iran standoff stresses Saudi Arabia Analysts say that if attacked, Iran would retaliate against U.S. interests in the region, and Saudi Arabia's oil installations across the Gulf are the biggest and most important.

09-15-06 - 'Alternative' CIA tactics complicate Padilla case

09-15-06 - State: War in Iraq does not help Iran

09-15-06 - Israel blames map error for UN deaths in bombing A UN internal inquiry, which is expected to be hard-hitting, is due to be published within a week. Thus the reason for the 'tragic error' bit by Israel. They figure it worked on at least one other occasion, why not now?

09-15-06 - Ellsberg Calls on Insiders to Leak Details of Alleged War Plans ** he is calling on officials within the government to leak "the Pentagon Paper of the Middle East" to modern reporters, to short-circuit another possible war.

09-15-06 - Iraq Official Says Syrian Help Needed

09-15-06 - Retired generals criticize White House Twenty-seven retired U.S. military leaders are pressing the Senate to reject the White House's attempt to relax interrogation standards for the CIA.

09-15-06 - U.S.: Iran Restricting Religious Freedom A "threatening atmosphere" in Iran is causing a deterioration in already restricted religious freedom for nearly all minorities despite repeated expressions of concern by the United Nations, the State Department said Friday. "And therefore, if we attack, we are the good guys."

09-15-06 - The Hoekstra-Harman Hoax ; How the War Party plans to lie us into war ? again ** Cserveny points out, as did some in the blogosphere when the report first came out, that the "weapons grade" enrichment described by Hoekstra-Harman as occurring at Natanz is a complete fabrication.

09-15-06 - Israeli MP Says Sanctions May Defeat Iran ** Ephraim Sneh said Iran imports 40% of its gasoline and that cutting off the flow "may help the Iranian people to overthrow the regime." The same tactic Israel used against the Palestinians and the Lebanese: starve them, cut them off, force them to oust regimes that displease Israel.

09-15-06 - Smugglers attack Lebanese army near Syrian border Gunmen fired on a Lebanese army post near the border with Syria, the first such incident since troops deployed last month to control the frontier, the official National News Agency reported on Friday.

09-15-06 - Israeli official hopeful on arms embargo Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, heading home after talks with the Bush administration, said Friday she expects the Lebanese government to prevent the re-arming of Hezbollah. Bush has been given his orders.

09-15-06 - Iranian president claims US is the nuclear threat "The Security Council with the presence of the superpowers, the United States and Britain, has never promoted security in the world," he said. He said that for decades the Council had failed to protect the rights of the Palestinian people, and had done nothing for 30 days to end the recent Israeli "aggression" on Lebanon.

09-15-06 - Israelis disguised as international aid workers attempt assassination in Syria the Israelis were disguised as international aid workers assisting Lebanese refugees

09-15-06 - Israel's Use of American Cluster Bombs the soldiers said, Israeli forces in Lebanon fired the rockets at ranges of less than 15 kilometers, "even though the manufacturer's guidelines state that firing at this range considerably increases the number of duds."

09-15-06 - UN Lebanon deaths 'tragic error' An official Israeli inquiry found the post was wrongly targeted because of flawed military maps of the area during the conflict with Hezbollah. What a crock of BS. The 'mistaken identity' excuse was used with regard to the attack on the USS Liberty as well. UN called Israel 10 times with coordinates, but it bombed it

09-15-06 - Pope Benedict creates international furor with remarks on Islam

09-15-06 - Committee blocks Lebanon funds Staff for a senior U.S. Congressman blocked reconstruction funds for Lebanon, citing its porous border with Syria. The funds were blocked in a letter this week from staff for Rep. Henry Hyde (R-Ill.),

09-15-06 - Whatever happened to ... the anthrax attacks?

09-15-06 - US moves to scuttle Arab plan for international peace conference In discussions among Israeli and US officials over the past few days, it was agreed that the US will use its diplomatic power to sideline the Arab League initiative, which intends to use the Security Council as the main vehicle for convening an international peace conference to deal with the conflict. The comments by Livni in the last paragraphs are laughable. Israel never implemented the Road Map - it continued to build settlements on occupied land which was in contravention of said peace plan.

09-15-06 - All sides have 'largely complied' with cessation of hostilities in Lebanon: Annan

09-15-06 - Lebanese president seeks NAM resolution against Israel Lahoud said that his country could not be defeated "despite Israel's military might and U.S. backing" because "the people of Lebanon were determined to stand up, all united against the aggression."

09-15-06 - US envoy to Iraq urges Americans to invest in Kurdistan Khalilzad said the Kurdish areas had vast resources of water, oil and manpower, which can "help American companies make profits and also help Iraqi people."

09-15-06 - Israeli minister regrets Pollard Rafi Eitan, who was the U.S. naval analyst's handler in the mid-1980s, told the Jerusalem Post that Israel should have tried through legal means to obtain the information that Pollard passed along. Pollard is serving a life sentence in a North Carolina jail for espionage. "It is likely that Israel could have gotten the same information without him," Really. Israel no longer needs to steal classified information anymore via its spies. Our government has become so corrupted by them, stealing is no longer necessary

09-15-06 - Syrian officials interrogated about copycat terror group The officials' arrests followed an announcement this past weekend by Israeli Defense Forces chief of intelligence Amos Yadlin that Israel believes Syria is in the initial stages of developing the concept for a copycat Hezbollah group, which he said would launch attacks aimed at pressuring the Jewish state into vacating the Golan Heights. The pretext for the Israeli attack on Syria being set?

09-15-06 - But are they good for Israel? That's really all that matters in the American political scene.

09-15-06 - Growing dissent in Israeli ranks Ever since the conflict with Hezbollah ended there has been growing discontent about the Israeli military's performance.

09-15-06 - Blair stands up for Israel

09-15-06 - 31% of Canadians blame Israel for 9/11

09-15-06 - Official equates Israel, Iran, Sudan Individuals should be protected from crimes carried out by states, Mokhiber said, "whether being committed by the government of Sudan or the government of Iran or the government of Israel or the government of the United States."


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