The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

News for 09-19-06

09-19-06 - Canada falsely accused torture victim Arar is perhaps the world's best-known case of extraordinary rendition - the U.S. transfer of foreign terror suspects to third countries without court approval.

09-19-06 - US stepping up pressure on Iran outside of UN ** Washington also is "taking steps to expand the information flow into Iran, support democratic activists and boost people to people contacts," he said, adding "our strategy toward Iran does not begin or end with the Security Council."

09-19-06 - Chavez warns against Iran attack Mr Chavez has threatened to cut off oil supplies to the US if provoked.

09-19-06 - French leader proposes Iran compromise

09-19-06 - US may ban sale of cluster bombs to Israel Nick Guest, a former British Army bomb disposal officer working for MAG, says the most common bomblets - the M42 and the M77 - are of American manufacture. Some of the bombs are round like a metallic orange and others are like a can of fruit juice. They are small enough to be difficult to detect and may go on killing children and farmers for years. Washington has a very clear picture of Israel's track record when it comes to violations of international and humanitarian law - it compiles a report each year documenting (some) of those violations. Reagan in the 80s banned the sale of cluster bombs to Israel because it was using them against Lebanese civilians back then. This would appear to be a PR move on the part of the US. For, if it were really concerned about Arab civilians, it certainly would not have prolonged the ceasefire, or shipped off jet fuel and cluster bombs to Israel when it knew that they were bombing (fleeing) civilians. Over a thousand Lebanese civilians were killed in the offensive. A million cluster bombs were fired off by Israel into Lebanese civilian areas just three days before the ceasefire (when it was established that there would be a forthcoming ceasefire).

09-19-06 - Sources: August terror plot is a 'fiction' underscoring police failures Lieutenant-Colonel (ret.) Nigel Wylde, a former senior British Army Intelligence Officer, has suggested that the police and government story about the "terror plot" revealed on 10th August was part of a "pattern of lies and deceit."

09-19-06 - Bush envoy faces congressional axe JOHN BOLTON, President Bush?s controversial Ambassador to the United Nations, is in danger of losing his job as opposition to his appointment increases in the Senate.

09-19-06 - Outrageous and Dishonest ** Last year our intelligence community produced ? at the request of Congress ? a National Intelligence Estimate, which, inter alia, addressed Iran's nuclear programs. Although that 2005 NIE was highly classified, Dafna Linzer reported, "A major U.S. intelligence review has projected that Iran is about a decade away from manufacturing the key ingredient for a nuclear weapon, roughly doubling the previous estimate of five years, according to government sources with firsthand knowledge of the new analysis..."

09-19-06 - Bush Detainee Plan Adds to World Doubts Of U.S., Powell Says Powell's opposition marks a rare public breach with the administration he left 20 months ago. As secretary of state, he repeatedly clashed privately with Vice President Cheney and others who had more hard-line foreign policy views. But since leaving office he has declined nearly all opportunities to publicly criticize even those policies he opposed internally....Powell also allowed his name to be identified among those opposed to Bush's nomination of his former State Department subordinate, John R. Bolton, as Washington's U.N. ambassador. Colin Powell - one of the good guys.

09-19-06 - Israel cluster bomb use in Lebanon "outrageous": UN While Israel has provided general information about where it believes unexploded ordnance might be, Clark said tactical maps given to the United Nations by Israeli forces withdrawing from the south were "absolutely useless" in clearance efforts. "We have asked through many channels for the headquarters of these units to provide detailed strike data," he told a briefing at the United Nations in Geneva. "It has not yet been received."

09-19-06 - Ex-Workers Testify About Halliburton

09-19-06 - Report: Mounties, US were wrong on Canadian rendition victim The report also says that the Canadian government also tried to smear Arar after his return, releasing "confidential and sometimes inaccurate information about the case to the media for the purpose of damaging Mr. Arar's reputation or protecting their self-interest or government interests."

09-19-06 - US Resorting to 'Collective Punishment,' Iraqis Say

09-19-06 - British soldier is first to admit war crime

09-19-06 - Iran president berates US and UK Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad has accused the US and UK of using the UN Security Council for their own ends.

09-19-06 - Israel pressed on cluster targets The UN has urged Israel to say exactly where it fired cluster bombs during its recent bombardment of south Lebanon. Israel won't provide the details because they deliberately fired those bombs into civilian areas, I'm guessing.

09-19-06 - US-Russia effort to contain nuclear experts fades At a Moscow conference in 2000 on stopping the global migration of nuclear-weapons know-how, a Russian security official revealed that Taliban envoys had tried to recruit a Russian nuclear expert.

09-19-06 - Syria hoping for warmer U.S. relations

09-19-06 - U.S. wants to see 'verifiable suspension' by Iran

09-19-06 - Ted Turner says Iraq war among history's "dumbest" "They're a sovereign state," Turner said of Iran. "We have 28,000. Why can't they have 10? We don't say anything about Israel -- they've got 100 of them approximately -- or India or Pakistan or Russia. And really, nobody should have them.

09-19-06 - Centuries-old partnership binds China, Iran together For more than a decade, starting in 1984, China aided Iran with its fledgling nuclear program. Although Beijing no longer is providing such assistance, Tehran's weapons program would be far less sophisticated had it not received significant Chinese help.

09-19-06 - German Trade Official Warns Against Imposing Sanctions on Iran The President of the Federation of German Wholesale and Foreign Trade (BGA) Anton F. Boerner said his country could be pushed from the Iranian market by China and India following a likely economic embargo against Iran.

09-19-06 - U.S. sending team to Syria to examine embassy attack The United States is sending a team of federal agents to Syria to investigate a failed attack on the U.S. Embassy in Damascus, a State Department spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

09-19-06 - Young children fight U.S. troops in Iraq Most children, even in traditionally hostile areas, typically approach U.S. troops to ask for water or candy, not to ambush them. Even as unruly gangs roamed the areas near Sadr City on one recent day, soldiers kept playing with curious children on tamer blocks nearby.

09-19-06 - It?s Getting Closer ?. ** BLITZER: How close in your opinion is the Bush Administration to giving that go ahead. GARDINER: It?s been given. In fact, we?ve probably been executing military operations inside Iran for at least 18 months. The evidence is overwhelming

09-19-06 - Peretz: Israel's hand extended to Lebanon, Syria

09-19-06 - China ups Lebanon force to 1,000

09-19-06 - Mubarak son offers 'Arab vision' "We reject these foreign ambitions to erase Arab identity in the framework of what they call the Greater Middle East initiative," Mr Mubarak said.

09-19-06 - Balad member, former MK Miari: 'Syria is not an enemy country' While in Syria, Miari traveled to Palestinian refugee camps where he met some fifty members of his extended family who left Israel during the War of Independence in 1948.

09-19-06 - Bush defends Mid-East line at UN Mr Annan's opening speech to the assembly was his last as secretary general. His second five-year term in office ends at the end of the year. On the Israel-Palestinian conflict, he said: "As long as the Palestinians live under occupation, exposed to daily frustration and humiliation, and as long as Israelis are blown up in buses and in dance halls, so long will passions everywhere be inflamed."

09-19-06 - U.N. Council to meet on Arab peace plan "We still don't see the real utility of the meeting," U.S. Ambassador John Bolton said. "We have not agreed completely with the idea."

09-19-06 - Kidnap of soldiers in July was Hezbollah's fifth attempt Two months before the July 12 raid in which Hezbollah abducted the two soldiers and killed three others, Israel had learned of another plan by the group to carry out an attack against an IDF patrol at the same location

09-19-06 - EU cancels Lebanon tour after entry refused to Israeli MK

09-19-06 - Rendition Rendered The Syrians. The Syrians we hate. The Syrians we refuse to talk to. The Syrians we will have nothing to do with. Unless, that is, we need them to torture an innocent for us.

09-19-06 - Leaders focus on Middle East peace at UN The first day of the debate by world leaders has been marked by renewed calls to end the Israel-Palestinian conflict. ....Mr Annan, making his final speech to a General Assembly after 10 years as UN secretary-general, has singled out the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as one of the most important security challenges facing the world.

09-19-06 - Iranian president takes on U.S., Israel at U.N. "It does not matter if people are murdered in Palestine," he said of the conflicts in which Israel has been engaged in Gaza and the West Bank. "That apparently does not violate human rights."

09-19-06 - Santorum blasted on Iran Sanctioning companies that deal with Iran emerged as an issue in the battle for Jewish votes in Pennsylvania.

09-19-06 - The Ineptitude on Iran, by Numbers

09-19-06 - Israel's stock rises in US, Europe despite war Israel's support in the US is near its highest level since Greenberg began systematically charting the numbers in April 2003, while in Europe more and more people see Israel as a moderate force in what is increasingly being perceived as a battle between moderates and extremists in the Middle East. "Thanks, Pope Benedict and the Danish publisher of of the Mohammed cartoons :)"

09-19-06 - U.N. peacekeepers check security arrangements on Lebanese-Syrian border

09-19-06 - Israel Drawing Up Battle Plans For Next Lebanon War The defense establishment believes the next round of fighting could come within the next year, especially after the U.N. decided to keep French Gen. Alain Pellegrini on to lead an expanded U.N. Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL).

09-19-06 - Israeli troops to leave Lebanon by the weekend

09-19-06 - Group Finds Jump in Anti-Muslim Incidents "You can't turn on the radio without hearing negative, bigoted comments about Islam."

09-19-06 - Pope's comments on Islam hit 'civilization clash' fault line "Arabs and Muslims feel oppressed by the West. Afghanistan and Iraq are features, but most important is Palestine ... and all of this built-up anger then sometimes explodes,''

09-19-06 - Hollywood terrorism film casts Mideast in new light

09-19-06 - UPJ Marches In Protest Of President Bush War Policy Protesters touched on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and even 9/11, but the war in Iraq was the main issue on people's minds.


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