The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, September 11, 2006

News for 09-10-06

09-10-06 - How US merchants of fear sparked a $130bn bonanza The homeland security industry has an army of lobbyists working for its interests in Washington. It grows bigger each year and they want to keep the money flowing. America is in the grip of a business based on fear.

09-10-06 - Iran 'misunderstandings' cleared Javier Solana and Ali Larijani said progress had been made in a second day of talks to find a compromise to avoid UN sanctions against Iran.

09-10-06 - U.S. is not entirely safe, Rice warns Rice, however, maintained "there were ties between Iraq and al-Qaida. Now, are we learning more now that we have access to people like Saddam Hussein's intelligence services? Of course we're going to learn more."

09-10-06 - Rice stands by Iraq WMD claims

09-10-06 - Indications add up to government conspiracy An Aug. 8 Seattle P-I editorial asked, "Where are the facts? Where is the evidence?" about government complicity in the 9/11 attacks

09-10-06 - Cheney: WMD or not, Iraq invasion was correct Cheney's Halliburton got even richer bilking the American people of their hard earned tax dollars. He loves the war on Iraq!

09-10-06 - Iran offers 2-month atomic enrichment halt-diplomat

09-10-06 - Annan sees fears Iran standoff could lead to war Middle Eastern leaders are worried the current standoff between Iran and the West over Tehran's nuclear ambitions could degenerate into war, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said on Sunday.

09-10-06 - 70-year-old man critically wounded by cluster bomb in south Lebanon Hussein Ali Ahmed Ali was tending to his small field outside his house in the village of Yuhmor when he accidentally stepped on the bomb.

09-10-06 - Has Al Qaeda advanced its goals since 9/11? By framing it from the start as a clash of civilizations, starting with the 'Why do they hate us' speech by President Bush, (the US has) played into the radicals' hands.

09-10-06 - As violence escalates, so does talk of a divided Iraq A small but apparently growing number of Iraq experts believe dissolution of the country is inevitable. Others say a united and nominally democratic Iraq may still be possible, but suggest other solutions - including a redrawn Iraq - would eventually make the Middle East more stable. Still others say the US should face reality and help create the new Iraq that is already splintering along sectarian and ethnic lines.

09-10-06 - Doubts intensify over Afghanistan's future

09-10-06 - United by 9/11, a Muslim and a Jew strengthen community ties

09-10-06 - America's ideologue in chief by Patrick J. Buchanan What Bush passed over in his speech is that it is the autocratic regimes in Cairo, Riyadh and Amman that hold back the pent-up animosity toward America and Israel, and free elections that have advanced Hamas, Hezbollah, the Moslem Brotherhood and Mahmoud

09-10-06 - Iraq: Palestinians Under Attack, But Unable to Flee The 42-page report, ?Nowhere to Flee: The Perilous Situation of Palestinians in Iraq,? documents the drastic deterioration in the security of the estimated 34,000 Palestinian refugees in Iraq since the fall of Baghdad in April 2003

09-10-06 - Cheney defends hardline White House role Acknowledged the recent rise of violence in Afghanistan and the resurgence of the Taliban, saying the U.S. military would be in the country "for some considerable" time. He said the hunt for bin Laden remains a priority for the administration. Sure it is. Which is why war on Iran looms on the horizon.

09-10-06 - Tehran says US ban on Iranian bank 'childish'

09-10-06 - Cheney's Power No Longer Goes Unquestioned Without the help of his closest adviser, I. Lewis Libby Jr., who resigned last fall after his indictment in the Central Intelligence Agency leak case, Mr. Cheney has lost the early warning radar that gave him and his staff such command over the federal bureaucracy. Cheney runs the Bush administration, and he and his office of neocons have a mutually beneficial relationship when it comes to war and the Middle East. The excerpt above from the article- seems to be one hell of a good outcome from the Fitzgerald investigation.

09-10-06 - Palestinian Neighbors Should Open Borders to Those Seeking Refuge Human Rights Watch said countries in the region, such as Jordan and Syria, should immediately open their borders to Iraqi Palestinians at risk.

09-10-06 - Top soldier quits as blundering campaign turns into 'pointless' war THE former aide-de-camp to the commander of the British taskforce in southern Afghanistan has described the campaign in Helmand province as ?a textbook case of how to screw up a counter-insurgency?.

09-10-06 - 62,006 - 180,000, the number killed in the 'war on terror'

09-10-06 - Assad, Lahoud ordered Hariri murder: former Syrian officer An exiled former Syrian intelligence officer has claimed that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his Lebanese counterpart, Emile Lahoud, ordered the assassination last year of former Lebanese premier Rafiq Hariri.

09-10-06 - Comedian apologizes for remarks During his comedy routine, Steve Hughes referred to President Bush's adviser Richard Perle, saying he wanted to "kill that Jew," using an expletive.

09-10-06 - 'Pro-Israel' Blair not welcome in Beirut, Shia cleric warns The Palestinian West Bank is being chopped up by Israeli checkpoints and barriers. A high wall seals off Jerusalem from the West Bank. There are 550 permanent roadblocks and 125 makeshift roadblocks. The 'two state solution' as advocated by Mr Blair can no longer be implemented.

09-10-06 - Hezbollah says still strong after war Hezbollah still has as much as 90 percent of its fighting strength from before its war with Israel, its deputy leader said.

09-10-06 - Arab lawmakers under scrutiny Three Israeli Arab lawmakers could face charges for making an unauthorized trip to Syria.

09-10-06 - MK Bishara warns Syria of Israeli attack Arab MK arrives in Damascus with his party members, sends alarming message that 'Israel may launch onslaught in bid to restore deterrence' I predicted as much as well.

09-10-06 - Khatami calls Hizbollah symbol of resistance

09-10-06 - U.S. global cop role to be denounced Perez Roque said the summit was not organized to attack the United States but developing countries could not remain silent over "unilateral" actions taken by Washington in policing the world since the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

09-10-06 - Israel 'fires at' Lebanese boats The Lebanese Army also reports that an Israeli reconnaissance plane flew over Lebanese territory on Saturday night.

09-10-06 - UN 'facilitator' seeks Israeli soldiers' release The United Nations has started work to try to secure the release of two Israeli soldiers kidnapped by Lebanese guerrilla group Hezbollah in July, a senior UN official says.

09-10-06 - CIA still hiding 'ghost' captives DOZENS of key terror suspects are still being held in unknown locations, despite President George Bush?s declaration that the CIA is no longer operating secret jails.

09-10-06 - FBI keeps its eyes fixed on Hezbollah The anniversary of the Sept. 11 hijackings has Americans thinking about al-Qaida and Osama bin Laden. But the pressure on al-Qaidas top leadership and increasing U.S. confrontation with Iran has many counterterrorism experts looking at the Iranian-sponsored Hezbollah as an equal, if not greater, threat. If we had heeded Washington's prophetic words and steered clear of foreign entanglements, I doubt that there would have been a 911 in the first place, much less any purported Hezbollah threat.

09-10-06 - Lebanon braces for protests ahead of Blair visit Blair was a "key accomplice in the Israeli-American offensive against Lebanon and he should at least be called to account and not warmly welcomed,"

09-10-06 - Americans Reject Phone, E-Mail Surveillance


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