The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, September 10, 2006

News for 09-09-06

09-09-06 - No proof Iran backing militants in NE Iraq-general

09-09-06 - China calls for peaceful Iran resolution

09-09-06 - In change of tone, Bush interested in 'learning more' about Iran On Thursday, the White House also dismissed Ahmadinejad's offer to debate Bush at the United Nations later this month, when the Iranian president is expected to be in New York to address the UN General Assembly.

09-09-06 - Iran nuclear talks 'constructive' They will meet again on Sunday, both sides confirmed.

09-09-06 - Russia hardens stance on Iran's nuclear plans

09-09-06 - Poisonous clouds of pollution spread after Israel air strike He expects the greatest "catastrophe" from the toxic cloud that was blown by the prevailing wind over Beirut and one-third of the country. Tests have shown, he says, that it contains high levels of poisonous lead and mercury, and highly dangerous PCBs.

09-09-06 - Five Years In, Bush Is Losing Terror War Adding to that fury, of course, was last month's war between Israel and Hezbollah, depicted in a speech this week by Bush as a proxy battle between the United States and Iran and an integral part of his "war on terrorism." Hey I know. Let's attack Iran.

09-09-06 - U.S. officials urge nations' discretion on CIA prisons The Bush administration yesterday cautioned countries with secret CIA prisons in their territory against disclosing the sites' existence, even as the European Parliament renewed its demand that its members come clean if they host such detention centers.

09-09-06 - Iraqi PM will visit Iran Monday

09-09-06 - Some Americans Still Link Hussein to 9/11 In a survey by Zogby International, 46 per cent of respondents think there is a link between Saddam Hussein and the al-Qaeda plot. Wow.

09-09-06 - Whistle-blower slams Iraq contractor Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg, Brown & Root charged millions to the government for recreational services never provided to U.S. troops in Iraq, including giant tubs of chicken wings and tacos, a widescreen TV, and cheese sticks meant for a military Super Bowl party, according to a federal whistle-blower suit unsealed Friday....As food manager at another military camp in Iraq, Mayberry said he witnessed KBR employees serving spoiled food to American troops, including food from trucks that had been bombed and shot at. Workers were told to pick out the shrapnel, and then serve the food, Mayberry testified.

09-09-06 - Iranian Jews sue ex-president Khatami The seven families, who reside in Los Angeles and Israel, say their relatives were arrested at different times between 1994 and 1997 as they tried to leave Iran by crossing into Pakistan.

09-09-06 - Sorry, no Hil apology on Iraq war vote WASHINGTON - Sen. Hillary Clinton has been hitting the Bush administration hard over the Iraq war lately, but said yesterday she has no regrets over voting for war.

09-09-06 - New poll says most Canadians blame U.S. for 9/11 attacks A majority of Canadians believe U.S. foreign policy was one of the root causes that led to the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, and Quebecers are quicker to criticize the U.S. administration for its international actions than other Canadians, a recent poll suggests

09-09-06 - Syria denies agreeing to border guards Syria denied reports Saturday that President Bashar Assad has agreed to the deployment of European guards on its border with Lebanon.

09-09-06 - Russia welcomes Arab initiative for int'l peace conference on Mideast

09-09-06 - Thousands demand independent Israeli probe on Lebanon war The Israeli Government has ridden a tide of discontent over the 34-day war that failed to achieve its main objectives, left 162 Israelis dead and saw the north bombarded by more than 4,000 Hezbollah rocket attacks. NOT because of all of the cluster bombs Israel dropped, or due to the disproportionate amount of civilians Israel killed, or because of the fleeing refugees Israel killed - that's not why they are calling for a probe, folks.

09-09-06 - Arab Israeli MPs defy Israel with Syrian meetings

09-09-06 - Bully Bolton has Bolton been central to a multi-year-long neo-crazy conspiracy ? falsifying intelligence, while suppressing all legitimate intelligence on nukes and chemical weapons ? with the objective of selling pre-emptive war against Iraq, Iran, Syria, et al. to a gullible Congress and populance?

09-09-06 - THE 9/11 ANSWER THAT NO ONE WANTS TO DISCUSS The 9/11 question, asked by the 9/11 commission and answered by the panel of agents was what motivated the 9/11 hijackers and the answer was " They identified with the Palestinian problem and opposed the oppressive regimes supported by the United States." What's interesting in this factual video from Information Clearing House is how the Bush/Cheney administration has gone to great lengths to avoid discussing this truth. Here's a link to the 2004 LA Times article, the only mainstream news outfit in America to discuss the real motive behind 911 as per the findings of the 911 Commission.

09-09-06 - Progress seen in forming UN tribunal into Hariri murder The United Nations' legal chief has said that progress had been made on setting up an international court to try suspects in the 2005 murder of former Lebanese premier Rafiq Hariri.

09-09-06 - US response to 9/11 is 'state terrorism': Syrian daily

09-09-06 - The Law of Opposites Rep. Ron Paul Fictitious charges and imaginary dangers are used to frighten the American people into accepting an attack on Iran. First it may only be sanctions, but later it will be bombs and possible ground troops if the neocons have their way. Many of the chicken-hawk neoconservative advisors to the administration are highly critical of our current policy because it's not aggressive enough. They want more troops in Iraq, they want to attack Syria and Iran, and escalate the conflict in Lebanon......I find it amazing that we in this country seem determined to completely separate religious expression and the state, even to the detriment of the 1st Amendment. Yet we can say little about how Christian and Jewish religious beliefs greatly influences our policies in the Middle East.

09-09-06 - Beirut's anger over lasting damage Lebanon is already simmering with anger about the Israeli bombardment. To lose the sea is an added blow.


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