The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, September 08, 2006

News for 09-07-06

09-07-06 - Nuclear Déjà Vu: Now It?s Iran That Does or Doesn?t Intend to Make Nuclear Weapons But the same report also noted that Tehran had made little progress in setting up new equipment at its main nuclear site, at Natanz, to enrich uranium. In the last few days diplomats from the European Union and Russia have cited that finding to bolster the case that there is no urgency and no crisis ? and that the Bush administration should back off.

09-07-06 - Iran sanctions must exclude force: Russia

09-07-06 - Senate panel to release new prewar Iraq reports A Senate panel on Thursday voted to release two newly declassified reports on prewar Iraq intelligence, including one examining the role of an Iraqi exile group that spread allegations, later proved false, about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

09-07-06 - Bush withholding facts on Iraq - expert Cordesman also noted that the administration's report "was carefully released Friday, just before a Labor Day weekend. This may have been to minimize reporting on the extent to which it reflects a major increase in the risk of a civil war," he wrote.

09-07-06 - Israel keeps blockade of Lebanon ports The blockade of Lebanon has hampered reconstruction and cost the country some $50 million a day. At one point the blockade caused severe fuel shortages in Lebanon, leading to long lines at gas stations and forcing the electric company to ration power

09-07-06 - Chafee Delays Vote on Bolton Nomination

09-07-06 - Armitage says he was source in CIA leak

09-07-06 - Senate approves $469 billion for Pentagon

09-07-06 - Netanyahu points to 'cracks' in Iran leadership ** Netanyahu, who met with US Vice President Dick Cheney and a group of senators, said that the Iranian nuclear program could be stopped if the United States led a determined campaign....He refused to give details about his meeting with Cheney, but said that the people he spoke with in Washington understood the danger. That's because Cheney's office brims with neoconservatives.

09-07-06 - Closed hearings ordered in Libby CIA leak case Fitzgerald has said in court filings that the Plame leak from Libby was orchestrated specifically to undermine the credibility of Wilson's public pronouncements - which Fitzgerald says consumed the Vice President's office for several weeks in the summer of 2002.

09-07-06 - Bin Laden '9/11 video' broadcast The BBC's Adam Brookes in Washington says it appears to be a meeting held just a few days before the 9/11 attacks took place.

09-07-06 - Mastermind of September 11 'planned attack on Heathrow' Khalid Sheikh Mohammed conceived a plot to hit Heathrow after the attacks on the US five years ago, America's Office of the Director of National Intelligence (Odni) said.

09-07-06 - Four German experts to Beirut for Hezbollah arms embargo: Steinmeier Germany is also expected to dispatch a naval force to patrol the eastern Mediterranean in a bid to prevent Hezbollah receiving weapons by sea.

09-07-06 - Lebanon seeks clarification of UN Hariri tribunal plan

09-07-06 - Peres: Moscow asked Syria to explain why Hezbollah had Russian missiles

09-07-06 - Middle East crisis fractures SA unity Meanwhile, Archbishop Desmond Tutu has joined the debate comparing Israel to apartheid South Africa.

09-07-06 - Bush ranks Iran and Hezbollah with al-Qaeda

09-07-06 - South Lebanon villagers desperate for housing before winter "Agriculture is our livelihood and we can't even work the fields any more because we risk being blown up,"

09-07-06 - 9/11 Miniseries Is Criticized as Inaccurate and Biased

09-07-06 - Israel defends arms policy "International law does not impose an absolute and all-inclusive ban on the use of these cluster bombs or white-phosphorus bombs," the newspaper quoted the memorandum as saying. Those physicians in Lebanon were right - Israel was dropping phosphorous bombs on civilians.

09-07-06 - Report: Olmert considering Shebaa handover Israel could hand over the Shebaa Farms to Lebanon as part of the cease-fire, Ehud Olmert reportedly said.

09-07-06 - US Senate committee delays vote on Bolton nomination to U.N. post Chafee sent a letter to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice later in the day saying he had questions about U.S. policy in the Middle East, including worries that the U.S. has not done enough to prevent Israel from expanding its settlements in the Palestinian West Bank

09-07-06 - U.S. moves against 2 Lebanese companies The Bush administration took action Thursday against two Lebanese financial companies, accusing them of functioning as Hezbollah's "unofficial treasury."

09-07-06 - War not answer to terrorism: Villepin

09-07-06 - Lebanese greet blockade end with mixed feelings Around 1,200 Lebanese were killed, 1 million displaced and many villages, towns and city suburbs were destroyed along with parts of the country's infrastructure, setting back Lebanon's recovery many years at a cost of billions of dollars.

09-07-06 - Six states call for cluster bomb ban More than a dozen Lebanese, including several children, have been killed by bomblets from cluster bombs since the end of hostilities on August 14.

09-07-06 - Pressure on Europe over CIA rendition European governments face mounting pressure to come clean over their involvement in secret CIA prisons after their existence was acknowledged by the US.


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