The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, September 04, 2006

News for 09-03-06

09-03-06 - Iran and Japan close to oil deal Both sides say they are less than two weeks away from final agreement over the Azadegan field, which is one of the world's largest untapped oil reserves.

09-03-06 - Robert Fisk: 'America's aggression is fuelling extremism', says Iran's ex-president "The policies of the neo-conservatives have created a war that creates more extremists and radicals," he told The Independent in Chicago....Addressing 15,000 American Muslims at the weekend, Mr Khatami also made a clear assault on the influence of Israel's political lobby in the US

09-03-06 - Army official recommends death penalty for GIs An Army investigator has recommended that four soldiers accused of murder in a raid in Iraq should face the death penalty if convicted, according to a report obtained Saturday by The Associated Press.

09-03-06 - The war on terror, five years on: an era of constant warfare

09-03-06 - Lebanese MPs prolong sit-in against Israeli blockade "The Israeli blockade is in violation of (UN Security Council) Resolution 1701, and we have taken steps to make sure it is lifted,"

09-03-06 - Democrats call White House rhetoric on Iraq 'outrageous' Opposition Democrats expressed outrage at a campaign by President George W. Bush's administration portraying critics of the Iraq war as defeatists reminiscent of those who tried to appease Nazis before World War II.

09-03-06 - No UN advance on Iran nuclear row

09-03-06 - No civil war in Iraq, insists Bush - but Pentagon differs the tone of Bush's speech was deeply at odds with a Pentagon report released late on Friday, which showed Iraqi casualties had soared by more than 50 per cent in recent months.

09-03-06 - Michael Coren and the "Limited Pain" of Nuking Iran Another bellicose neocon speaks.

09-03-06 - Crime boss brokered nuclear-delivery missile sale to Iran THE British government was warned more than two years ago that Iran had illegally acquired a missile system capable of carrying nuclear warheads. It has emerged that a foreign government delivered the warning to Britain in early 2004. And which foreign government would that be, mewonders?

09-03-06 - Iraq war vets battle war's signature wound: Brain injuries

09-03-06 - Study finds fewer terror prosecutions Since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, only 14 people have been sentenced to 20 years or more in prison in terrorism cases. Of the 1,329 convicted defendants, only 625 received any prison sentence. More than half got no prison time or no more than they had already served awaiting their verdict.

09-03-06 - Mohammed cartoons 'sparked bomb plot' THE publication of caricatures depicting the Prophet Mohammed was the trigger for a failed attempt to bomb passenger trains in Germany, police have concluded.

09-03-06 - Khatami: U.S. policies trigger terrorism

09-03-06 - Iran wants talks but won't freeze enrichment: Annan

09-03-06 - Lebanese officials scoff at Israel talks "Why should we negotiate with them?" said the information minister. "Israel will not get through peace what it failed to get in war."

09-03-06 - CBS pleads censorship over 9/11 show "We don't think it's appropriate to sanitize the reality of the hell of Sept. 11th," Franks said. "It shows the incredible stress that these heroes were under. To sanitize it in some way robs it of the horror they faced."

09-03-06 - From 1998: Israel's Ethnic Weapon? Israel is reportedly developing a biological weapon that would harm Arabs while leaving Jews unaffected, according to a report in London's Sunday Times.

09-03-06 - Israel Lobby Takes a Few Hard Hits

09-03-06 - Jackson to ask Hizbollah for evidence on Israelis

09-03-06 - At-Tuwani Update 14-31 August 2006 A friend of the team from At-Tuwani reported he had seen at least three
Israeli military Humvees and Jeeps in Yatta earlier that day. He said he
heard one soldier say to a group of children, "We are the Israeli army who
was in Lebanon. We want to do to you what we did there."

09-03-06 - Israel plans for war with Iran and Syria ** (Note that neocon Perle is quoted in this article). There has been grave concern in Israel over a military pact signed in Tehran on June 15 between Iran and Syria, which the Iranian defence minister described as a "mutual front against Israeli threats". You know as well as I that America will be fighting this one too. Somehow, someway, America will be attacking Iran (and consequently Syria) very soon. This is not a new strategy for Israel, contrary to what they said in the article. Israelis demanded America next take care of Iran and Syria the minute we invaded Iraq. See also this article, and this one, and also this one.

09-03-06 - Qatar airline to fly into Beirut Qatar Airways says it will resume direct flights to Beirut on Monday despite a blockade by Israel.

09-03-06 - 'Hezbollah is arming Gaza for a new war on Israel', says Israel's spy chief Mmm k.

09-03-06 - This war has taught us that Israel must revise its military approach by Shimon Peres A war deterrent is supposed to prevent war. The goal is peace. Well Mr. Peres, then why don't you explain to everybody why this entire operation was planned a year ago, and was even brought before Dick Cheney (paragraph 20) in order to get the approval of the Bush administration. All of this blather and bullsh*t is not going to change that fact.

09-03-06 - Lebanese PM rejected calls to meet: Olmert

09-03-06 - Turkey threatens to withdraw troops if required to disarm Hezbollah: PM

09-03-06 - FBI Role in Terror Probe Questioned Lawyers Point to Fine Line Between Sting and Entrapment

09-03-06 - Israeli army destroys Hezbollah weapon depots During the Israeli operation around the southern Lebanese village of Ayt a-Shab near the Israeli border, the troops found rocket-propelled grenade launchers, mortar shells, light arms and communications equipment in the depot, the report said.

09-03-06 - Israeli foreign minister rules out peace talks with Syria for now "The tools are in place to free Lebanon from Syria," she said. "To add other Syrian interests to this 'salad,' if you'll pardon the expression, would in my opinion complicate a process that is acceptable to everyone."

09-03-06 - When Criticism of Cluster Bombs is "Anti-Semitic" It was known that in the last days of the war the Israeli army was engaged in a desperate attempt to have some "victory" and rushed troops here and there in an attempt to have a photo shoot near the Litani River. What was not known until now was the blind spite that sowed the ground of South Lebanon with a massive number of bomblets.


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