The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, July 24, 2006

News for 07-23-06

07-23-06 - Iran guarded on quitting NPT over atomic pressure Iran responded cautiously on Sunday to suggestions it would follow North Korea out of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) if the U.N. Security Council passed a tough resolution against its atomic work

07-23-06 - Iran warns UN against tough nuclear resolution

07-23-06 - Civilian deaths mount in Mideast violence The stricken minibus was carrying 16 people fleeing the village of Tairi, heading through the mountains for the southern port city of Tyre. A missile hit the bus near the village of Yaatar, killing three and wounding the rest, security officials said. ....On Saturday, the Israeli military told residents of Taire and 12 other nearby villages to evacuate by 4 p.m. In other violence, an 8-year-old boy was killed in a strike on a village in the mountains above Tyre, and another missile hit a vehicle right outside the Najem hospital, wounding eight, a hospital official said..... Two civilians died in early morning air raids on border villages, witnesses said. A 15-year-old boy was killed at Meis al-Jabal, and a man was killed at Blida.

07-23-06 - U.N.'s Egeland denounces Israeli strikes "It's terrible. I see a lot of children wounded, homeless, suffering. This is a war where civilians pay a disproportionate price in Lebanon and northern Israel. I hadn't believed it would be block by block leveled to the ground," he said. "A disproportionate response by Israel is a violation of international humanitarian law."

07-23-06 - UN relief chief accuses Israel of violating humanitarian law On Monday, Egeland is due to launch an appeal for millions of dollars in humanitarian aid after relentless Israeli bombardment destroyed much of Lebanon's infrastructure and forced more than half a million civilians to flee their homes. Israel-supporters endorse war crimes, and that goes especially for Abe Foxman and Alan Dershowitz.

07-23-06 - Hezbollah agrees to Lebanon brokering prisoner deal

07-23-06 - Lebanese families tell of harrowing escape Her husband, Mohammed, could not move his leg when he was freed and she had to drive even though her hip had been dislocated. She gave Mohammed and her son pillow cases to wave from the car windows to identify themselves as noncombatants. The flags of surrender did not work. "What we survived in our village was nothing to what happened on the road," she said. "The planes came again and they attacked us. The car in front of me was hit and the car behind me. I couldn't stop to help anyone. My cousin died and his family. As I raced to escape, I saw a two-year-old boy stuck against the windshield of a car. What could I do? I had to escape."
Israel is still firing on fleeing Lebanese.

07-23-06 - Ali Safiyeddin carries the body of his six year old daughter after she was killed during an Israeli air strike in Tyre

07-23-06 - Civil Defense workers cover the body of Lebanese freelance photojournalist Layal Najib, 23 after she was killed in an Israeli air strike on civilian vehicles fleeing their town toward Tyre

07-23-06 - Saudi military spending rising to meet Iran threat "There is now an understanding that Iran has to be countered," a Saudi adviser told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity. "There is going to be a huge strategic spending on defence, based on a new defence doctrine."....In Lebanon, Riyadh is seeing its own money going up in smoke. Saudi Arabia has been a major political and economic sponsor of Lebanon?s post-civil war order, which was laid down by an 1989 agreement made in the Saudi city of Taif. I will refer back to a post I made yesterday.

07-23-06 - Israel grabs two Hezbollah fighters amid UN fury over killings At least twelve civilians, including a Lebanese press photographer, were killed Sunday in new Israeli air strikes across Lebanon on the 12th day of Israel's punishing war on Hezbollah.

07-23-06 - Pa. Guardsman cleared in Iraqi's death The U.S. military has dismissed all charges against a Pennsylvania National Guardsman accused of killing an unarmed Iraq civilian near Ramadi, finding that the soldier had reason to believe the man had a weapon.

07-23-06 - An undated handout photograph shows Layal Najib, a Lebanese photojournalist for the local al-Jaras magazine, who was killed near Lebanon's southern village of Qana during an Israeli bombardment

07-23-06 - Blasted by a missile on the road to safety

07-23-06 - Human cost of Israeli campaign Rmeich is a Christian village where they thought they would be immune from attack, because Hezbollah is an overwhelmingly Shia Muslim organisation. But after a week all their food had run out and, anyway, the centre of Rmeich had still been targeted by Israeli artillery, the sisters said.

07-23-06 - Fleeing Lebanese dodge aerial fire By late afternoon, at least six people had been killed and 35 more wounded, according to hospital sources, all of them thought to be civilians heeding warnings to leave before the onslaught intensifies and seeking refuge north of the Litani River. An officer with the UN peacekeeping force says that the Israelis had told them they would not hinder cars traveling north on main roads. But the overwhelming evidence Sunday suggested that cars were being attacked regardless of their occupants and direction of travel. "They have been hitting civilian cars all over the place," says Peter Bouckart of Human Rights Watch

07-23-06 - Two killed as more Hizbullah rockets strike Haifa

07-23-06 - Lebanon claims Israel using banned weapons against civilians

07-23-06 - On the frontline, historic Tyre is paying the price of conflict Many of the rubbish collectors have scampered northwards. Those that remain refuse to fire up their trucks, for fear of the Israeli air strikes that kill and maim dozens of civilians each day.

07-23-06 - INTERVIEW - U.N. says still waiting Israeli aid guarantee Jan Egeland said until Israel gave a green light for aid corridors to south Lebanon, the United Nations and other agencies would not be able to help "hundreds of thousands in their hour of greatest need".

07-23-06 - Relatives of Montreal family killed in Israeli raids demand inquiry Grieving relatives of a Montreal family killed in an Israeli air strike in Lebanon say the Canadian government must hold Israel responsible for what they call a civilian "massacre.''

07-23-06 - Palestinian children lie on the ground next to faked graves as they protest against the ongoing conflicts in Lebanon Iraq and the Palestinian territory

07-23-06 - Saudis ask Bush to intervene in Mideast Bush's chief of staff, Josh Bolten, said before the meeting that the U.S. will stand firmly behind Israel, noting that an attack on an ally is considered an attack on the U.S. BS.

07-23-06 - EU diplomats in Israel in push to stop fighting The Europeans are trying to push the Jewish state into ending its massive blitz on Lebanon, which has killed more than 360 people in 12 days, most of them civilians, and destroyed key infrastructure

07-23-06 - 2 key Americans see 1982 in Lebanon '06 "I don't know if there are any long-term successes in the Middle East," Lewis replied. "But particularly for Israel."

07-23-06 - Syria says it will press for cease-fire

07-23-06 - Danger! Legacy Ahead! There's a reason the Middle East is heating up In America, this is easy: the "mainstream" media, always attentive to the powerful Israel lobby, refrains from showing pictures that might upset the carefully nurtured image of the Jewish state as a heroic David up against an Arab-Muslim giant Buchanan was in there giving them hell, on behalf of the American national interest and on behalf of those innocent civilians that Israel is killing. We need more like him both in the media and on Capitol Hill.

07-23-06 - Bolton dismisses Syria offer for dialogue

07-23-06 - Amnesty Int'l New Report: Systematic Torture of Political Suspects Entrenched in Jordan Suspected "Islamists" and Palestinian-origin Jordanians, for example, are more likely to be tortured

07-23-06 - Backing for Israel Stymies Larger US Aims in Region "If the Israeli campaign against Hezbollah stretches to weeks and even months," asked David Ignatius, a Washington Post columnist with long experience in the Middle East, "how long will it be before the United States faces a Shi'ite insurgency in Iraq, which would almost certainly spell a decisive American defeat there."

07-23-06 - Iran's Ahmadinejad tells Israel to pack up and go "I advise them to pack up and move out of the region before being caught in the fire they have started in Lebanon," said Ahmadinejad

07-23-06 - Israel 'would accept' peace force

07-23-06 - Info war goes personal with voicemail and text message Mobile phone users are being bombarded with text messages and phone calls, and a local radio station has suddenly had reports broadcast from the Israeli government's point of view.

07-23-06 - City attacked for first time as refugees flood in from south

07-23-06 - Massive firepower to back ground assault In a macabre twist, the bodies of 13 Lebanese fighters were taken from Maroun al-Ras and buried in Israel to use in future negotiations over the release of Israeli prisoners. Abducting the dead. Sounds like something the terrorists would do.

07-23-06 - Syrians open their homes to fleeing families

07-23-06 - Howells ignores diplomatic niceties while Beckett denies rift with her minister Mr Howells ignored the diplomatic convention that he tone down his comments because of his presence in the host country, saying the Israelis "have got to think very hard about those children who are dying". A man with a conscience.

07-23-06 - Rice finally sets out in search of ceasefire formula Any deal put together by Ms Rice will take a minimum of a week to negotiate, allowing Israel the freedom to continue its war against the Lebanese-based militia Hizbullah that has already killed at least 375 Lebanese and displaced an estimated 600,000.

07-23-06 - A US marine holds a baby evacuated from Beirut upon the arrival in the Cypriot port of Limassol of USS Whidbey Island

07-23-06 - ANALYSIS - Reluctant Bush may need Syria to end Lebanon war

07-23-06 - US pushes for wider Middle East change According to the New York Times, Secretary Rice will aim to detach Syria from Iran and try to get Syria to put pressure on Hezbollah - the approach heralded by President Bush in his overheard conversation with Tony Blair at the G8 summit.

07-23-06 - Photo essay: Tyre bus attack

07-23-06 - Collateral Damage An Israeli air strike in southern Lebanon hits a bus filled with women and children trying to flee the region, raising questions about whether Israel is doing enough to avoid civilian casualties.

07-23-06 - People demonstrate outside a Israel Solidarity Rally at the Goldsmith Jewish Federation Center in Los Angeles It's just ironic isn't it? Remember the protests from one year ago, when thousands of Lebanese were out on the street, demanding an end to Syrian presence in their land? Now, they are FLEEING to Syria, and Lebanon-supporters are pleading to the world to help these refugees who are being bombarded by Israel.

07-23-06 - Some of the 5000 protesters at Cinemateque Square

07-23-06 - About those little girls signing bombs . . The Israeli lobby has begun an intense media campaign to deny/downplay the images of Israeli children signing the ammunition.

07-23-06 - Can Syria really rein in Hizbullah?

07-23-06 - British Jews rally in support of Israel

07-23-06 - 20,000+ march in Sydney against Zionist aggression

07-23-06 - Hungry for war, and dead wrong Just as bizarre as recent weather is Israel's decision to wage war against Palestinian and Lebanese civilians in retaliation for crimes committed by Hezbollah

07-23-06 - American mom, her Lebanese baby evacuated "I was totally shocked when I found out that they hit the airport. I couldn't believe that it was happening," she said, stealing sidelong glances at her baby, Maroun, playing happily in the lap of Gabriel's mother.

07-23-06 - Controversy mounts over Israeli arms deal As tensions in the Middle East rise, calls are mounting for Switzerland to stop its military collaboration with Israel and other countries in the region.

07-23-06 - The west's moral erosion has undermined the war on terror Israel's attempts to quell opponents by the use of superior force may briefly appease its own public opinion, but contribute nothing to the nation's lasting security - indeed the reverse.


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