The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

News for 07-19-06

07-19-06 - Russia says no rush on Iran resolution U.S. Ambassador John Bolton said Washington had instructed him to get a resolution on Iran passed by the end of the week. But with the council so busy on Lebanon, and negotiations on Iran likely to take several days, other diplomats said that seemed unlikely

07-19-06 - Nearly 6,000 civilians killed in Iraq in May, June: UN

07-19-06 - Dozens more die as air strikes continue

07-19-06 - Israeli strikes flatten Lebanese villages The village mayor said between 25 and 30 people were believed to have been in the 15 wrecked houses, and their fate was unknown. Fire engines put out the blaze and rescuers struggled to retrieve the casualties. "This is a real massacre," Mayor Hussein Kamaledine said.

07-19-06 - Strike on bunker failed, says Hizbullah Israeli jets bombed Beirut last night in an apparently vain effort to decapitate the Hizbullah leadership, after at least 63 Lebanese civilians died under air strikes and artillery fire on the deadliest day since the Israeli assault began

07-19-06 - US wants new Iraq oil law so foreign firms can take part

07-19-06 - One dead in rocket barrage in N Israel: medics

07-19-06 - Hizbollah's rockets have Arabs and Israelis in their sights Rabbia Taluzi, three, and Mahmoud Taluzi, seven, were playing in a street in the crowded heart of Nazareth yesterday afternoon when the Katyusha came out of clear blue sky and killed them. The two boys became the first Israeli Arabs to die in this eight-day war when four Hizbollah rockets - which now seem to make no distinction between Jewish and Arab victims in northern Israel - hurtled into the densely populated hill town where Jesus grew up.

07-19-06 - Hezbollah kills two Israeli soldiers Israel sent special forces to a Lebanese village just over the border from Avivim on Wednesday to flush out a Hezbollah squad hiding in the hilly countryside.

07-19-06 - Rep. Kucinich?s to introduce Resolution Calling on Bush to Push for Cease-Fire

07-19-06 - Israel pounds Lebanon, civilians fear worse to come "I have a very bad feeling that after the foreigners flee the bombings will get worse," said 37-year old Ziad Nayef, a costume designer. "Nobody cares about Arab lives."

07-19-06 - U.N. rights head sees possible Mideast war crimes Arbour, a former Canadian Supreme Court judge and war crimes prosecutor, said the "indiscriminate shelling" of cities and the bombing of sites where civilians would suffer were unacceptable.

07-19-06 - Israel's tight window for action With tacit support from the US, Israel has operated with a relatively free hand, leaving hundreds of Lebanese civilians dead How is this in the interests of America? Does this not jeopardize our efforts in Iraq? How can we claim on the one hand that we are helping one group of Arabs, and then on the other let Israel destroy civilian life and infrastructure of another group of Arabs?

07-19-06 - After Bush, Iranian president writes to Merkel Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has written to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the official news agency IRNA reported, two months after penning an angry missive to US President George W. Bush. I envision an SNL sketch or two coming out of this....

07-19-06 - Is Israel Using Arab Villages as Human Shields? Several Israeli armaments factories and storage depots have been built close by Arab communities in the north of Israel, possibly in the hope that by locating them there Arab regimes will be deterred from attacking Israel?s enormous armory....Ehud Olmert?s media adviser, Assif Shariv, told the Post that the international media were interviewing Israeli spokespeople four times as much as spokespeople for the Palestinians and Lebanese. Another government adviser, Gideon Meir, boasted: ?We have never had it so good. The hasbara (propaganda) effort is a well-oiled machine."

07-19-06 - US claims world backs Israel, others urge ceasefire Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said it was a mistake to "accuse particular countries and leaders" outside Israel and Lebanon over the crisis.

07-19-06 - US supports Israel but worried about length of military strikes "I'm very concerned about the people of Lebanon, about Lebanon's freedom and democracy and a Lebanon where all Lebanese can prosper," Rice said Which is why you support the collective punishment of an entire population?

07-19-06 - EU vows to try its best to end Israel-Lebanon crisis

07-19-06 - Americans begin Lebanon evacuation photos

07-19-06 - Lebanon PM appeals for truce, vows to make Israel pay "Let me assure you that we shall spare no avenue to make Israel" pay compensation for its destructive and deadly attacks on Lebanon because "the country has been torn to shreds."

07-19-06 - Egypt protest indicates Arab mood The demonstrators here do not believe that Hezbollah is fighting Israel on behalf of Iran, as it is widely believed elsewhere.

07-19-06 - Lebanon 'has been torn to shreds' "Can the international community stand by while such callous retribution by the state of Israel is inflicted on us?"

07-19-06 - Al-Jazeera technician 'shot in West Bank' The network claimed the attack came after an Israeli military vehicle suddenly sped up towards al-Jazeera's reporter, Jivara al-Budeiri, in "an apparent attempt to interrupt the report".

07-19-06 - Audio from the Guardian UK: Conflict drives Lebanon back into Syria's hands As the bombing and the blockade continue, the public mood is swinging against Israel rather than Hizbullah, and Damascus provides the only lifeline, reports Brian Whitaker from Beirut. (4min 59s) Israel needs to think first, before she (over)reacts.

07-19-06 - A protracted colonial war With US support, Israel is hoping to isolate and topple Syria by holding sway over Lebanon

07-19-06 - Lebanese who fled as youngsters forced to flee again with own children

07-19-06 - France pushes UN for action on conflict The French move has tacit support from Russia and China, which have criticised Israel's response to attacks by Hizbullah. But it will cause problems with the US and Britain......Louise Arbour, the UN's high commissioner for human rights, said yesterday the scale of killing in Lebanon, Israel and the Palestinian territories could constitute war crimes

07-19-06 - Lebanese short of food, water under Israeli bombs Ghassan Bourji says he has run out of insulin for his two diabetic children and heart medication for his mother because Israeli bombardment has cut supplies to his village of Rmadiyeh in south Lebanon.

07-19-06 - Israel calls up media 'reserves' Shariv said that Israelis have been interviewed by the foreign press four times as much as spokespeople for the Palestinians and Lebanese. As proof of Israel's success, he also cited a poll of Sky News viewers that found that 80 percent believe that Israel's attacks on Lebanon were justified. "We have never had it so good," Meir said. "The hasbara effort is a well-oiled machine."

07-19-06 - In Lebanon, UN force overwhelmed

07-19-06 - 'Spies' rounded up in Beirut Lebanese security forces rounded up Beirut residents suspected of spying on behalf of Israel. This reminds me of something else: was not a Hezbollah member killed in a bombing a few weeks back? And didn't Lebanon subsequently arrest Israeli spies in the aftermath of that bombing? Was THIS one of the factors that came into play with regard to what started this whole thing in the first place?

07-19-06 - Haifa's Arabs, Jews appear united

07-19-06 - Israel Lobby in Action Senator John Warner, the hawkish Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, has been a lone voice in holding up legislation in the Senate viewed as unnecessarily slanted toward Israel. "Our support for Israel is very strong, Mr. President, but it cannot be unconditional," Warner said on the Senate floor yesterday. "I urge the Administration to think through very carefully how Israel's extraordinary reaction could affect our operations in Iraq and our joint diplomatic efforts to resolve the Iranian nuclear issue," he added in a statement.
A patriot? In Congress? HOLY #@%$!!!

07-19-06 - Red Cross: 'serious questions' over Israel's assault on Lebanon

07-19-06 - Rice, U.N. to discuss cease-fire "Our view is that a cease-fire is not the first thing required," John Bolton, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, told JTA on Wednesday at a gathering of Jewish leaders in New York.

07-19-06 - Assad wants cease-fire Syria's president called for a cease-fire between Hezbollah and Israel.

07-19-06 - Brothers Nabil Alaa al-Din, left, Ramzi, center, and Ali, right, wounded in an Israeli warplane missile attack

07-19-06 - Experts challenge White House line on Iran's influence

07-19-06 - Abbas Khalil, wounded in an Israeli warplane missile attack in the southern village of Srifa, Lebanon, sits at a hospital bed

07-19-06 - Robert Novak: U.S. cheering punishment of Hezbollah Sen. Chuck Hagel, second-ranking Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is a voice in the wilderness suggesting U.S. policy is dangerously isolated by the Israeli alliance. .....few office seekers have dared criticize Israel. Another patriot? Be still my heart. What happened to Paul Findley gets a mention as well. What's this? "Hagel was one of the first public figures last week to propose sending a prestigious former Republican secretary of state - either James A. Baker III or Colin Powell - to the Middle East as a Presidential envoy". Baker was my choice as well.

07-19-06 - Mariam Hamed, 80, who lost three members of her family in an Israeli warplane missile attack earlier in the center of the southern market town of Nabatiyeh, Lebanon, is seen seriously wounded at the town's hospital Hamed will probably have both her legs amputated, according to doctors. Was this woman supposed to fight Hezbollah? According to the Israeli/neocon 'logic', she bares guilt for allowing Hezbollah to live in Lebanon.

07-19-06 - Saudi, France to seek common stance on Mideast conflict Saudi Arabia and France played a key role in assisting the reconstruction of Lebanon in the wake of its 1975-1990 civil war, a period which also witnessed a full-scale Israeli invasion in 1982.

07-19-06 - Beirut Christians terrified as strikes move closer "The Israelis are firing at everybody, not just on Hizbollah. They are hitting buildings, trucks, an entire people,"

07-19-06 - Iraqi Denounces Israel?s Actions Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki of Iraq on Wednesday forcefully denounced the Israeli attacks on Lebanon, marking a sharp break with President Bush?s position and highlighting the growing power of a Shiite Muslim identity across the Middle East.

07-19-06 - Anti-Israel rally staged near Detroit Carrying banners that read "Stop Israeli Terrorism," demonstrators in Dearborn, Mich., also criticized the Bush administration for its support of Israel.

07-19-06 - Speakers, Backers Portray Conflict In Mideast as Part of Terror War the Arab American Institute held an emergency meeting in Washington of 100 leaders from across the country and issued a statement calling for an immediate cease-fire. Three Democratic Michigan lawmakers -- Reps. John D. Dingell, John Conyers Jr. and Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick -- held a news conference calling for the same.

07-19-06 - N.Y. demonstrators protest Israeli actions Hundreds of anti-Israel protesters gathered outside Israel's mission to the United Nations on Tuesday.

07-19-06 - Evangelicals unite for Israel More than 3,400 evangelical Christians converged on Washington to urge stronger support for Israel. How much stronger could it get? Already the national interests of America get pushed to the background.

07-19-06 - If Israel has the right to use force in self defence, so do its neighbours

07-19-06 - Troubles for the Israel Lobby

07-19-06 - Conscientious objector in Hezbollah conflict An Israeli reserve soldier refused to report for duty in Israel?s conflict with Hezbollah.

07-19-06 - Lieberman gets pro-Israel groups' support "Joe Lieberman, without exception, no conditions ... is the No. 1 pro-Israel advocate and leader in Congress," Well now that's really quite shocking. Next, someone will discover bear feces in the woods.

07-19-06 - Israel's Outrageous Attacks

07-19-06 - Dobbs: Not so smart when it comes to the Middle East Lebanon's lack of wealth is matched by the Palestinians -- three out of every four Palestinians live below the poverty line. Yet the vast majority of our giving in the region flows to Israel. This kind of geopolitical inconsistency and shortsightedness has contributed to the Arab-Israeli conflict that the Western world seems content to allow to perpetuate endlessly.

07-19-06 - I was wrong about Michael Savage Though I am still uneasy about the whole former-birkenstock-wearing-liberal-at-Berkeley-cum-conservative thing.. j/k!

07-19-06 - Pay-as-You-Go Evacuation Roils Capitol Hill Those seeking to leave were being asked to sign a promissory note, pledging to repay the U.S. government within 90 days for the costs of their evacuation. The paperwork in Beirut sent tempers through the roof in Washington, not to mention among some under fire in Lebanon who have been asked to sign the notes.

07-19-06 - Arab American Leaders Urge Bush Admin to Push for Immediate Ceasefire; Admin Criticized for Lack of Active Engagement, Slow Response

07-19-06 - US issues travel warning for Israel, West Bank and Gaza The US State Department issued a travel warning for Israel, Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza, reiterating "threats to American citizens and US interests in those respective locations."

07-19-06 - Pelosi Floor Statement on House Resolution Reaffirming Support for Israel "And at this difficult time for the state of Israel, this resolution reaffirms our unwavering support and commitment to Israel" Our legislators are beholden to a foreign nation and thus force America to become a party to that nation's collective punishment of both the Palestinians and Lebanese.

07-19-06 - Evacuees 'stranded by Israeli curfew' "All countries who have citizens there have been talking to the Israelis about it and trying to persuade the Israelis to provide arrangements where people can get out," he said. "But, so far, no one has been successful, so we're obviously doing what we can.

07-19-06 - Israeli censor wielding great power The rules include no real-time reports giving the exact locations of guerrilla missile hits; no reports of missile hits - or misses - on strategic targets; and no reports telling when citizens are allowed to leave their bunkers for supplies. Journalists are also not allowed to give details about senior Israeli officials going to the north, where Hezbollah's rockets are falling, until the officials have left the area. They also cannot report places where there aren't enough shelters or where public defense is weak.

07-19-06 - Egypt opposition wants Arab-Israeli peace deals revoked Israel's crushing offensive in Lebanon prompted calls by Egyptian opposition groups for peace deals with the Jewish state to be revoked and oil and gas exports to be frozen.

07-19-06 - Israel capable of air strike on Iran


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