The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, July 21, 2006

News for 07-20-06

07-20-06 - Pentagon OKs $6 bln in arms sales to Saudi Arabia

07-20-06 - Charities warn of nightmare scene for Lebanese children, displaced Jan Egeland, the United Nations' emergency relief co-ordinator, told BBC radio that nearly 500,000 people were fleeing Lebanon, a third of them youngsters.

07-20-06 - Israeli shells hit UN posts in Lebanon, no one hurt

07-20-06 - Coalition soldiers reclaim Afghan town

07-20-06 - Beirut to complain to UN about 'Israeli' hand in assassinations

07-20-06 - Calls mount for Lebanon ceasefire to avert humanitarian 'catastrophe' International appeals have mounted for a rapid ceasefire in Lebanon, with Russia warning of a "humanitarian catastrophe" in the making and the UN Security Council set to meet to etch a way forward.

07-20-06 - Director of charity tells how children were killed

07-20-06 - Lebanese Army may join forces with Hizbullah The Lebanese Minister of Defense warned Israel Thursday that if IDF ground forces are sent into southern Lebanon, Lebanese troops will fight along with the Hizbullah against Israel.

07-20-06 - US to send Rice to Mideast soon, but no ceasefire call The United States announced that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will go to the Middle East as early as next week to press for a political solution to the crisis there, but it is still not supporting a ceasefire between Israel and Hezbollah

07-20-06 - Wondering who the terrorists are...

07-20-06 - Fox News analyst compares Israelis to Nazis

07-20-06 - IDF: Mossad "has significantly infiltrated Hizbullah" IDF officials told Ynet that dozens of Air Force fighter jets participated in the massive air strike on a south Beirut target, acting on IDF intelligence.

07-20-06 - Lebanese police officers carry an elderly American citizen on a wheelchair to USS Nashville's landing craft on as it evacuates stranded American citizens from the beach north of Beirut, Lebanon

07-20-06 - US Marines help bring evacuees on board a LCU (Landing Craft Utility) from a beach in Beirut, Lebanon

07-20-06 - House overwhelmingly backs Israel in vote

07-20-06 - We'll bomb civilian homes, says Israeli army Israeli military officials have said the army will start attacking homes in civilian areas of the Gaza Strip where weapons are secretly stored. Start?

07-20-06 - Russia criticizes Israel for offensive

07-20-06 - Marines help Americans flee Israel's war in Lebanon It was the U.S. military's first return to Lebanon since it withdrew in 1984, months after a Shi'ite Muslim suicide bomber destroyed a Marine barracks killing 241 U.S. service personnel

07-20-06 - CAIR Seeks Reports of Americans Killed, Injured In Lebanon "We need to know whether any of our nation's citizens or permanent residents were harmed by Israeli attacks using American taxpayer-supplied weapons,"

07-20-06 - Turkish PM urges Bush to intervene for Mideast ceasefire

07-20-06 - US shrugs at Maliki comments on Israel The White House shrugged off Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's condemnation of Israeli strikes in Lebanon as evidence the government in Baghdad is truly independent.

07-20-06 - NeoCon/Iran Road to Disaster; Statement by Author and Commentator Trita Parsi The violence in the Middle East has provided the neo- conservatives with a pretext for actions they've long sought to promote -- war with Iran

07-20-06 - Military analysts question Israeli bombing "The military rationale seems rather thin, since many of the targets have no conceivable relationship to Hezbollah,"

07-20-06 - Syrians defiant, outraged at Lebanon's destruction "The Israelis have spared no one. We are in utter shock." said Ghada Al-Shidi, who was donating blood bound for Lebanese hospitals in response to calls by the Red Crescent.

07-20-06 - Americans oppose involvement in Mideast clash: poll

07-20-06 - A U.S soldier gives instructions to a Lebanese-American girl as she waits with her family to be evacuated by helicopters

07-20-06 - Anglican leader condemns 'vicious' Middle East violence

07-20-06 - Lebanese left behind by evacuations feel abandoned "Even after our long war, we are being ignored again by the international community and I have lost faith in humanity. I realise that we mean nothing to them, just nothing."

07-20-06 - Electronic Lebanon Website Brings Voices from Beseiged Beirut

07-20-06 - Preoccupied With Fighting, Israelis Put Aside Plans to Withdraw Settlers From West Bank

07-20-06 - AIPAC was pressured to cut off embattled analysts, motion charges

07-20-06 - Speaker Hastert Sends Congressional Delegation to Middle East; Chairman Hoekstra to Lead Bipartisan Group While there, the group will meet with American, Israeli and Palestinian officials about the ongoing confrontations and discuss efforts to end the crisis and establish democracy and peace in the region.

07-20-06 - In Arab-Israeli community, few blame militants for rocket attacks One of the biggest questions on Thursday was why the city's air raid sirens never gave a warning on Wednesday in Nazareth.

07-20-06 - General Dynamics Wins $129M Armor Deal General Dynamics Corp. said Thursday it received a contract from the Army worth more than $129 million for reactive armor for the Bradley fighting vehicles...Contract work will be done in Haifa, Israel

07-20-06 - RADA has Signed a $650,000 Contract, With a Strategic Customer, to Provide Digital Video Recorders for a Fighter Aircraft RADA Electronic Industries Ltd. is an Israel based company involved in the military and commercial aerospace industries

07-20-06 - US church leaders write to Bush over Gaza crisis They condemn the abduction of the Israeli soldier and the killing of the young settler by Palestinians, but consider Israel's response ­ the destruction of bridges and a power station, the deprivation and deaths of civilians and arrests of Palestinian officials ­ as without proportion

07-20-06 - Presiding Bishop signs statement on Gaza, Hezbollah-Israel conflicts

07-20-06 - A Perfect Storm Of Clouded Judgment Once the crisis began, immediate American involvement might also have prevented the violence from escalating. This, however, would have required the lines of communication and leverage with the warring parties that the administration's policies had systematically dismantled


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