The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

News for 07-17-06

07-17-06 - Taliban Takes Control of 2 Afghan Towns The Taliban operate freely in large areas of southern Afghanistan and police presence there often is virtually nonexistent, but insurgents only were known to have completely seized one town since their hard-line regime was toppled by U.S. forces in 2001.

07-17-06 - 'Premature' to speak of Iran sanctions: Putin

07-17-06 - Syria supplies Lebanon, waives fees to help aid flow Who is the bad guy now? A year ago, it was Syria.

07-17-06 - Israel vows no let-up on Lebanon More than 200 Lebanese people have died in six days of Israeli bombardment.....The bodies of nine people, including six children, were reportedly found in the rubble of a building in Tyre hit by Israeli missiles on Sunday. One report said they had been trying to shelter in the basement.

07-17-06 - Lebanon civilian deaths morally not same as terror victims -- Bolton Well, at least he's honest about his supremacist views. Most neocons never say as much, but they subscribe to the same supremacist ideology - that one group (Jews) is superior to the other (Arabs).

07-17-06 - Israeli Strike Kills 10 Civilians

07-17-06 - Israeli planes pound Lebanon, 6 killed The six civilians, all from one family, were killed during an air strike that hit a house shortly after midnight in a Lebanese border village. Israeli aircraft also hit Beirut's southern suburb and an army position overlooking the capital.

07-17-06 - Bush, Putin concerned Iran has not responded

07-17-06 - Do you think the Israeli military response inside Lebanon is justified? CNN Poll down a little on the right.

07-17-06 - Some photos of Lebanon Photo2 photo3 photo4
photo5 photo6

07-17-06 - Saudi hits out at 'limitless support' for Israel Saudi Arabia hit out at the "limitless support being offered by certain countries to Israeli policy" in a barely veiled criticism of its US ally.

07-17-06 - Israel's Arab citizens caught in a war they never wanted

07-17-06 - Syria offers safe haven to US nationals fleeing Lebanon "Now, while thousands of United States citizens are stranded in Lebanon attempting to flee the ongoing massacre there, Syria has opened its borders to US citizens as well as citizens of other nationalities,"

07-17-06 - U.S. choppers fly Americans out of Beirut A handful of military helicopters flew Americans out of Beirut on Monday and U.S. officials said a rented cruise ship would help the evacuation of possibly thousands more citizens.

07-17-06 - Bush lunch chat is caught on tape Mr Bush was heard telling UK Prime Minister Tony Blair privately that Syria should press the Lebanese militants to "stop doing this shit". Where is Will Farrell when you need him (SNL)?

07-17-06 - UN calls for Lebanon peace force UN chief Kofi Annan and UK PM Tony Blair have called for an international force to be sent to Lebanon.

07-17-06 - All quiet on the Syrian front But the same information was greeted with more concern by Syrians on the ground, some of whom took it to mean that Israeli air attacks might be imminent, targeting their infrastructure in the same way that Lebanon's has been hit in the last week.

07-17-06 - Do-it-yourselfers turn diner grease into biodiesel fuel With diesel at $3 a gallon, 50 cents more than last year, ingenious Americans like Newman are turning their garages and basements into mini-refineries

07-17-06 - Neocons Rise From Mideast Ashes Is the Israeli offensive designed as a calculated effort to catapult the hard-right, neoconservative ideologues back to power in Washington?...So far, in a shocking display of craven capitulation to the Israeli fait accompli , President Bush has repeatedly endorsed Israel?s aggression. But Israel is clearly counting on more than just Bush?s support for its actions in Gaza and Lebanon. More broadly, Israel is seeking to shift the balance in the Bush administration back in favor of the neocons, the hawks and their radical "New American Century" comrades.

07-17-06 - Israel acts according to a ready script The aim of Israeli policymakers is not too difficult to divine either. They want their American paymaster dragged deeper into the mire of the Middle East as a junior partner rather than as an honest broker, giving Israel cover while it carves up yet more Palestinian land for annexation, puts further pressure on the Palestinians to leave their homeland, and destabilizes its regional enemies so that they are powerless to offer protest or resistance.

07-17-06 - ANALYSIS: Israel-Hezbollah fighting yet to reach its zenith In the past 24 hours, there has been a slowing in the air strikes against Lebanese national infrastructure. Now attention is focused on
Hezbollah infrastructure, including rockets, positions and bunkers, in southern Lebanon, the Beka'a and Beirut.
Question: why wasn't the Hezbollah infrastructure targeted in the FIRST place? Why did Israel choose to attack the Lebanese CIVILIAN infrastructure first?

07-17-06 - Caught in the crossfire We are trapped tonight. Israel has positioned her warships opposite this stretch of coastline and has hit nearby locations, which have no Shia Muslim population and are Christian, in Jounieh and Amcheet.

07-17-06 - US sending ships for Lebanon evacuation duty The guided missile destroyer USS Gonzalez will escort the cruise ship in the Mediterranean Watch out for any 'friendly fire'.

07-17-06 - UN Security Council fails to act on conflict in Middle East

07-17-06 - Russians' suspicion of West growing Democracy, Western-style, has become a dirty word."

07-17-06 - More than 100,000 flee Lebanon for Syria

07-17-06 - Lebanon accuses Israel of using forbidden weapons

07-17-06 - This is what Bush, the AJC , et al call 'self-defense'

07-17-06 - PM's pro-Israel stance seen costing votes The decision by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to take a pro-Israeli stance is unwise and could hurt him in the next election, particularly since seven Canadians were killed in an Israeli attack on Lebanon, political observers and commentators said on Monday. It'll cost Canada more than votes, it will cost them their prestige and reputation - just like it did ours.

07-17-06 - Harper won't criticize Israel for Canadian deaths; says escalation ?inevitable' Meanwhile, Harper again refused to criticize Israel or question its use of force

07-17-06 - Relatives of Montreal family killed in Israeli raids demand inquiry Grieving relatives of a Montreal family killed in an Israeli air strike in Lebanon say the Canadian government must hold Israel responsible for what they call a civilian "massacre." Israel kills whomever they please - including Americans and Canadians - and nobody does a thing about it.

07-17-06 - Lebanon deaths devastate Canadian Lebanese family She added that, as of Monday afternoon, no one from the Canadian government had contacted her to offer condolences or assistance. Harper refused to criticize Israel for this.

07-17-06 - American Muslims angry at US stance on Mideast conflict "Once again America's image and interests worldwide are being harmed by one-sided support for Israeli actions," Here's why.

07-17-06 - Lebanon crisis delays UN focus on Iran nuclear issue -- diplomats But instead of discussing Iran, the council on Monday met behind closed doors to take up the dangerous Middle East crisis, which Washington has blamed on militants of Lebanon's Hezbollah and the Palestinian Hamas radical groups with their abduction of three Israeli soldiers. "I would have expected that as of this morning, we would have been working on the Iran resolution, but Iran's proxies in the Middle East, Hamas and Hezbollah, obviously have other work in mind," US Ambassador John Bolton said.

07-17-06 - Arab countries denounce Hezbollah actions

07-17-06 - Hizbullah winning over Arab street Islamists who are hostile to Israel and the US - and to their Arab allies who have criticized Hizbullah - are shoring up support, increasing the chances they will seize power if the elections President Bush has urged for the region take place.

07-17-06 - TV networks sending anchors to Middle East They all plan to broadcast from Israel.

07-17-06 - Wider war in Middle East? Not likely. Israel's military superiority is built on American support and a skill honed by decades of fighting for the very existence of the nation. Israel receives the best equipment that the United States can offer its allies. "They have some of the most highly advanced weapons systems in the world," says Dr. Jones.

07-17-06 - Rice Defends Israel, Calls Criticisms of Bush Policy 'Grotesque' Grow some balls would you, Condi. My God, I thought you were a Republican.

07-17-06 - ACLJ Calls on Americans to Stand with Israel in Its Fight against Terrorism This terrorism?

07-17-06 - From 2004: the truth about CNN's coverage of Israel CNN sources say the network has bowed to considerable pressure on its editors. Israeli officials boast that they now have only to call a number at the network's headquarters in Atlanta to pull any story they do not like. For folks who think that they will get the real story out of Lebanon from CNN.

07-17-06 - Pro-Israel PAC Contributions to 2006 Congressional Candidates

07-17-06 - Terror case begins in U.S. court The university, Iran and the United States are all opposing the victims; the U.S. government generally says such judgments infringe on the ability of U.S. officials to conduct foreign policy

07-17-06 - Israeli police detain Al Jazeera's Jerusalem bureau chief for second time Rosenfeld said Al Omari, his cameraman, and an assistant were questioned Sunday about footage they had taken after dozens of Hezbollah rockets landed on Haifa, killing eight Israelis in the guerrilla group's deadliest ever attack on Israel.


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