The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, July 23, 2006

News for 07-22-06

07-22-06 - Russia now opposes key parts of Iran draft Particularly vexing to the United States and its allies is Moscow's refusal to endorse language demanding that Tehran freeze uranium enrichment or face potential sanctions

07-22-06 - Detainee abuse in Iraq routine and authorised: rights group "Soldiers were told that the Geneva Conventions did not apply and that interrogators could use abusive techniques to get detainees to talk,"

07-22-06 - Rift opens between Britain and US over Israeli offensive As Howells said in Beirut: "I very much hope that the Americans understand what's happening to Lebanon -- the destruction of the infrastruture, the death of so many children and so many people." Beckett questioned US and Israeli allegations that Hezbollah was currently being supplied with weapons by Syria and Iran.

07-22-06 - Israel hits television, phone antennae in Lebanon One of the targets was transmission antenna in northern Lebanon.The antenna was for the Lebanese Broadcasting Company and mobile communication.

07-22-06 - Report raps Pentagon for equipment sales Undercover government investigators purchased sensitive surplus military equipment such as launcher mounts for shoulder-fired missiles and guided missile radar test sets from a Defense Department contractor.

07-22-06 - Iraq parliament speaker calls for US withdrawal "What has been done in Iraq is a kind of butchery of the Iraqi people," he said in a long winded speech that criticized the tactics of the coalition forces as well as US support for Israeli strikes against Lebanon.

07-22-06 - A medic grabs the hand of Selaiman Chidiac, who was killed, from the wreckage of the building of mobile and television masts that was targeted by Israeli air strikes

07-22-06 - Israeli strikes kill four civilians in Lebanon A man and his wife were killed while four relatives were wounded in an Israeli air strike on their car near the southern port city of Tyre, police said. A Lebanese man was killed and his two children wounded in an Israeli bombardment on a village in southeast Lebanon

07-22-06 - Israel lets aid in as Lebanese flee north "There are no supplies reaching us, not from other nations, nor from the Lebanese government," said Mayor Abdul-Rahman al-Bizri, whose city was so packed that Palestinian refugees were taking in Lebanese refugees

07-22-06 - Raising white flags, terrified Lebanese flee north Terrorism defined: the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion

07-22-06 - U.S. doubts Israeli figures about damage of air Israel is overstating the damage its air war has inflicted on the Hezbollah militia, which hides its weapons in tunnels and civilian neighborhoods throughout Lebanon, Bush administration and intelligence officials said yesterday.

07-22-06 - Americans express regret fleeing Lebanon "We're really sad because we're leaving this way," said Maha Maher, 38, of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, who was visiting relatives with her two sons. "All that we wish is peace for Lebanon, because it's a great country. The Lebanese people are paying the price, and we feel sorry for this."

07-22-06 - Thousands march in anti-war protest

07-22-06 - Palestinian refugees host Lebanese displaced by Israeli raids "I volunteered with two neighbors to make dinner. We are refugees and we know the pain of being exiled, we are trying to ease their ordeal," said Um Mahmud Awad, whose parents were forced to leave their village of Hittin in the north of what was then Palestine in 1948. Her grandson, Mohammed, 10, invited displaced Lebanese children to play with his toys at his small house.

07-22-06 - Lebanese children take refuge in a park

07-22-06 - Diplomatic efforts intensify in Mideast conflict Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad lobbied Muslims to seek an end to Israel's continuing assault on Gaza and Lebanon, his office said. "The silence of the United Nations... and some Western countries' support for Zionist atrocities against defenseless children and women calls for a more active role by Muslim nations to put an end to these attacks," said Ahmadinejad
Music to the neocons' ears.

07-22-06 - Some 10,000 Americans evacuated from Lebanon this week

07-22-06 - UN sets focus on Mideast humanitarian woes The U.N. Security Council turned its focus to a dire humanitarian crisis in Lebanon on Friday as Secretary-General Kofi Annan's plea for a quick end to the fighting between Israel and Hizbollah failed to gain traction.

07-22-06 - Israel celebrates Irgun hotel bombers The accusation, which reopens the debate about the use of politically-inspired violence in the region, follows the unveiling of a plaque commemorating the attack on the King David hotel in Jerusalem on July 22, 1946, by the Irgun Jewish "resistance" to British mandate rule in Palestine. The 28 Britons were among 91 people killed.....The embassy said: "There is no credible evidence that any warning reached the British authorities." The plaque has subsequently been amended, dropping the implication that Britain ignored any warnings.

07-22-06 - War: Pat Buchanan vs. Neo Cons Fellow conservative David Horowitz's online magazine,, has opened up a front against Buchanan, with an article that levels charges of anti-Semitism Horowitz, a rabid pro-Israel author and founder of the campus watchdog 'Campus Watch' is a part of the Israeli lobby here in America. And by smearing Buchanan as an 'anti-Semite' for daring to put the interests of this nation first, Horowitz, like so many others before him, has just proven these fine gentlemen right.

07-22-06 - Tel Aviv: Thousands rally against war Others threw garbage bags at the activists and shouted: "A good Arab is a dead Arab,"

07-22-06 - U.S. speeds up bomb delivery to Israel: report The decision to quickly ship the weapons to Israel was made with relatively little debate within the Bush administration, the report cited American officials as saying. Its disclosure threatens to anger Arab governments and others, the report said.
Way to win the battle of the 'hearts and minds'!

07-22-06 - Blair "horribly wrong" on Mideast - aid agencies Some of the world's major aid agencies said on Friday that Prime Minister Tony Blair had got his policy on the crisis in Lebanon "horribly wrong" by failing to call for an immediate cease-fire in the Middle East.

07-22-06 - Prisoner swap needed for way out of Mideast crisis: France

07-22-06 - Doing bin Laden's Work for Him As Lebanon burns, bin Laden's words will reinforce and harden Muslim perceptions ? including the views of Muslims in Europe and North America ? that the U.S.-led West is warring on Islam and its followers.

07-22-06 - Israel 'seizes' Hezbollah village

07-22-06 - Flight of 700,000 refugees puts massive strain on Syria The exodus is putting a serious strain on Syria, which has 300,000 Palestinian refugees and over 450,000 Iraqis who fled Iraq after the US-led invasion in 2003. With hotels full in Damascus, people are staying in orphanages, schools and university dormitories, or travelling to neighbouring Jordan, or to other Syrian cities And the neocons would like nothing more than for the US to attack Syria, the safe haven for fleeing Arabs, to please Israel.

07-22-06 - Israel's Disproportionate Violence No Surprise In both cases it is clear Israel hoped that, by Islamizing its opponents in these regional conflicts, it would delegitimize them in the eyes of Western allies and that it could cultivate sectarianism as a way to further weaken the social cohesiveness of its neighbors. Israel has done all it possibly can to avoid negotiating with Palestinians, to weaken the hand of moderates such as Abbas, and to keep all of the Palestinian territory it can get - with as few Palestinians on it as possible. At the very moment Abbas and Hamas came to agreement on some of the demands made by the international community in order to reestablish aid, Israel struck. In fact, weeks up to that point, Israel relentlessly shelled civilian areas. I noted that this was seen as severely provocative. As if they were LOOKING to get a response. And if they got one, they could then say, 'See, we don't have a partner for peace.'

07-22-06 - Our city is being torn by these two brutal foes Hizbollah appears to have been surprised by the size of Israel's reaction to the cross-border attack that killed eight Israeli soldiers and captured two others on 12 July. The attack gave Israel a pretext for an operation it admits it has been planning ever since the Israeli Defence Force withdrew unilaterally from south Lebanon in May 2000

07-22-06 - A Lebanese nun inspects the damage at the roof of a Maronite convent following an Israeli air strike on the neighbouring transmission tower From the accompanying article ("Israeli strikes kill four civilians in Lebanon "): The strikes targeted transmission towers for a number of private TV stations, including LBCI and Future, and some private radio stations in Fatqa and further up Mount Sannine

07-22-06 - THE MCLAUGHLIN GROUP TAPED: FRIDAY, JULY 14, 2006 MR. BUCHANAN: The Israeli army, the mighty Israeli army, in 18 years could not defeat and disarm Hezbollah. How in heaven's name can they expect the Lebanese to do it?

07-22-06 - Israel sows seeds of hatred Israel claims that Iranian hands are all over the bombs and training of Hezbollah and its arms. The hypocrisy is not lost on any Arab, because we all know, especially those of us at the receiving end, that U.S. hands are all over Israeli bombs and ammunitions and war machines.

07-22-06 - Once again, truth is the first casualty of war

07-22-06 - Hezbollah, Hamas and Israel: Everything You Need To Know A good read.

07-22-06 - Pressuring Hizbollah, Iran, Syria key: Bush Rice said on Friday any military intervention needed "a force robust enough to do the job" and to make sure Hizbollah would not attack Israel. She said U.S. forces were unlikely to be involved. Nor should they be.

07-22-06 - US to give Israel another week for attacks: paper Israel's onslaught in Lebanon to cripple Hizbollah, after the group abducted two soldiers from Israel on July 12, has claimed 355 lives, mostly civilians

07-22-06 - Thousands protest in Australia against Mideast violence An Lebanese-Australian woman, who gave her name only as Diana, told Australian Associated Press she feared for her family in Lebanon. "They are murdering children and burying them under rubble,"

07-22-06 - Nuking Hezbollah perhaps Bush-Cheney can now nuke Iran, even though the IAEA has verified Iran to be nuke-less I will again refer back to this article from August of 2005.

07-22-06 - Film festival drops Israel as sponsor to protest attack The organizers of the 2006 Locarno International Film Festival have dropped the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a festival sponsor because of that country's unremitting bombardment of civilian targets in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

07-22-06 - Tony Snow to Helen Thomas: "Thank You for the Hezbollah View" HELEN THOMAS: We have gone for collective punishment against all of Lebanon and Palestine. TONY SNOW: What?s interesting, Helen -- HELEN THOMAS: And this is what?s happening, and that?s the perception of the United States. TONY SNOW: Well, thank you for the Hezbollah view, but I would encourage you --

07-22-06 - The Shame of Being an American The House of Representatives resolution, bought and paid for by AIPAC money, is the final nail in the coffin of American prestige in the Middle East.

07-22-06 - Do not even compare Israel to America

07-22-06 - Reassessing the Hariri assassination in the light of recent events

07-22-06 - Saudi FM to discuss Mideast crisis in US, Britain, Russia The agency gave no dates, but the White House has announced that Saud and Bandar will meet US President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Sunday. The talks will be held shortly before Rice heads for the Middle East.

07-22-06 - Singer Shakira urges diplomacy in Israel-Lebanon crisis "I am sad, I guess like the rest of the world is, to know that because of this conflict so many innocent mothers and children are dying," she said. Shakira is half Lebanese.

07-22-06 - Madison West Grad Caught In Mideast Conflict "I'm pretty disgusted by it, actually. It makes it look as though ... the Lebanese, it's ok if there's collateral damage," she said. "For me these are family, these are people I know ... it makes me very nauseous."

07-22-06 - Views Complicated By Dual Loyalties When they came to Israel six years ago from a country still technically at war with the Jewish state, the Israeli government treated them much as it does other new arrivals, Sebag said, offering assistance with finding housing and jobs and, unlike most Israeli Arabs, settling them in Jewish cities and towns. Most carry identification cards that identify them as former SLA soldiers, which they say spares them the extra hassles other Arabs face here. Well isn't that nice?

07-22-06 - Are the Shias on the brink of taking over the Middle East?

07-22-06 - Mid-East faces uncertain future As Arab rulers are only too well aware, the current conflict has inflamed anti-Israeli and anti-American feeling to a new pitch. In this sense its impact extends well beyond the Middle East

07-22-06 - Silence of the Lambs

07-22-06 - 'Civilian Casualty'? It Depends The Israel apologentsia via Alan Dershowitz never ends. Just when you think he could not possibly sink any lower. He does. According to his 'logic', Americans would deserve to be killed if criminals/terrorists lived in their midst. In other words, this < expletive >, having previously endorsed torture, is now endorsing collective punishment of civilians. Why? Because Alan Dershowitz has a passionate attachment so much so that it has clouded his judgement, if he had any to begin with.

07-22-06 - Lou Dobbs: Exporting American Ignorance?

07-22-06 - Saudis quietly arming themselves Does it have to do with the present situation, or were these deals in the making for months?


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