The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

News for 03-27-06

03-27-06 - Moussaoui: White House was my 9/11 target -- Al Qaeda conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui told a stunned courtroom Monday that he and would-be shoe bomber Richard Reid were supposed to hijack a fifth plane on September 11, 2001, and crash it into the White House....That claim was contradicted by alleged September 11 architect Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, whose testimony was read from a written interrogation summary.

03-27-06 - US troops defend raid, say Iraqis faked "massacre" This is exactly the kind of statement that one sees Israel make in response to similar situations.

03-27-06 - Bush told Blair determined to invade Iraq without UN resolution or WMD US President George W. Bush made clear to British Prime Minister Tony Blair in January 2003 that he was determined to invade Iraq without a UN resolution and even if UN arms inspectors failed to find weapons of mass destruction in the country, The New York Times reported.

03-27-06 - MI5 tip-off to CIA led to men's rendition MI5 knew that two British residents who were seized and secretly flown to Guantánamo Bay were carrying harmless items when it tipped off the CIA that they were in possession of bomb parts.

03-27-06 - Government investigators smuggled radioactive materials into U.S. Two teams of government investigators using fake documents were able to enter the United States with enough radioactive sources to make two dirty bombs, according to a federal report made available Monday.

03-27-06 - Assad denies Syrian link to Hariri's murder: report "Nobody threatened him in Syria, me or nobody else...this is not my way," Assad, speaking in English, told PBS television's "The Charlie Rose Show."

03-27-06 - US rejects Iraqi accusations on deadly night raid The US military insisted Iraqi special forces carried out a raid on an insurgent hide-out that killed over a dozen people, rejecting accusations American troops had launched a deadly attack on civilians in a mosque.

03-27-06 - US will question Russia about Iraq leak Other information provided by the Russians, however, was wildly inaccurate.....Meanwhile, the International Herald Tribune reports that Russian spokesmen suggested the Pentagon might be trying "to increase pressure on Russia to press Iran more actively to curb its nuclear program."

03-27-06 - Military force can't destroy our atomic program: Iran Soltaniyeh said that after Israel bombed Iraq's nuclear power plant at Osirak in 1981, then Iraqi-leader Saddam Hussein bombed Iran's Bushehr plant. The Security Council then passed a resolution condemning the attacks and making it illegal for countries to strike nuclear facilities.
But Soltaniyeh said those U.N. documents were "just pieces of paper" today to the United States and Israel.
A retired U.S. Air Force colonel and well-known war gaming expert told the conference the United States was under increasing pressure to use military force to destroy Iran's atomic sites and would make a decision on this option soon.

03-27-06 - Russia calls US charge of helping Iraq 'politically-motivated' Lavrov's comments came a day after two senior US officials, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and White House National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley, vowed they would take the matter up with Russian officials. Not surpringly, Hadley is a neocon.

03-27-06 - Germany investigates Russians over exports to Iran

03-27-06 - Leading church aid agency defends Norman Kember's integrity

03-27-06 - Check Point Loses Match Point With the possible exception of the Holy See, there's no country in the world less likely to attack the U.S. or aid terrorists than Israel. Evidently the author doesn't know about this incident, or perhaps this one.

03-27-06 - Shanghai's help for Jews hailed (Foxman of the ADL) added there were three reasons for the group's tour of the country....."And the last is to strengthen the relationship between China and Israel," he said.
Thus does the Israeli lobby take root in China.


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