The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, March 26, 2006

News for 03-26-06

03-26-06 - Iraqis killed by US troops ?on rampage?

03-26-06 - U.S. to Probe Russia on Iraq Intel Report Sen. Carl Levin (news, bio, voting record) of Michigan said if the report proved true, "it would be obviously plenty discouraging as well as disgusting" and the U.S. should find ways to let the Russians know "that kind of conduct is not going to be acceptable to us."

03-26-06 - PM warns against hostility to US Prime Minister Tony Blair has warned of the "madness" of European hostility to America and said there was a danger the US could walk away from world affairs.

03-26-06 - Rice predicts significant US pullout from Iraq

03-26-06 - UN does not expect Hizbollah to be disarmed by force

03-26-06 - Government gaffes shock 9/11 trial FBI agent Harry Samit for instance, testified he had warned his bosses a stunning 70 times, after nabbing Moussaoui at a flight simulator school, that he could be a terrorist planning to hijack an airliner

03-26-06 - Protests planned for Rice's visit to Britain

03-26-06 - Kuwait, Palestine Praise King Abdullah's Initiative The Palestinian foreign ministers for his part described King Abdullah's initiative as positive and expressed hope that it would contribute to improving the situation in Iraq and achieving Iraqis' interests.

03-26-06 - Parrish's planner reflects visit to refugee camp "We think of Syria as a horrible and frightening country, but the Syrians treated the Palestinians better than the other countries we visited."

03-26-06 - Saddam Asks Arab League to Back Insurgents After dividing Iraq, the United States will carve up Saudi Arabia, Syria and Sudan, then establish a Palestinian homeland in Jordan and western Iraq, the letter said. That would let the U.S. control oil in the Arab world and Israel take over the West Bank, emptied of Palestinians, it said.

03-26-06 - Conservatives' new books have Bush in crosshairs "This speech (by syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer), given almost a year after the US invasion of Iraq, treated the war as a virtually unqualified success. I could not understand why everyone around me was applauding the speech enthusiastically, given that the US had found no WMD in Iraq, was bogged down in a vicious insurgency, and had almost totally isolated itself from the rest of the world by following the kind of unipolar strategy advocated,"


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