The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, March 20, 2006

News for 03-19-06

03-19-06 - In memory of those who have died in Iraq

03-19-06 - Rumsfeld warns Iraq pullout equals turning Germany back to Nazis One day after a wave of antiwar protests swept the world, US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld warns a quick US pullout from Iraq will result in terrorists taking it over -- and insists it would be tantamount to handing Germany back to the Nazis.

03-19-06 - Iraq in civil war, says former PM He said Iraq had not got to the point of no return, but if it fell apart sectarianism would spread abroad.

03-19-06 - Bush upbeat on Iraq anniversary US President George W Bush has given an upbeat assessment of Iraq on the third anniversary of the invasion.

03-19-06 - Selling furniture to pay the laundry bill To some economists, though, the news last week that the current account was $804.9 billion in the red in 2005 should be an alarm bell, not a stale story repeated over many months and many years.

03-19-06 - Realism pushes US and Iran a bit closer

03-19-06 - Administration Blocks Ex-Hostages' Bid for Damages From Iran

03-19-06 - Cheney dismisses Iraq civil war claim Mr Cheney attributed American action in Iraq as one of the reasons the US had not been hit by a terrorist attack since September 11 and he dismissed comments by the former Iraqi prime minister Iyad Allawi that Iraq had already fallen into civil war.

03-19-06 - US-Iran talks on Iraq could be diplomatic breakthrough: analysts Analysts said Iran had as much reason as the Americans to fear an all-out civil war in Iraq, where violence between Shiites and Sunnis has escalated three years after the US-led invasion to oust Saddam Hussein.

03-19-06 - Fatah to round up arms in Lebanon refugee camps There are believed to be 380,000 Palestinians living in Lebanon, many of them in dire conditions in 12 refugee camps.

03-19-06 - Protests mark Iraq war's third anniversary The third anniversary of the U.S.-led war in Iraq drew tens of thousands of protesters around the globe

03-19-06 - A Mullah's-Eye View of the World Khamenei called for two urgent missions. The first was to do everything possible to drive up oil prices by an additional 30 percent by the first week in April. The second was to intensify the propaganda war against the West in the same period. He stressed that it was important to compel the United States to face at least three crises by the April 8. Michael Ledeen is a staunch neocon and was implicated in the Niger uranium forgeries. The article has been indexed due to the prediction mentioned above.

03-19-06 - Iran reformists urge nuclear freeze


03-19-06 - Camps Spotlight Double Standard Disarming Palestinians in refugee camps isn't going to stop raids by armed IDF forces. It also didn't stop a wholescale massacre of Palestinian civilians in the camps of Sabra and Shatilla of Lebanon - to which the IDF, under the direction of Ariel Sharon (who was found personally responsible for this incident by an Israeli court), was a party. Now there's a difference between terrorism and self-defense. But the Israeli government does not make this distinction, as evidenced by its use of indiscriminate gunfire against the Palestinian populations in the Occupied Territories.

03-19-06 - Olmert sees deal with Russia to supply gas to Israel

03-19-06 - Eclectic Group Crosses Sahara for Peace Ex-Israeli fighter pilot Gil Fogiel rarely talked about being a prisoner of war in Syria until he sat across a campfire in the middle of the desert with people he long considered his worst enemies - Iraqis, Iranians and Palestinians.


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