The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, March 24, 2006

News for 03-23-06

03-23-06 - U.S. Hiring Hong Kong Co. to Scan Nukes

03-23-06 - Christian Peacemakers celebrate release

03-23-06 - No more stalling on Iran: Rice Her tone contrasted with her remarks a day earlier while on a trip to the Bahamas, where she expressed confidence the UN Security Council would eventually agree on the language of a statement on Iran.

03-23-06 - China repeats it's in accord with Russia on Iran

03-23-06 - Britain pushes for military option to restrain Tehran

03-23-06 - U.S., British Forces Rescue Iraq Hostages Without firing a shot, U.S. and British forces stormed a house Thursday and freed three Christian peace activists who were bound but unguarded, ending a four-month hostage ordeal that saw an American in the group killed and dumped along a railroad track.

03-23-06 - India nuke deal meets wary Congress Bush presses for approval of a pact taking a different approach to nonproliferation. Some see it as rewarding renegade behavior.

03-23-06 - No escape for fearful Palestinians in Iraq Reports of kidnappings, murder and persecution of Palestinian refugees in Iraq have forced many to try to flee, but for most there is nowhere else to go.

03-23-06 - UN's top lawyer sees Hariri court outside Lebanon

03-23-06 - U.S. Freezes Lebanese Media's Assets The Bush administration moved Thursday to freeze the assets of several Lebanese media outlets, alleging that they helped raised money and recruits for Hezbollah's terrorist network.

03-23-06 - Prosecutors Want DeLay Charges Reinstated Prosecutors argued before a Texas appeals court Wednesday that some of the criminal charges against Rep. Tom Delay (news, bio, voting record) should be reinstated.

03-23-06 - Pace Wants Review of Propaganda Program

03-23-06 - Canadian hostages risked death for pacifist cause In 2004, he went to Gaza and the West Bank with a group that supports the Palestinian cause and sent emails about injustices against them to friends worldwide.

03-23-06 - Mubarak holds Syria-Lebanon talks

03-23-06 - Israeli warplanes illegally overfly tense Lebanon border Last week, UN chief Kofi Annan urged the leaders of Syria, Israel and Lebanon to do their utmost to prevent a new flare-up of violence, warning them of a possible "major confrontation" along Israel's northern border. These overflights of Lebanese airspace alone are a major act of provocation.

03-23-06 - Scholars' Attack on Pro-Israel Lobby Met With Silence Officials with pro-Israel organizations say that given the limited public attention generated by the new study - as of Tuesday most major print outlets had ignored it What better proof is needed of the power of the Israeli lobby in America?

03-23-06 - Professor Says American Publisher Turned Him Down John Mearsheimer says that the pro-Israel lobby is so powerful that he and co-author Stephen Walt would never have been able to place their report in a American-based scientific publication.

03-23-06 - Video: MSNBC's Joe Scarborough reports on Harvard study of the Israeli Lobby Note the tag line under the MSNBC video: 'Hate at Harvard'. They are referring to the study about the Israeli lobby. It's 'hate' only to those who seek to suppress the truth.

03-23-06 - Islamist terror threatens Europe, Israel - Germany The bomb attacks in Madrid and London are clear evidence that Europe is no longer just a recruitment and financing area but has become a target of Islamic terrorism," Uhrlau told a conference on Islamic extremism organised by the American Jewish Congress.

03-23-06 - Charlie Sheen Questions 9/11 Official Story

03-23-06 - Muslim scholars in cartoon talks BBC Islamic affairs analyst Roger Hardy says the conference is designed to show that the sense of injury in the Muslim world is still palpable.

03-23-06 - ZOA: Harvard Pseudo-Academic 'Working Paper' Attacking Contrary to what was reported in that Forward article of today's news, pro-Israeli outfits have NOT remained silent in the wake of the Harvard study about the Israeli lobby. Rather, they have evidently instructed their cohorts in the mainstream American media to do so.

03-23-06 - Rescue of 3 hostages brings joy, renewed sorrow that 1 didn't make it Pyles sat vigil with Fox's body at an Iraqi air base and accompanied 82 Palestinian Iraqis to the Jordanian border for safety before returning to Fairmont, WV.

03-23-06 - So pro-Israel that it hurts In short, if Israel is indeed entering a new era of national sanity and de-occupation, then the role of the Lobby in U.S.-Israel relations will have to be rethought, and either reformed from within or challenged from without.

03-23-06 - Israeli Software Firm Drops U.S. Deal Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. in Ramat Gan, Israel, formally withdrew its proposal near the conclusion of a rare, full-blown investigation by a U.S. review panel over the company's plans to buy a smaller rival, Sourcefire Inc. Was the conclusion going to be a bad one? Is that why they pulled out of the deal?

03-23-06 - AIPAC and American Interests: The Pushback begins.


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