The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

News for 03-21-06

03-21-06 - Bush: Troops to Stay in Iraq for Years President Bush said Tuesday that American forces will remain in Iraq for years and it will be up to a future president to decide when to bring them all home. But defying critics and plunging polls, he declared, "I'm optimistic we'll succeed. If not, I'd pull our troops out."

03-21-06 - Iran Leader Approves Iraq Talks With U.S. Iran's Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Tuesday that he approves of proposed talks between U.S. and Iranian officials on Iraq, but warned that the United States must not try to "bully" Iran.

03-21-06 - China, Russia united on Iran China and Russia are united in pushing for more diplomacy to resolve the Iranian nuclear issue, China said on Tuesday, a day after the two deflected Western moves to authorize U.N. Security Council threats against Iran.

03-21-06 - Russia and China promise energy cooperation

03-21-06 - US dog handler found guilty of Abu Ghraib abuse A court martial has found a US soldier guilty of assaulting and maltreating detainees with his guard dog at the notorious Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad.

03-21-06 - Concerns for 89 Palestinians on border The United Nations has expressed concern about the fate of 89 Palestinians, nearly half of them children, who fled Baghdad and have been stuck in no man's land since Sunday after Jordan closed its border.

03-21-06 - Expanding Bases Put Focus on U.S. in Iraq Are the Americans here to stay? Air Force mechanic Josh Remy is sure of it as he looks around Balad.

03-21-06 - North Korea Touts First-Strike Capability

03-21-06 - Lebanese leaders resume push to break political deadlock Lebanese political leaders are Wednesday to resume their drive to break a deadlock on the disarmament of the Hezbollah militia and the fate of the country's pro-Syrian Also over the weekend, Fatah's chief in Lebanon said his Palestinian faction would round up weapons from refugee camps amid growing calls for militias in the country to be disbanded in line with UN Security Council Resolution 1559.President Emile Lahoud....

03-21-06 - Pakistan opposes use of force against Iran Pakistan reiterated its opposition to any use of force against Iran, just hours before the U.N. Security Council was due to discuss how to end the dispute over Iran's nuclear programme.

03-21-06 - New Documents from Saddam Hussein's Archives Discuss Bin Laden, WMDs Editor's Note: The controversial claim that Osama bin Laden was cooperating with Saddam Hussein is an ongoing matter of intense debate. While the assertions contained in this document clearly support the claim, the sourcing is questionable ? i.e. an unnamed Afghan "informant" reporting on a conversation with another Afghan "consul." The date of the document ? four days after 9/11 ? is worth noting but without further corroboration, this document is of limited evidentiary value

03-21-06 - Security Council Postpones Iran Meeting The U.N. Security Council postponed a meeting Tuesday on Iran's suspect nuclear program as the West searched for new ways to break a deadlock with Russia and China over the best way to pressure Tehran, diplomats said.

03-21-06 - Study alleges US sets aside own security interest for Israel's The Jerusalem Newswire called the paper a new example of "the centuries-old libel that the Jewish people have somehow taken control of the affairs of the most powerful nations on earth," dressed up in academic attire.

Note that CAMERA - a pro-Israeli media 'watchdog' - alleges that the study is 'lies'. But CAMERA is a PART of the Israeli lobby and is mentioned in the report by the two professors. Well no kidding. Those that are a part of this lobby are going to try to downplay and discredit this study. It's just that damaging.

03-21-06 - Palestinians 'in al-Qaeda plot' The Israeli military says Azzam Abu Aladas and Balal Hafnai, both 19 and from the West Bank city of Nablus, met al-Qaeda operatives in Jordan at least three times between May and December last year. The Israeli military says

03-21-06 - Guard runs Iran's nuclear arms program: exile An exiled Iranian has alleged that Iran's nuclear weapons program is controlled by the Revolutionary Guard and secretly led by a group of university researchers.

03-21-06 - U.S. lacks mechanism to accurately track troops wounded in Iraq

03-21-06 - Bush Proves His Harshest Critics Right The real dangers to Americans reside in the neocon Bush administration

03-21-06 - UN moves toward special court for Lebanon killings

03-21-06 - Humorless Hume Says Helen Thomas Has 'Agenda' That used to be what journalists did every day, but in the last 25 years, journalists have so gotten out of the habit of doing that, that people like Helen Thomas stand out. All journalists used to be like her. Now, she is an oddity. Bush always avoided calling on her because he knew she would ask tough questions

03-21-06 - Mofaz: Iran gave $1.8 million to Islamic Jihad Iran gave $1.8 million to Islamic Jihad last month, Israel?s defense minister said.
The money was supposed to fuel terror attacks within Israel, Shaul Mofaz told The Associated Press. 'Oh let's see. Palestinians 'tied to' al-Qaeda, Iran 'tied to' Palestinians. What other connection to US war on terror did we miss?'


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