The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

News for 03-01-06

03-01-06 - Poll: Troops signal desire to come home One surprising finding in the poll is that 85 percent of those surveyed believe that the US's main mission in Iraq is to retaliate against Saddam Hussein for his role in the Sept. 11, 2001, It's time to bring our boys (and girls) home.

03-01-06 - Mubarak Warns U.S. Not to Attack Iran Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak strongly advised the United States not to attack Iran, warning that military action would create more terrorists in neighboring Iraq, according to comments published Wednesday.

03-01-06 - Russia, Iran fail to break nuclear impasse U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said the U.N. Security Council should be ready to act to ensure Iran does not develop nuclear weapons once the U.N. nuclear watchdog in Vienna refers the matter to the council.

03-01-06 - US Navy ship rescues Iranian fishermen

03-01-06 - Russia, Iran to Resume Talks Thursday

03-01-06 - Jordan 'thwarts al-Qaeda attack'

03-01-06 - When Bush-worlds collide by Patrick J. Buchanan "Let none but Americans stand guard tonight," said Washington at Valley Forge. Americans understand that. And when Bush implies it is sheer bigotry to prefer Brits to Arabs running U.S. ports, Americans marinated in Neocon World wonder if the man they entrusted with the nation's security has not lost his marbles.

03-01-06 - America's Pro-Israel Lobby Holds Its Annual Policy Conference in Washington D.C. AIPAC - the real policymakers in Washington. They have Congress and the Executive Branch (among others) in their backpocket.

03-01-06 - U.S. executive in ports deal says company is no threat

03-01-06 - Abbas urges to protect Palestinians in Baghdad

03-01-06 - First AIPAC Test In Years Looming In PA Aid Fight Ros-Lehtinen has indicated she will press ahead with her tougher bill that goes beyond even what the government of Israel is seeking in dealing with the PA. And AIPAC delegates will press right along with her, setting the stage for what could be the first real fight for the pro-Israel lobby group since the 1992 debacle over loan guarantees to Israel.
Are you nauseous yet from the level of control a foreign nation has over our government? You should be. Our lawmakers fall over themselves to please their AIPAC masters.

03-01-06 - Bush stands by Dubai ports deal

03-01-06 - Palestinian President, Legislators condemn the attacks against Palestinian refugees in Iraq

03-01-06 - Patriot Act Renewal Clears Final Hurdle

03-01-06 - Sub fleet chief: We can hit targets overseas While Colonel Yoni's statements are shrouded in mystery, publications in the foreign press have already hinted Israel's Dolphin submarines have the ability to carry and launch nuclear weapons, a capability that will be put to use should the country's nuclear ground bases are hit in a surprise attack. Psyops piece.

03-01-06 - On the Road to Empire The president will find himself increasingly pressured by the neoconservative Right to escalate the war

03-01-06 - AIPAC donors to ask questions on scandal Several donors have asked AIPAC to explain its decision in recent months to limit funding for the defense of Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman

03-01-06 - Arab Players Refuse to Boycott Game Arab players on Israel's national soccer team ignored calls to boycott Wednesday's exhibition game against Denmark, saying the controversy over Danish newspaper cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad was not related to sports.

03-01-06 - Former Iranian president attacks Ahmadinejad over Holocaust "The persecution of Jews, just like Nazism, is a Western phenomenon. In the east, we have always lived side by side with them. And we follow a religion that states that the death of an innocent person is the death of all of humanity,"

03-01-06 - From yesterdays news: Dubai Ports World uses Zim connection in US deal Zim offices are used as a source of Mossad cover. Zim had an office in the WTC and bailed shortly before the attack on September 11. Israeli Company Mum About
Perfect Timing Of WTC Pullout

03-01-06 - Olmert: We must improve relations with Russia

03-01-06 - Iran: Jewish Groups Want President Barred From Europe

03-01-06 - Philanthropist helps injured Iraqi boy A Jewish philanthropist in Boston paid for the medical care of a young Iraqi boy injured in a 2005 accidental shooting by U.S. troops in Iraq that killed his parents.

03-01-06 - Judge denies journalists? motion in AIPAC case The judge in the classified information case against two former pro-Israel lobbyists denied a motion from a journalism organization to weigh in


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