The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, February 19, 2006

News for 02-18-06

02-18-06 - Reported ElBaradei nuclear proposal a 'step forward': Iran Iran said that a reported proposal by the head of the UN's nuclear watchdog for the Islamic republic to be allowed to conduct small-scale uranium enrichment work was a "step forward".

02-18-06 - Don't waste your money, Tehran tells Washington "Looking at the record of the Americans, such measures have been proved fruitless," Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki told the official IRNA news agency on Saturday.

02-18-06 - Bombers Warn U.S. Against Iran Attacks An Iranian group that claims its members are dedicated to becoming suicide bombers warned the United States and Britain on Saturday that they will strike coalition military bases in Iraq if Tehran's nuclear facilities are attacked.

02-18-06 - Stopping the War on Iran, Before It Starts

02-18-06 - What Bush Is Up To One of the goals is to replace the present Syrian government with one the administration hopes will be more pliable in its policy toward Israel. Another is to construct four permanent bases in Iraq, and that means the administration has no intention of ever withdrawing all U.S. forces. The third goal is to attack Iran's nuclear facilities from the air. The propaganda campaign to justify this attack is already under way.

02-18-06 - US-Islamic forum opens amid cartoon row tensions

02-18-06 - Delay Sought in Abramoff's Fla. Sentencing

02-18-06 - Saudi king condemns clash of civilisations idea

02-18-06 - Were Israelis involved in Abu Ghriab

02-18-06 - Blair's new laws leave us at the mercy of future tyrants

02-18-06 - Ten die in Libya cartoon clash They were said to be angry at Italian minister Roberto Calderoli, who had worn a T-shirt displaying the drawings

02-18-06 - International pressure to close Guantánamo grows

02-18-06 - Iraq hunts for missing German jet An Iraqi border force official suggested it might have gone down in neighbouring Iran.

02-18-06 - Bad Publicity Puts Pentagon on Defensive Allegations of torture. Pictures of bloodied prisoners. Reminders of embarrassing acts by American troops. All of a sudden, the Bush administration finds itself back on the defensive in its long campaign to persuade the Muslim world that the global war on terrorism is not a war on the Muslim faith.

02-18-06 - Not Another No-End-in-Sight War As Ron Paul notes, there are no violations of Iran?s "international nuclear nonproliferation obligations" for the House to condemn.

02-18-06 - Chirac: France's Stance on Iran Unchanged French President Jacques Chirac said Saturday only the U.N. nuclear watchdog could draw conclusions about the goal of Iran's nuclear program, steering clear of his foreign minister's recent declaration that it is a clandestine weapons project.

02-18-06 - Russian anti-terror envoy: Isolating Hamas would be counterproductive President Vladimir Putin's envoy on international terrorism stressed Saturday that Russia believes it would be counterproductive for the world to isolate Hamas following the militant group's victory in the Palestinian elections, the Interfax news agency reported.

02-18-06 - DRS Technologies Teams with Israel's Plasan Sasa to Offer Vehicle Armor Solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense


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