The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, February 10, 2006

News for 02-09-06

02-09-06 - Soldiers Face Debilitating Diseases

02-09-06 - Russia confirms missile defence contract with Iran Amid the escalating crisis around Iran's nuclear programme, Russia said Thursday that it will still arm Tehran with missiles

02-09-06 - US judge concerned by Bush's surveillance program

02-09-06 - Hezbollah Leader to Bush: 'Shut Up'

02-09-06 - Saudi Ambassador Decries Iran Nuke Program "(Iranians) see a double standard," he said. "They see the U.S. government negotiating with North Korea ... and they see the U.S. signing a nuclear peace agreement with India .... and they see the U.S. turning a blind eye completely to Israel, although Israel has the most nuclear weapons in our part of the world."

02-09-06 - Secularist stupidity and religious wars by Patrick J. Buchanan We have "speech codes" in colleges and "hate crimes" laws to protect minorities from abusive remarks. But newspapers that hail these codes throw a blanket of "artistic freedom" over scatological art that degrades religious symbols ? from putting a figure of Christ in a jar of urine to a "painting" of the Virgin Mary surrounded by female genitalia and elephant dung that hung in a Brooklyn museum

02-09-06 - Mass anti-cartoon rally in Beirut

02-09-06 - Libby: White House 'Superiors' OK'd Leaks A former top aide to Vice President Dick Cheney told a federal grand jury that his superiors authorized him to give secret information to reporters as part of the Bush administration's defense of intelligence used to justify invading Iraq, according to court papers.

02-09-06 - US shield blunts Israeli military option on Iran "The decision if and when to act against Iran will be made in the White House, not in the underground headquarters of the (Israeli military command) General Staff."....A senior Israeli official, who asked not to be named, acknowledged that Bush's pledge took bilateral ties to "a new level," but said Israel had not promised anything in return.

02-09-06 - Juggernaut Gathering Momentum: Next Stop, Iran Aside from all that, the Israelis were, and are, confident that their influence in Washington is such as to ensure U.S. support, no matter what. And, as President Bush's rhetoric demonstrates, they are correct in thinking they can, in effect, have their cake and eat it too ? a commitment equivalent to a defense treaty, with no binding undertakings on Israel's part.

02-09-06 - Putin says will invite Hamas leaders to Russia Denisov also said Moscow would push for the "rejection of radical views and positions which are inappropriate" and tell Hamas to keep up the "momentum of the peace process."

02-09-06 - Cheney 'Authorized' Libby to Leak Classified Information

02-09-06 - Beyond Chanukah Abramoff describes nearly a dozen meetings with Bush

02-09-06 - Editors at odds over new cartoons Plans by the culture editor of Jyllands-Posten newspaper to publish more religous caricatures were quickly put on ice by the newspaper's editor-in-chief on Wednesday. Hypocritical neocon-lover shows his true colors. See yesterday's comments on Rose.

02-09-06 - Iran: A Clear and Present Danger to the Jewish People, Says World Jewish Congress

02-09-06 - Israel no longer alone in the struggle against Islamic imperialism The partial compensation is that Israel is not alone in dealing with aggressive fundamentalist Islam. It?s now being made tangible to European countries - by the street rioting and the torching of embassies - that their culture and the lives of their citizenry are in real danger. Cui bono - who benefits?

02-09-06 - Pollard appeals to U.S. Supreme Court in latest effort to end his life sentence

02-09-06 - U.S. Says Russia Must Stand Firm on Hamas The United States reminded Russia on Thursday that it is on record condemning Hamas' violent tenets, but did not criticize Russia's president for inviting leaders of the militant group to Moscow.


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